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Many people may wonder if editing a PDF is something they could do if they are not professional. You will soon discover how easy it is, whether you are a professional or a novice using Soda PDF. In this article I will show you how you can edit, create and convert PDF documents using the Soda PDF online app. It is the perfect tool for those just starting out as well as professionals.

If there is a document you need to change or edit, online SodaPDF can do it. Not only is it a free online app, it is also very easy to use. The menu buttons are easy to locate and are quite self-explanatory. It is not difficult to find what you need to edit your document. It is one of the easiest PDF editors I have come across.

Part 1 - Why Edit PDF Online?

The biggest issue facing those who would like to edit PDF is cost. An online PDF editor is typically cheaper than purchasing desktop software. Most online PDF editors are either free or you pay a small monthly fee. Another thing to consider is the size of desktop software. Desktop software, such as Nitro or Adobe are large files and takes a long time to install and set up. The other thing to consider is that most users really only need a basic editor. The features of most desktop software are more than what the average person really needs and it ends up using more disc space than what is necessary.

The advantage of using an online editor, besides cost and less time consuming is the fact that when you use an online PDF editor you can use it on any device, not just one desktop computer. You also have access to your files via your cloud. No matter where you are, you can access your files and edit them. Thanks to advancing technology, online PDF editors are becoming more and more user-friendly and have fewer ads than their predecessors.

There are a few downsides to an online PDF editor. Most online editors don't have a feature that allows you to directly edit text on a PDF and they aren't able to convert a Word, Excel, PowerPoint document to PDF. This is where Soda PDF stands out differently than those other online editors. With Soda PDF, you are able to directly edit text online as well as convert Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.

Part 2 - How to Edit PDF Online with Soda PDF

First go to Soda PDF Online Editor. When the webpage opens, you will need to add a document. Adding a file for editing is quite easy. You can choose between adding one saved on your hard drive or an online storage cloud.

Once it is opened you will be able to edit the PDF. Besides your typical menu bars, you will see 3 quick menu bars. They give you basic quick options such as view options, search feature, zoom in and out, bookmarks, layers, links, properties, comments, terms of use, privacy policy, page select, and any attachments within the document.

The top menu bar is where you will find all the editing tools. The file menu is where you will find the option to convert any document or image to PDF. The View tab has all the same options found on the quick access menu bars as well as the rotate and 3D view features.


This is tab that has most of your editing tools.

Soda PDF Editing Tools

Editing the font - Once you have opened your document and you have selected the Edit tab, you can change the font, size, and style here.

Soda PDF Editing Font

To add text simply place your cursor where you would like to add text and then type.

Soda PDF Type Text

You can also change the order of the pages of your document with the move option or you can delete entire pages with the delete option, as shown here.

Soda PDF More Delete Icons

These options allow you to do the following:

Soda PDF Other Options

Extract. This is another option to delete pages. This is a paid feature. If you don't have a subscription you can simply use the delete option.

Split PDF. You can split your PDF into sections and add a label starting with a specific page number. It's a paid feature, too.

Rotate. This allows you to change the rotation of a page within the document.

Background. You can add a background to your document here. You can choose between using a solid color or a picture. You can also choose to add the background to all pages, one page, and even a specific range.

Size. This allows you to change the paper size of your document.

Margins. You can change your margins here, much like in a Word document.

Replace. You can replace your current, first, last, or range of pages with a blank page, a page from a previously saved document, or a duplicate of pages within the current document.

Extract Images. This option allows you to extract pages from within the document. Once you select this option, you are given the choice of which pages to extract the images from and the format you want the images to be in.

Soda PDF Extract Images

Ruler/Grid. These options will add a ruler and/or a grid to have cleaner, more professional edits.


This tab has all your insert options. Here are some things you can do with this.

Soda PDF Insert

Image. This allows you to add a picture to your document.

Links. This option allows you to insert or remove links within the documents and even hyperlinks.

Insert. You can insert pages here. You can choose from a blank page, a page from your file or a copy of a page from the current document. There are also options to choose how many pages you want to add, where to add them, and the size you want for the pages.

Page number. You can add or remove page numbers with this option.

Watermark. You can add a personalized watermark to your PDF here. You can also remove existing watermarks.

Header and footer. This is where you can add or remove headers and footers. It is very similar to adding headers and footers in a Word document, with the added feature of using a picture with your text.

Bates numbering and options. Here you can add bates numbers to your documents. Compared with Adobe for professionals, finding the option to add bates numbers and adding them is much simpler with Soda PDF. The option tab allows you to customize your bates numbers. You can choose what number to begin with, change where the bates numbers appear in your document, you can rotate the text, choose the font, size and style.

When you select to add bates numbers, you will get a pop-up screen and you will need to add your document to bates number. You can add more than one document and have them bates numbered together, without combining the files.

Soda PDF Bates Numbering Options

Note: This is not a feature that can be used with the free version. You will need to have the subscription.


With this option you can highlight, underline, white-out and strikethrough text. You can also add notes, stamps, and shapes. There also is a Pencil tool where you can add pictures and notes freestyle. The Compare Documents option allows you to compare your revised PDF with the original so ensure more accurate edits.

Soda PDF Review Tools


Here is where you can create digital forms. The options for field boxes are Text Field, Check Box, Radio Button, Combination Box, List Box, Push Box, and Submit, Email, and Print field. You can also set it up so that a user can simply tab through the fields, import and export the field data you want to use, and reset the data in the fields.

Soda PDF Forms Tools

If you have problems and cannot find the feature you need to edit your document, there is the HELP feature. Here you will find a product tour, user guide, options and live support. You can find any answer to your question and find an option to leave feedback about the app. You just leave your email and your comments, questions, or problems. You can find this option under the HELP tab.

Part 3 - Other PDF Tools on SodaPDF


You can create a new PDF document from blank, any file, or a webpage with this option. You can also convert any file to PDF, merge files, and import as a batch so that each file is converted as a separate PDF document. Just select the option you prefer to create a new PDF, then if you choose to create from a file you will need to select the file from your hard drive or your cloud. Or if you choose to create from a webpage you will need to either enter the URL of the webpage you wish to choose.


With this option you can convert Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents to PDF. It can also convert HTML, TXT, RTF, PDF/A documents and images to PDF. If you have a PDF you would like to convert, you can convert it here. You have the option to convert it from PDF to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Image, HTML, TXT, RTF, and PDF/A.

Note: You will need to create a free account to use this option. You can create one or you can sign up with your outlook/windows, Facebook, or Google account.


This is where you secure your PDF with a password. You can redact a PDF here. You have the option to select an area to have redacted or you can search and redact specific words or entries.


With this option you can scan your document and it will convert the different kinds of documents and images into editable searchable data.

Note: You will need to create an account and sign in to use this feature. You will need to activate this option once you have signed in.

Part 4 - Another Way to Edit PDF

If editing a PDF online isn't something you like doing or find it daunting or have trouble making clean professional editing, you needn't worry. There is another way to edit PDF. You can simply convert the PDF to a Word document. You can find this option under the Convert tab, or you can just go to File and then select Convert. Once you have converted your PDF to a Word document, you can make your edits in Word then save the document as a PDF when you finish your edits.

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