How to Rearrange PDF Pages


We all know that PDF documents are not editable, which means that it's hard to edit those files unless you convert the PDF files into other document formats such as Word, RTF, Excel, and so on. But what if we just want to simply rearrange the PDF pages order? Is it possible for us to rearrange pages in PDF directly?

Fortunately, to rearrange pages in PDF, many PDF programs provide such a function that enables people to order PDF pages easily. So in this article, we would like to share the direct way to rearrange pages in an existing PDF file without complicated steps. You will get several ways to complete this task.

1. Professionally Rearrange Pages in PDF (Adobe Acrobat DC)

To edit PDF documents professionally, many people would first come up with a tool that is provided by Adobe, which is called Adobe Acrobat DC. Some people may have installed Adobe Reader instead of Adobe Acrobat DC, so they wonder if Adobe Reader can also be used to rearrange PDF pages.

Unfortunately, Adobe Reader can't help you do that. Instead, to edit or rearrange PDF pages, you need help from Adobe Acrobat DC, which provides lots of helpful functions to enable people to edit PDF documents easily and professionally.

How to rearrange pages in PDF with Adobe Acrobat DC? Here are the steps you can follow to get the work completed.

Step 1. Open your PDF file with Adobe Acrobat DC. Then from the tool menu, you can find the "Organize Pages" option. Except for this path, you can also find this tool in the right pane, by going to "Tools" > "Organize Pages".

Adobe Acrobat DC Organize Pages

Step 2. Now you can select the PDF pages you want to rearrange in a new order. One or more pages can be selected at once. You can press "Shift" and then select a range of PDF pages more conveniently than changing their orders one-by-one.

Step 3. After selecting the PDF pages, drag and drop them to the right order you want. In this way, you can adjust the order of the pages in one PDF file very easily.

Adobe Acrobat DC Rearrange PDF Pages

Step 4. Finally, after rearranging the order of the pages in this PDF document, you can save it to any folder on your desktop. After finishing the saving step, you can review the PDF document on the computer in brand-new page order.

2. Online PDF Pages Rearrange Tool - PDFCandy (Free)

Although Adobe Acrobat DC offers the PDF rearrangement function to people, there are still shortcomings of using this professional tool. One is that Adobe Acrobat DC needs people to pay for their usage after the free trial is ended. While the other shortcoming is that Adobe Acrobat DC is so professional and some people may find it hard to master the program easily.

So to help you get your way to rearrange PDF files more easily, we recommend an online platform that offers really easy and workable tools to rearrange PDF pages freely, which is PDFCandy.

PDFCandy makes its rearrangement tool to be simple to handle. More importantly, it doesn't require you to download extra software or extension, and the service is completely free of cost. So let's directly go through the way on using this tool to rearrange PDF pages.

Step 1. Open your browser and go to PDFCandy Rearrange Pages in PDF.

Step 2. Adding the PDF document from your desktop, Google Drive, or Dropbox is available. After uploading the PDF document, you can prepare to rearrange the PDF pages.

PDFCandy Rearrange Pages in PDF

Step 3. Directly drag the pages to the place you want them to be. In this way, you can easily rearrange the order of the pages in PDF directly.

PDFCandy Rearrange PDF Pages

Step 4. When the rearrangement is completed, scroll down to press the "Rearrange Pages" for determining these changes. Finally, download the rearranged PDF document to your computer directly.

PDFCandy Rearrange Pages

3. Rearrange and Delete PDF Pages Easily - PDF2GO (Free)

The same as PDFCandy, PDF2GO consists of two functions in one PDF tool (sort and delete PDF pages) for people to reorder the PDF pages more easily. So when you are rearranging the pages, you can also select to delete some unnecessary ones if you need to. After uploading the PDF document, PDF2GO will generate some thumbnails for the PDF file, so that you can rearrange PDF pages easily. Here is the tutorial on using.

Step 1. On PDF2GO, go to "Sort And Delete PDF Pages".

Step 2. Upload your PDF file to the platform by dropping the file here, browsing and choosing the file, entering a URL, or selecting it from Dropbox and Google Drive.

PDF2GO Sort and Delete PDF Pages Add File

Step 3. Rearrange the pages in PDF now according to your preference. You should drag and drop the page to the place you want. You can also choose to "Sort Asc", "Sort Desc", or "Sort for duplex printing" for automatic rearrangement directly.

PDF2GO Rearrange PDF Pages

Step 4. When the pages order is rearranged, press "Save as" > "Save" for converting and downloading the PDF document to your computer for saving.

PDF2GO Sort and Delete PDF Pages Save File

4. Rearrange PDF Pages Before Merging or Converting A PDF - EasePDF (Free)

Instead of separating PDF rearrangement tool as a single function, EasePDF, a professional online PDF solutions provider, integrates this feature with other PDF tools such as image format converters and Merge PDF. So you can change the pages' order when you need to merge several PDF documents together or convert a bundle of images to a single PDF file. You can use this feature and rearrange the pages to make the reading order to be reasonable. Let's take the Merge PDF tool as an example to see the operating process.

Step 1. Turn to EasePDF online platform, and then go to the "Merge PDF" tool. Or you can find the entrance in the top navigation bar of EasePDF's homepage.

EasePDF Merge PDF

Step 2. Press the "Add File(s)" button in the middle of the interface for adding the PDF documents to the platform. You can also choose to drop your PDFs here in the blue box.

Step 3. When your PDF files are uploaded, switch to "Page mode" and you can rearrange the pages by dragging and dropping them to the order you like.

EasePDF Merge PDF Rearrange Pages

Step 4. Finally, press the "Merge PDF" button and you can get the rearranged PDF document for downloading to preview offline by pressing the "Download" button generated by EasePDF.


I believe that you now have gotten the way on how to rearrange PDF pages in both professional and easy ways. From this article, you have 4 options to choose from for rearranging your PDF pages easily. Just select the one that is the most appropriate one for yourself to use, and you will find that it can bring high efficiency to your work.

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