8 Websites to Download Free PDF Textbooks


PDF textbook refers to the digitized, interactive function of intelligent textbook content displayed in a scientific and intuitive visual, audio, graphic, and text through electronic media reading textbook. Since the advent of the Internet, many ordinary activities have been transferred to the Internet. The same goes for textbooks.

Due to the recent Covid-19 virus, many schools choose to take online lessons at home. Then electronic textbooks are essential for many students. In this situation, you can download the PDF textbook. Using PDF textbooks is not only environmentally friendly but also saves your money. In this post, we will recommend you 8 websites to download all kinds of PDF textbooks for free.

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1. Library Genesis

Library Genesis is a file-sharing site that provides academic journal articles, general interest books, images, comics, textbooks, and magazines. This website has millions of articles and PDF textbooks in its inventory.

Go into the website of Library Genesis, just need to simply enter your search term into the search box, you can find and download the textbook you need. You can also enter an author, book title, or subject to search the textbook.

Library Genesis Search


  • Full range of books
  • Simple interface
  • Perfect for reading on your Kindle, iPad, Android, or other e-reader devices

2. OpenStax

OpenStax is a nonprofit educational initiative based at Rice University. In OpenStax, you can find textbooks on mathematics, physics, biology, social sciences, humanities, business, etc.

All textbooks in OpenStax meet the standard scope and sequence requirements, making them seamlessly adaptable to existing courses. In addition to college textbooks, you can also find a small number of high school textbooks here. But most of them are based on college books. If you are a college student, this website will be a good choice for you.

OpenStax Homepage


  • Download the textbooks for free
  • All textbooks are 100% free and ready to download
  • Full range of college textbooks

3. Open Textbook Library

Open Textbook Library contains many textbooks that have been funded, published, and licensed to be freely used, adapted, and distributed. These books can be downloaded for no cost, or printed at a low cost.

In the Open Textbook Library, you can search for textbooks by subjects. It has textbooks on twelve topics including Business, Education, Engineering, and so on. The textbooks on this website are mainly aimed at college students.

Open Textbook Library Subject


  • All open textbooks in the library can be downloaded and adapted for free without additional permissions or paperwork
  • Allows you to write your own open textbook

4. ScholarWorks

ScholarWorks is an open-access repository maintained by the GVSU Libraries that showcases and maintains works by GVSU scholars. You can search the open textbooks you need across all repositories by title, author, citation information, keywords, etc. All the textbooks here are for college students.

ScholarWorks Open Textbook


  • Full range of college textbooks
  • Various search methods for textbooks

5. PDF Search Engine

PDF Search Engine allows you to find free PDF textbooks and files and download them to your computer. Using PDF Search Engine is as simple as using other search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Just type your query in the text box and click enter or the search button. You will be presented with a list of search results relevant to your query. This website is very rich in resources; it contains textbooks of all ages. You can find the books you need here.

PDF Search Engine Search


  • Abundant textbook resources
  • Provides textbooks in multiple formats

6. Bookboon

Bookboon is an online publishing company of eBooks. It is focused on publishing student literature for engineering, IT and business students as well as short and practical business books. If you are looking for textbooks on engineering, IT and business, Bookboon it is your best choice.

Bookboon Search Textbook


  • Simple and clear interface
  • Mainly textbooks on engineering, IT and business

7. Textbooksfree

Textbooksfree is a website that provided high school textbooks for free. If you are a high school student, textbooksfree is one of the best websites for you to learn online. There are many kinds of textbooks here like English, Mathematics, Science, etc. In addition to the textbooks, you can also find the free course materials of high school like subject lectures and subject videos.

Textbooksfree Free High School Textbooks


  • Simple and clear interface
  • Abundant learning resources for high school students

8. Free Kids books

Free Kids books is a growing library of unique children's books, literary resources, and textbooks for children and young adults, available online and for download primarily in a user-friendly PDF format.

The textbooks in this website are mainly for K-12 - pre-primary, primary, and secondary education. The resources (i.e textbooks or books) for students, parents, and teachers in this sector that are available found on this website.

Free Kids books Search


  • Abundant learning resources for K-12 students


"If you can't find the textbooks you want on the above websites, you can try to search for the advanced search command: "filetype: pdf + book name" on Google. For detailed operation, please refer to the first part of "12 Sites to Download Any Book for Free PDF Like Library Genesis."


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There are so many ways to download free textbooks. If you are a college student, you can use the OpenStax, Open Textbook Library, and ScholarWorks website. If you are a high school student, the Textbooksfree website is a good choice for you. If you want to find the primary and secondary school resources, please go to the Free Kids books website. If you have a new website to recommend, please contact us.

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