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The PDF file was originally created by Adobe in the 1990s. It was not as well known as the Office file formats, but it is now very popular and is often used to record commercial documents, presentations, invoices, government documents and other legal documents, etc. Its characteristic is that it will not change the content layout and settings as the device changes.

Moreover, precisely because they are preserving the original formatting, the contents of the file are not easily edited or copied. The size of the file is also generally smaller than the files of other formats. Therefore, people like to use PDF to save their data as it is very convenient to use.

Just because PDF files are not created for editing, if you want to edit PDF files, you can't do that without auxiliary tools. So we have prepared some tools that are worth recommending, allowing you to easily edit your PDF files when you really need to make some important changes to your PDF file without Adobe Acrobat DC.

1. EasePDF

In so many PDF editors on the Internet, EasePDF provides editing tools that best meet the needs of most users. EasePDF has the functions of adding shapes, adding text, modifying the color of fonts or lines, adjusting the thickness of lines, inserting pictures, highlighting texts, etc. Among them, you can adjust the font size when adding text, and select whether it needs to be bold or italic. The form of choosing the font size is also diversified, which is not rigidly stipulated that there are only three sizes of large, medium and small. In addition, the user can click on the two arrows next to the highlight button to return to the previous step or cancel the manipulation at any time.

In other words, EasePDF is basically enough for your editing need, and is also the most recommended in so many PDF editors.

Step 1. First of all, let's go and visit EasePDF Online PDF Editor.

Step 2. Upload your PDF file through Google Drive, Dropbox, URL link or from your local computer.

Step 3. Now you have entered the edit page. As you can see, there is a set of tools at the top of the page. You can use all these tools according to your needs. In addition, if you want to add texts, the server will automatically pop up another set of selections for you to choose the color, size, font and so on of the text. If you need to delete the added texts or images, you can click the "Delete" icon directly, or select Undo to return to the previous step.

EasePDF Edit PDF

Step 4. Once you've finished editing, just click on the red "Save" button to save your PDF file.

Step 5. Finally, don't forget to download the edited file. Just like uploading a file, you can choose different ways to save the file, or you can copy the link, which is automatically generated by the server to share the file with others.

However, you will find that the function of making a signature is not included in the Edit PDF. Perhaps you can see that some PDF Editors have two signature functions at the same time, one is included in Edit PDF, and the other is a new tool different from Edit PDF. But they are essentially the same. In order to provide users with better editing experience, EasePDF separates making a signature as a new function called eSign PDF, which is also freely available to users. In this way, it can effectively prevent users from doing too many manipulations at the same time and causing errors. If you are interested, you can try EasePDF eSign PDF and sign your PDF file.

2. Soda PDF Online

When you first enter Soda PDF Online, you will be amazed at how professional the site looks and how difficult it is to understand each function. That is because Soda PDF is mainly for business, so the tools it provides are relatively professional. Similarly, it is not very easy to figure out how to manipulate. If you need a relatively professional PDF editor for your complex editing, then you can try Soda PDF.

Editing PDFs with Soda Online PDF will make you feel like you are editing a file with Microsoft Word. Not only the operating layout is similar, but also the variety of tools. You can add text and delete the original content in the file. You can also move, delete, split, extract and rotate pages, and also adjust page size and margin. When you have finished adjusting the text, look at the menu bar above and you will find that you can still insert images, comments, forms and so on. Finally, you can choose to convert the PDF directly to another file format, or just save it as a new PDF file.

Step 1. Go to SODA PDF ONLINE > View & Edit > PDF Editor.

Soda PDF Editor

Step 2. Upload your PDF file via Google Drive, Dropbox or your computer.

Step 3. Now you will see an operating panel like Office Word! If you only need to edit, then you can focus on EDIT, INSERT and FORMS. If you want to convert the format after editing, click CONVERT.

Soda PDF Tools

Step 4. Click the "Download" icon above VIEW on the upper left corner of the page.

Step 5. Finally, the server will automatically download the file for you.

Although Soda PDF Online is powerful, there are certain restrictions for non-paying users. Not all the tools we have mentioned above are freely supported. You can learn more about their pricing and decide whether to pay or not.


We rarely mention PDF2GO, but it is undeniable that it has done a good job in Edit PDF. It is user-friendly. In order to be convenient, it has a name under each tool, so that users can soon understand the purpose of this tool and how to use it. Its user-interface is also clean, even you are the first time to use PDF2GO, you can quickly become familiar with this function. However, it should be noted that if the file is too large, the page reading speed will be slightly slower, but it will not affect the usage.

There are several interesting tools in PDF2GO that are worth trying. The first is Dash Line and the other is Polygon. Few editors have these tools. If you have used PS software before, then you know how to use Polygon.

Step 1. Now go to PDF2GO Online PDF Editor and click into Edit PDF.


Step 2. Upload your PDF file. You also have ways to upload your PDF file. It's the same manipulation as EasePDF.

Step 3. The operating panel of PDF2GO is not as complicated as Soda PDF, and it has words to tell you what tools they are. The Dash Line and Polygon mentioned above are also here. If you want to clear your manipulation, you can click Reset.

PDF2GO Edit Tools

Step 4. At the top right of the page is a large green button with Save on it. Click on it and you can save the file.

4. Smallpdf

Smallpdf is known as an all-in-one online PDF editor other than Adobe. It does not have a lot of functions, but it is in line with user needs. Just like Edit PDF, it seems that there are only four tools available for editing, which is very simple, but in fact, each of the tools will pop up a new option. For example, if you choose to add text, you can choose the font color, size and font. Smallpdf intends to provide users with a simple manipulation layout. They like to simplify the process.

Besides, Smallpdf is only suitable for simple file editing as it doesn't have many tools. It is free to use, however, non-paying users will have some limitations, such as file size and twice free usage per hour.

Step 1. Go to Smallpdf Edit PDF.

Smallpdf Edit PDF

Step 2. You can upload your PDF file from Google Drive, Dropbox and your local computer.

Step 3. When you have entered the page, you can clearly see the tools on the top of the page. Now you can start to edit your PDF file with those simple and easy-to-use tools.

Smallpdf Edit Tools

Step 4. There is a green button at the bottom of the page that prompts if you have finished editing. If you are done, click Finish.

Step 5. Don't forget to download your PDF file. If you need other tools to edit your PDF, Smallpdf also has some related tools for you on the download page.

Switching Formats

The above methods are all used to edit PDF files. But if your file is too large, the content is too complicated, and there are many places need to be modified, we still recommend that you convert the PDF file into the corresponding formats, such as Word Document, which will be easy to edit. We also have some relative articles, you can get the links below.


Editing PDF is not easy, but it is also not as difficult as it might be. Adding text, shapes, lines, inserting images and tables can be done through a PDF Editor. Some PDF editors can also directly delete text. And if you choose to convert the format and then edit it, we recommend that you can use EasePDF, which allows you to convert the file into an easy-to-edit format such as Word, Excel, PPT. When you finish editing, you can immediately convert your file back to PDF. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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