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How to Password Protect A Word Document

When your Word document contains sensitive or copyright content, you may need to protect it. So how to password protect a word document? 

Aug 12, 2020Free Resources

Word Encrypt with Password

How to Create A Table of Contents in Word

Do you know how to create a table of contents for a Word document? Following the below simple steps to create your table of contents on a Word document easily!

Aug 13, 2020Free Resources

Microsoft Word Home

How to Download Blank Sheet Music in PDF for Free

Are you writing a song and need blank sheet music to undertake your inspiration? We collect the methods to let you download blank sheet music freely. See now.

Aug 17, 2020PDF Tips

Free Scores

What's A W-9 Form & How to Fill It Out

How much you know about W-9 from? Freelancers and independent contractors have to fill out a W-9 for their employers and clients. Read this post to learn how to fill out the W-9 form.

August 27, 2020Free Resources

W-9 Form

How to Fill Wendy's Job Application Form Online

Do you seeking for Wendy's career and are considering to fill Wendy's job allocation online? In this article, you will get guidance on the way to fill Wendy's application.

August 31, 2020PDF Tips


How to Convert Word to JPG Online

Converting Word to JPG allows you to save and share files better. This post will teach you how to convert Word to JPG image files on both Windows and Mac computers.

September 01, 2020Free Resources

EasePDF Word to PDF Add FIles

How to Create Folders in Gmail

Do you annoy that you have a large number of mails and don't know how to manage it? This tutorial will show you how to create folders in Gmail and manage your emails easily.

September 04, 2020PDF Tips

Gmail Label

Woman Yelling at Cat Meme Generator

In this article, we are going to share with you an interesting skill, which is to generate your own versions of the Woman Yelling at Cat meme. Want to do it? See the tutorial now!

September 7, 2020PDF Tips

Woman Yelling at Cat Meme

How to Add Link to Instagram Story

Instagram Story now allows users to add a link so that you can invite more people to check the link you want to share. Here is a tutorial to teach you how to add a link to Instagram Story.

September 8, 2020Free Resources

Add Link to Instagram Story

How to Do Free Online Reading with Tarot

Doing a tarot reading is a great way to gain a deeper understanding of your life. With the methods provided in this post, you can do online tarot reading easily.

September 10, 2020PDF Tips

Tarot Card

How to Use Google Translate

How to use different versions of Google Translate? Following the steps we provided in this post then you can use this application easily.

September 16, 2020Free Resources

Google Translate Logo

How to Start Your Own Online Magazine

Many people dream to publish their own magazine. With the methods provided by this article, you can learn how to start your own magazine and promote it easily.

September 27, 2020Free Resources

Online Magazines

How to Rearrange PDF Pages

When you need to change the PDF pages order to make it for reasonable reading, try these methods to rearrange PDF pages with only very simple steps.

June 9, 2020PDF Tips

Adobe Acrobat DC Organize Pages

How to Copy Text from PDF

A number of applications are available to help you copy text from PDF. This post will guide you to copy text from PDF files for free with some useful tools.

June 10, 2020PDF Tips

Preview Copy Text from PDF

How to Convert PDF to Kindle

Do you know how to convert a PDF file to a Kindle file and send it to Kindle? The methods below will help you read the PDF in Kindle easily.

June 12, 2020PDF Tips

Copy PDF File to Document Folder

How to Convert Pages to Word

This article with detailed images covers how to convert Pages document to Word both on Mac and Windows.

June 15, 2020Free Resources

iCloud Pages

How to Delete Pages in Word

It seems easy to delete pages in Word. But for those who don't know how to do, this passage will lead you through how to delete pages in Word easily.

June 16, 2020Free Resources

Word Ctrl + End

How to Number Pages in Word

Number pages in Word can help readers find information more easily. With our guide, you can freely number pages in different versions of Word.

June 17, 2020Free Resources

Microsoft Word 2003 View Header and Footer

How to Easily Convert Epub to Mobi

Epub is the most common e-Book file format, but it does not support reading on Kindle. Keep reading this post, you can convert Epub to Mobi and read it on Kindle at ease.

June 23, 2020Free Resources

Convertio Epub to Mobi Upload

3 Ways to Boost Your Working Efficiency with PDF

PDF is a universal document format today. Are there any ways to boost the working efficiency while using PDF? Here are 3 ways you can have a try.

June 30, 2020PDF Tips

EasePDF Banner

How to Convert Heic to JPG for Free

Do you feel annoyed to convert Heic file? EasePDF has found the solution for you on how to transfer and convert Heic to JPG.

July 2, 2020Free Resources

Windows Download HEIC Extension

How to Open RAR Files on Windows & Mac

Have you ever downloaded a file in RAR format and don't know how to open it? This article provides some methods for Windows and Mac users to open RAR files.

July 15, 2020Free Resources

Archive Extractor Choose RAR File

How to Easily Edit PDF in Microsoft Word

With Microsoft Word, you can edit PDF files without any tools. This post provides some simple tricks for editing PDF files with Microsoft Word.

July 21, 2020PDF Editing

Microsoft Word Open File

How to Unzip Files on Mac

If you need to zip files on Mac or unzip a file you've received, you can extract the zip file with ease on Mac with the tutorial we provided below.

July 27, 2020Free Resources

Mac Finder

How to Use Track Changes in Word?

Do you know how to use Track Changes in Word 2016? Now let us take a closer look at it in this article.

May 2, 2020Free Resources

Microsoft Word Review Track Changes Options

How to Remove Watermark from Photo

There are several tools to remove a watermark from your photos. If you're looking for some tools, this post will help you a lot.

May 4, 2020Free Resources

Apowersoft Remove Watermark

How to Resize Image

Knowing how to resize images is useful in our daily life. Whether you are a Windows or Mac user, this article will help you quickly learn how to resize images online.

May 8, 2020Free Resources

BeFunky Edit Resize

How to Convert PDF to Fillable Form

Wondering how to convert PDF to fillable form? This post will introduce some easy steps on how to convert PDF to a fillable form.

May 9, 2020PDF Tips

JotForm Convert PDF to Fillable Form

How to Fill out PDF Online

Need to fill in a PDF form online? Try to use the online tools provided in this post which will allow you to add text and fill out PDF forms quickly.

May 13, 2020PDF Tips

EasePDF Edit PDF Add Files

How to Convert PDF to MP3

With the methods we provided below, you can convert PDF to MP3 and create a readable audio version of PDF file.

May 14, 2020PDF Tips

Zamzar PDF to MP3

How to Insert Signature in Word

Instead of printing out a Word file for signing, you can insert signature in Word easily online. Here are some methods you can try to do it.

May 15, 2020Free Resources

 Insert Signature to Word

How to Cite A PDF with Simple Steps

Do you know how to cite a PDF? With the methods we provided below, you can cite PDF files in your study or work at ease.

May 18, 2020PDF Tips

APA Format

How to Use PDF Search Engine

Do you know how to search a PDF with the search engine? Here is the list of best PDF search engines that can help you to download free PDF files from the internet.

May 19, 2020PDF Tips

soPDF Search PDF

How to Easily Add Hyperlink to PDF

Do you know how to add Hyperlink to PDF Documents? This post will show you add a hyperlink to PDF easily with a few clicks.

May 21, 2020PDF Tips

DeftPDF Upload PDF File

How to Compare Two PDF Files

Do you want to know what has been changed in two copies of a document? This article will provide you some easy ways to compare PDF documents side by side.

May 22, 2020PDF Tips

Soda PDF Review Compare Documents

How to Convert CHM to PDF

This article introduces some free CHM to PDF converters to help you convert CHM files to PDF documents in just a few clicks.

May 25, 2020PDF Tips

Zamzar Select PDF Format

How to Convert XLSX/XLS to CSV

Learn these easy ways to convert XLSX/XLS to CSV when you need it. They are all workable and helpful to help easily convert XLSX or XLS files to CSV on any device for free.

May 26, 2020Free Resources

Microsoft Excel Save As

How to Publish A Book Online

Do you want to publish a book online for free? We want to recommend you some sites which can help you to publish your own book online.

May 25, 2020Free Resources

Issuhub Become a Publisher

How to Annotate PDF

To annotate PDF for adding comments, notes, and highlights to the PDF content, you only need some helpful PDF annotators. What are they? You will get some recommendations to annotate PDFs easily now.

May 28, 2020PDF Tips

PDFelement PDF Annotator

How to Edit Word Document Online for Free

Edit Word document online can help you save a lot of time. Try to use the following online editors to edit your Word document at ease.

May 29, 2020Free Resources

Aspose Words Editor Edit Word Document

How to Open An RTF File

RTF stands for rich text format and it is a universal document file format. This post will teach you how to open an RTF file on different operating systems.

June 2, 2020Free Resources

Windows WordPad Open RTF File

What's XML? How to Convert XML to CSV?

How to Convert XML to CSV? With the following easy-to-use XML conversion tools, you can deal with the XML at ease.

June 3, 2020Free Resources

onlinexmltools Convert XML to CSV

How to Change Margins in Google Docs

To present a text document in the best layout for your readers to read, knowing how to change margins in Google Docs will bring you great help and convenience. See how to easily operate in Google Docs now.

June 4, 2020Free Resources

Google Docs Upload Word Document

How to Convert XML to PDF

This article provided you 5 easy ways to convert XML to PDF. Find out more below to know which one is suitable for you.

June 5, 2020PDF Tips

Onlineconvertfree Upload XML File

How to Recover Unsaved Word Document

Do you feel annoyed when you close a Word document without saving? This article will give you 5 methods on how to recover the unsaved document.

April 8, 2020Free Resources

Windows System Recycle Bin

8 Websites to Download Free PDF Textbooks

Here is the list of the best websites for PDF textbooks which can help you to get the PDF textbooks for free.

April 9, 2020Free Resources

Library Genesis Search

Best Free PDF Reader for Mac

Do you annoyed that how to view a PDF file on your Mac? In this post, we'd like to introduce you 6 free PDF Readers for Mac which can help you read the PDF fluently.

April 10, 2020PDF Tips

Foxit Reader Read PDF

How to Convert TIFF to PDF with Ease

Do you know how to convert TIFF to PDF? In this post, we will teach you how to convert TIFF images to PDF documents without cost step by step.

April 14, 2020PDF Tips


Powerful File Converter List - Convert File Easily Online

Do you want to know the powerful file converters which can let you free convert the file easily? Read this article to learn some free online powerful file converter.

April 15, 2020Free Resources


5 Best Photo Enhancer - Upscale and Enhance Quality with Ease

Are you looking for the best photo enhancer software for your photos? We have collected the 5 of the best photo enhancer for free.

April 16, 2020Free Resources


Top Ten Slide Tips for Microsoft PowerPoint

Do you have any troubles working with PowerPoint? The top 10 tips mentioned in this article will help you figure out the problems.

April 18, 2020Free Resources

Microsoft PowerPoint View Slide Master

5 Ways on How to Recover Deleted Files

Do you know how to recover files that were accidentally deleted? This post will teach you 5 ways on how to recover deleted files on Windows.

April 17, 2020Free Resources

Windows System Recycle Bin Restore

How to Create Outlines in PDF

This post will provide 4 ways on how to create outlines in your PDF file. In these ways, you can navigate the contents easily when they include a table of contents.

April 21, 2020PDF Tips

Google Docs Open with Google Docs

5 Free Outline Tools for Writing & Making Plans

Do you often feel confused when writing or making plans? This post will recommend 5 free outline tools that can make you more logical.

April 22, 2020Free Resources

Dynalist Making Plans

Dropbox vs. Google Drive, Which Is Your Best Storage Services

We will introduce two popular cloud storing platforms Google Drive and Dropbox to you, including their similarities and differences, to help you choose the best one.

April 23, 2020Free Resources

Google Drive My Drive

How to Reduce Image Size without Losing Quality

Do you feel annoyed that your image is too large to upload? With the methods provided in this article, you can reduce image size easily without losing quality.

April 24, 2020Free Resources

IMG2GO Compress image

How to Convert Image to Text by OCR Software

Do you want to extract text from image? In this post, you will learn the easiest method to convert images to text and know the best OCR software.

April 27, 2020Free Resources

OCR Space Upload Image

How to Type on A PDF

Do you know how to type on a PDF? This post will teach you how to add your text and type on PDF easily and efficiently.

April 28, 2020PDF Tips

EasePDF Homepage All PDF Tools Edit PDF

How to Use Mac Preview

Preview is the software that built-in the Mac system. This post will teach you how to use Preview to deal with your PDF and image files easily.

April 29, 2020Free Resources

Mac System Open with Preview

How to Change Default PDF Viewer

Are you tired of your default PDF viewer? With the methods we provided below, you can change the default PDF viewer just with a few steps.

April 30, 2020PDF Tips

Windows 10 Open With Choose Another App

Free Online Image Editor? Check the Best List Here!

Do you know how to edit your image? In this article, I will give an introduction to some free multifunctional online image editors.

March 6, 2020Free Resources

Fotor Homepage

Top 12 HTML to PDF Converter You Should Know

Do you need to convert HTML to PDF? With the help of these top 12 HTML file to PDF converters, you'll convert it in the easiest way.

March 10, 2020PDF Tips

EasePDF Homepage PDF Creator HTML to PDF

How to Merge Word Documents into One?

Are you questioning on how to merge Word documents into one? This article will show you how to easily combine multiple Word documents into one.

March 14, 2020Free Resources

Microsoft Word Interface Insert

How to Edit PDF without Adobe

We often use Abobe to deal with many PDF files, but do you know how to edit PDF without Adobe? Read this article for free online alternatives.

March 13, 2020PDF Editing

EasePDF All PDF Tools Edit PDF

How to Convert PDF to MOBI

How to convert a PDF to MOBI file? By the following these methods, you can get some online PDF to MOBI converters which can help you convert the file with ease.

March 18, 2020PDF Tips

Convertio Homepage Convert Ebook Converter

Best Free PDF Reader APP for Android

PDF Reader application can help us read the PDF anywhere. This article will list 6 best PDF Readers for Android which can help you read PDF anytime and anywhere.

March 19, 2020Free Resources

WPS Office Read PDF

10 Tips to Work with Excel Like A Pro

Do you feel annoyed to work with Excel? With the tips provided by this article, you can work with Excel with ease.

March 20, 2020Free Resources

Microsoft Excel FORMULAS Show formulas

5 Different Ebook Formats, Which is The Best?

There are many different e-Books formats on the Internet. Here we'd like to introduce 5 e-Books format and recommend the best one.

March 21, 2020Free Resources

PDF Candy EPUB to PDF Upload File

Top Free Powerful Grammar Checker for Text

Are you looking for a powerful grammar checker? With the online platforms recommended below, you can make your article more perfect.

March 24, 2020Free Resources

Grammarly Grammar Checker

Smallpdf VS iLovePDF, Which One is Better?

This article will compare the differences between Smallpdf and iLovePDF and then help you to choose a better one.

March 26, 2020Alternatives

Smallpdf Homepage

How to Convert DJVU to PDF

Do you need to convert DJVU files to PDF? With the converters recommended by this post, you can make the conversion quickly and easily.

March 28, 2020PDF Tips

Zamzar Homepage Upload File

How to Convert PDF to TIFF

Questioning on know how to convert PDF documents into TIFF? Keep reading, in this article, you will find some popular PDF to TIFF converters online and for PC.

March 31, 2020PDF Tips

Hipdf All Tools PDF to TIFF

8 Best Microsoft Office Suit Alternatives

Do you want to find an alternative to Microsoft Office? This article will help you to find the best office alternatives easily without getting confused in tons of options.

April 1, 2020Free Resources

WPS Office

[Microsoft Word Learning] Convert Word Document to PDF

Do you know how to convert Word document to PDF in Microsoft Word directly? With the methods provided by this article, you can convert the file with Microsoft Word fluently.

April 2, 2020PDF Tips

Microsoft Word File Save As

15 Tips to Become The Master of Microsoft Word

Here is the list of useful Microsoft Word tips and tricks which can help you to use the Microsoft Word like a master quickly.

April 3, 2020Free Resources

Microsoft Word Set the Default Font

How to Convert DOCX to PDF

Convert DOCX to PDF with simple and quick steps. Three online ways are recommended to convert DOCX to PDF online. Free and easy to use.

February 15, 2020PDF Tips

Word to PDF Add Files

Is It Possible to Print A Secured PDF

Do you know how to print a secured PDF file? This article will recommend some methods for you to unlock the files and then print them online.

February 16, 2020PDF Tips

EasePDF Homepage All PDF Tools Unlock PDF

Top 12 PDF Signing Tool

Do you know how to electronically sign a PDF? This article will recommend you 12 PDF signing tools that can help you to sign PDF for free.

February 13, 2020PDF Tips

EasePDF Logo

Top 5 Ways to Convert PDF to Text Online

When you need to extract some texts from PDF, what should you do? This article will introduce you 5 ways to convert PDF to text online for free.

February 18, 2020PDF Tips

EasePDF Homepage PDF Converter PDF to TXT

How to Write on A PDF

If you need to add more information to PDF documents, you will need an add text tool. In this article, we will introduce you 5 ways on how to write on a PDF.

February 19, 2020PDF Tips

EasePDF Edit PDF

How to Create A Fillable PDF

Do you know how to create a fillable PDF? Today's article will teach you some ways that you can quickly know how to do it.

February 22, 2020PDF Tips

JotForm Homepage

How to Shrink PDF

If you don't know how to shrink PDF, please don't worry. In this article, you'll learn everything you need to know about how to shrink PDF.

February 23, 2020PDF Tips

EasePDF Homepage Compress PDF

How to Convert PDF to CSV

Do you know how to convert a PDF file to a CSV document? With the methods provided by this article, you will get a CSV document converted quickly and easily.

February 26, 2020PDF Tips

EasePDF Homepage PDF Converter PDF to Excel

How to Create A PDF

Do you know how to create a PDF? With these simple and easy ways, you can quickly create a PDF document with one of these free PDF creators.

February 29, 2020PDF Tips

EasePDF Banner

How to Redact PDF for Free

Do you know how to redact PDF to hide your sensitive information? This post will tell you some methods for redacting PDF which can help you redact the file fluently.

March 1, 2020PDF Tips

Soda PDF Homepage Soda PDF Online PDF Editor

How to Convert Kindle to PDF

Do you know how to convert Kindle to PDF online? This guide will introduce some methods to convert Kindle to PDF quickly and easily.

March 7, 2020PDF Tips

Zamzar Homepage Upload File

Top 6 Excel to Word Converter

Do you want to convert an Excel into a Microsoft Word document? With the methods provided by this article, you will easily get a high-quality Word document.

March 8, 2020Free Resources

EasePDF Excel to PDF Upload Files

How to Edit PDF with Soda PDF

Easy and full introduction for how to edit PDF online with Soda PDF and how to use some other tools like convert, create and secure PDF on Soda PDF.

January 15, 2020PDF Tips

Soda PDF Editing Tools

How to Extract Images from PDF

6 ways to extract one or more images from PDF including iLovePDF, PDF Candy, PDFaid, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Adobe Photoshop, and by taking a screenshot.

January 17, 2020PDF Tips

iLovePDF Extract Images

How to Scan Pages into A PDF

Do you come across the problem that you don't know how to scan pages into a PDF? This article will teach you how to scan multiple pages into one PDF.

January 19, 2020PDF Tips

Windows Fax and Scan Tool

How to Sign A PDF

Do you know how to sign a PDF electronically and digitally? This article will introduce to you simple methods using 5 best online and offline eSign tools.

January 21, 2020PDF Tips

EasePDF Homepage All PDF Tools eSign PDF

Top 6 Image to PDF Converter

Introduction of five online Image to PDF converters and one best desktop Image to PDF converter. We've summarized the pros and cons of these converters.

January 25, 2020PDF Tips

EasePDF Image to PDF

Top 8 Best PDF Reader 2020

In this article, we'll introduce you 8 best PDF Readers and review them for their pros & cons, to help you choose one that fits your expectation.

January 29, 2020PDF Tips

EasePDF Homepage

How to Remove Pages from A PDF

Do you know how to remove pages from PDF? This article will tell you how to remove pages from a PDF file without installing any software and plug-ins.

February 6, 2020PDF Tips

EasePDF Delete PDF

How to Resize A PDF (Updated 2020)

Do you feel annoyed when you come across a large PDF file? This article will show you 5 ways on how to resize PDF.

February 7, 2020PDF Tips

EasePDF Crop PDF

How to Remove Password from PDF

Remove password protection from PDF is not a difficult task. This article will provide 4 useful, safe, and easy methods for you to remove the password quickly.

December 11, 2019PDF Tips

EasePDF Unlock PDF

How to Reduce PDF File Size

Compress PDF online and offline in simple steps with high quality. 4 ways are recommended to reduce PDF file size quickly and easily on Mac and Windows.

December 13, 2019PDF Tips

EasePDF Compress PDF

Best Ways to Convert PDF to Word for Free on Mac

Convert PDF to Word on Mac online and offline by simple steps with high-quality and well-formatted output. Four methods are introduced for converting PDF to Word document in different situations.

December 19, 2019PDF Tips

EasePDF PDF to Word

How to Split PDF Online

Split PDF with simple ways online for free. There are four methods for you to quickly split a PDF file into multiple PDF files. No installation and watermark.

December 24, 2019PDF Tips

EasePDF Split PDF

How to Combine PDF Files

Do you know how to combine PDF files into one document with simple steps for free? There are ways for you to combine PDF files like a pro on any modern device.

December 27, 2019PDF Tips

EasePDF Merge PDF File Mode

Top 12 Excel to PDF Converter 2020

Introduction of the top 12 online and offline Excel to PDF converters. Readers can have a grip on the pros and cons of the twelve tools after reading.

December 30, 2019PDF Tips

EasePDF Excel to PDF

How to Fill out A PDF Form

Fill out PDF forms online and offline with simple steps. Three tools are recommended to solve troublesome problems.

January 03, 2020PDF Tips

EasePDF Edit PDF

How to Rotate PDF Online

Do you know how to rotate PDF files online for free? There are four ways for you to rotate a PDF file online for free on any modern device.

January 07, 2020PDF Tips

EasePDF HomePage PDF

How to Extract Pages from PDF

How to extract specific pages from a PDF in just simple steps with online services like EasePDF and iLovePDF, and with desktop programs PDFsam and Adobe.

January 9, 2020PDF Tips

EasePDF Banner

How to Convert BMP to PDF for Free (Updated)

4 best online PDF Creators to convert BMP to PDF for free. Easily convert your Bitmap images to PDF. Quick, easy and safe to use without registration.

November 21, 2019PDF Tools


5 Best Online PDF to PPT Converters (2020)

Top 5 online PDF to PPT Converters to help you convert PDF to PPT free online, which can convert PDF to editable PPT/PPTX slideshows with simple steps.

November 25, 2019PDF Tips


How to Compress PDF Online (Updated)

Compress PDF online quickly without losing quality. This article will teach you how to easily reduce the size of your PDF file for free on Mac and Windows.

November 27, 2019PDF Tips

EasePDF Compress PDF

How to Convert PDF to PPT on Mac

How to convert PDF to PowerPoint presentation on Mac for free. Simple ways to convert PDF to PPT slides with online converters, Mac Preview, and Adobe.

November 29, 2019PDF Tips


How to Edit PDF Online for Free

Do you know how to edit PDF files with simple steps for free? This article will tell you how to edit PDF online without installing any software.

December 3, 2019PDF Tips

EasePDF Homepage All PDF Tools Edit PDF

5 Free PDF Compressor Online (Updated)

Top 5 free PDF compressors are recommended for you to reduce PDF size without losing output quality. Optimize PDF files easily with simple steps.

December 5, 2019PDF Tips

EasePDF Compress PDF

Top 8 Online Alternatives to Adobe Acrobat (2020)

Explore best PDF converters and editors as alternatives to Adobe Acrobat for converting, creating, editing, merging, splitting, and compressing PDF files.

October 24, 2019Alternatives

EasePDF Homepage

How to Easily Convert TXT to PDF for Free (Updated)

How to convert a TXT/Text document to a PDF both online and offline with simple steps, which allows you to do more editing on your file.

October 28, 2019PDF Tools


How to Convert PDF to TXT

How to convert a PDF file to a TXT document online with EasePDF, PDFtoText, and Google Docs, and on desktop with PDFelement and Adobe Acrobat Pro.

October 30, 2019PDF Tools


Top 6 Ways to Delete PDF Pages (Updated)

How to easily delete useless pages from a PDF with just a few clicks. This article will tell you how to cut pages out of a PDF file for free.

November 1, 2019PDF Tips

iLovePDF Remove PDF Pages

How to Watermark A PDF on Windows/Mac (Updated)

4 Best ways to add watermarks to your PDF online and offline. Easily insert stamp, images or texts and customize position, transparency, and typography.

November 5, 2019PDF Tips

iLovePDF Add Watermark Selection

How to Convert JPG to Word on Windows/Mac (2020)

How to convert a JPG/JPEG image to an editable Word document with simple steps for free. Both online and desktop (Windows & Mac) solutions are supported.

November 7, 2019PDF Tips


iLovePDF Review and Alternatives (2020)

Full review of iLovePDF Online PDF Converter functions, features, and pricing. We will show you details of iLovePDF its popular competitors.

November 11, 2019Alternatives

iLovePDF Homepage

Review of Sejda Online PDF Editor (Updated)

A detailed review of Sejda Online PDF Editor and its other online services. Learn the functions, features pros & cons, accessibility, and pricing of Sejda.

November 13, 2019Alternatives

Sejda Homepage

Review of 4 JPG to PDF Converters (Updated)

Having trouble on selecting the best JPG to PDF Converter? Here is an overall review and user guide of the top 4 JPG/JPEG to PDF converters to help you.

November 15, 2019PDF Tips

4 Ways to Convert PDF to BMP Online (Updated)

Top 4 solutions to convert PDF to BMP online for free. Easily get Bitmap images converted with simple steps. High quality ensured without watermarks.

November 19, 2019PDF Tools


Top 4 Best Online PDF Editors (Updated for 2020)

Edit PDF files with top 4 easy-to-use online PDF Editors without using Adobe Acrobat. Add and highlight texts, insert images and shapes efficiently.

September 24, 2019PDF Tips

EasePDF Editor

How to Efficiently Merge PDF with 4 Ways

How to efficiently merge and combine multiple PDF files into one single file by using EasePDF, SmallPDF, Adobe Acrobat and PDFsam in just a few clicks.

September 24, 2019PDF Tools

EasePDF Merge PDF

How to Convert PDF to PPT (2020)

Want to convert PDF to PPT with a few clicks for free? You should know these easy-to-use PDF to PPT/PPTX converters.

September 24, 2019PDF Tools

EasePDF Convert Logo

Simple Ways for PDF Online Editing for Free

Modify PDF files by converting PDF to Word for editing with Microsoft or directly use PDF editor online for simple edit with EasePDF and Google Docs.

September 25, 2019PDF Editing

EasePDF PDF to Word

Top 3 Easy Ways to Compress PDF Files

Compress PDF to reduce PDF size with high output quality. Learn how to compress PDF using EasePDF Online PDF Compressor, PDFsam Basic and Adobe Acrobat DC.

September 26, 2019PDF Tools

EasePDF Homepage Compress PDF

5 Useful Ways on How to Convert PPT to PDF for Free

Easy and useful ways to convert PPT/PPTX presentations to PDF files. Save PPT files as PDF with Associated online tools and desktop programs for free.

September 30, 2019PDF Tools


How to Split a PDF into Multiple Files for Free

How to split PDF pages into multiple files for free with online PDF splitter EasePDF and SmallPDF, and with desktop PDF separators like PDFsam Basic.

October 9, 2019PDF Tools

EasePDF Split PDF Select Mode

Tips to Convert PDF to Office

Make PDF files editable by converting them to Microsoft Office, like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Presentation with EasePDF, Adobe Acrobat, and Microsoft.

October 11, 2019PDF Tips

EasePDF Homepage

How to Unlock A Password Protected PDF File for Free

Useful and easy tutorials for you to unlock a secured PDF file with or without the password safely, easily and quickly.

October 14, 2019PDF Tools

EasePDF Unlock PDF

How to Edit A PDF Using Top PDF Editors

Edit PDF and create your customized PDF online for free. Change or highlight the texts, insert images, shapes or forms with practical online PDF Editors.

October 16, 2019PDF Tools

EasePDF Edit PDF

How to Add Electronic Signatures to A PDF in 3 Ways (2020)

How to digitally sign a PDF without printing for free. Fast create electronic signatures with EasePDF online PDF Editor, Mac Preview, and Adobe Acrobat DC.

October 18, 2019PDF Tools

EasePDF eSign PDF

4 Ways to Rotate A PDF Easily for Free (2020)

How to rotate all the PDF pages or a single PDF page in different orientations. Change the orientation of PDF online or offline with Ease.

October 22, 2019PDF Tools

EasePDF Rotate PDF

PDF Tips: Delete PDF, Add Watermarks & Add Page Numbers

Easy ways help you quickly learn more about delete/remove pages from PDF, and Add Watermarks (text & image), Add Page Numbers (Header & footer) to PDF file.

September 23, 2019PDF Tips

EasePDF Delete PDF Pages

12 Best Tips & Tricks for PDF Files

Best and excellent online and desktop PDF converters & tools, giving practical PDF tips to help you easily and quickly convert or process PDF files for free.

September 24, 2019PDF Tips

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Tools
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