How to Split PDF Online


Do you often receive long PDF files? Are you annoyed every time you need to find the information you need in it slowly and slowly?

Similarly, are you willing to share useful and effective information to others, or just send a file directly and let others slowly find some useful details in this large file?

Indeed, this will not only waste our precious time, but also occupy our limited storage. However, is there a way to cut these useful pages out? The answer is yes, and there is more than one method. You can use many online PDF splitters, or you can use desktop tools like Adobe to help you split a PDF file into multiple files.

This article will introduce 4 ways in detail about how to split PDF online, hoping to help you choose the best way.

Method 1 - EasePDF (Recommended)

EasePDF, an all-in-one online PDF solution will be the best choice for you. Since the Split PDF tool of EasePDF is really helpful in all aspects, it provides three modes for you to extract the PDF pages that you need or you don't need. What's more, all your PDF files split will be saved in high quality without any needs to install the program and register for an account. It's 100% free without any watermarks added to your PDF files. Now EasePDF has integrated with Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and URL link, which aims at providing ways for you to upload and download files.

Besides, all the files will be deleted automatically by the server within 24 hours after the task completed, therefore you have no needs to worry about the security of your files.

Step 1. To begin, you need to navigate to EasePDF online PDF solution first.

Step 2. Click into Split PDF. Then you will see a red Add File(s) button, click it to upload the PDF file that you need to split. Or if you want to upload the PDF file from the Internet, just click the corresponding icon to upload files from your cloud account.

EasePDF Split PDF

Step 3. Then you can preview the pages of the PDF file you uploaded. Scrolling down and you will see there are three modes for you to pick. Let's have a brief introduction to these modes:

All pages: You can separate all the pages in your PDF file and make them each as a single PDF file.

Split every X pages: You can set how many pages are split into a PDF file. For example, if split every 5 pages, then you can clearly see that every five pages will become a PDF file. The remaining pages with less than 5 pages will become a PDF file. The server will show them in different colors for you.

EasePDF Split PDF Mode Two

Page X to X: This means splitting only one part of the entire file. For example, if you want page 3 to page 50, you only need to enter number 3 and 50, and you will eventually get a PDF file of this part.

EasePDF Split PDF Modes

Step 4. Just pick one of the modes and then click on Split PDF.

Step 5. Finally, you can download the new PDF file or a ZIP document (if you separate the PDF file into several parts). Or you can save the file to your cloud account and share it with your friends with the sharing link.

Users Rating:4.8/5

Method 2 - Smallpdf

Smallpdf is an online PDF converter as well as an online PDF splitter, which is also a good choice for you. It's easy and fast to use. The output quality of Smallpdf is also excellent. However, free users only can process their PDF files twice per hour for free, and will also have some limitations on file size, conversion speed and some specific functions.

Step 1. Go and visit Smallpdf on any devices and then click into Split PDF on its homepage, which logo is like a pair of scissors.

Step 2. Now you can upload your PDF file from your local computer, Google Drive and Dropbox. Please remember to unlock your PDF file is it's locked.

Step 3. There are two modes for you, however, you can only pick the second mode if you are a free user as the first mode if only for Pro users.

Smallpdf Split PDF Limits

Step 4. Now click on the pages that you want to split, or just enter the page numbers like what the example is shown. Then click on Split PDF.

Step 5. Finally, download the split PDF file or save it to your cloud account. What's more, you can also enjoy some other features that Smallpdf recommended for you.

Users Rating:4.6/5

Method 3 - PDF2GO

PDF2GO, a good online PDF converter as well as PDF editor, should be recommended for its excellent Split PDF tool, as it allows users to split pages without so many limitations like other online tools. In addition, PDF2GO allows users to adjust the order of pages and undo operations, which is very user-friendly.

Step 1. Access PDF2GO on any browsers that you have already installed. You can even work on your mobile phone.

Step 2. In PDF2GO, Split PDF belongs to Edit PDF. So you can find out Split PDF easily on the first column of its homepage.

Step 3. Upload the PDF file that you want to split. Then select the pages that you want to split as another PDF file. You can also delete the pages that you don't want.


Step 4. Finally, click Save to keep your modification. And don't forget to download your split PDF file.

Users Rating:4.7/5

Method 4 - is a suitable and remarkable online PDF tool for those who want the quickest and fastest way to split their PDF files. It's simple for users as you just need to click on the pages or enter the page numbers then you can quickly split your PDF file.

Step 1. Access via your computer or your mobile phone. Then you can clearly see Split PDF on its homepage. Click it and go to the next step.

Step 2. Now upload your PDF file. As has integrated with Google Drive and Dropbox, you can also upload the file from them.

Step 3. Click on the pages to make a selection. If you want to split every page as PDFs, you can just make a tick on the page. But one shortcoming is that you can't undo the pages you selected, except you delete the corresponding page number in the table.

PDFio Split PDF

PDFio Split PDF Delete

Step 4. When you are done, click Split PDF to process the file. Finally you can download it with high quality and no payment.

Users Rating:4.7/5

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