You may have questions when you are using our services and don't know how to solve them. Therefore, we have collected some common questions and listed them below.

Is EasePDF safe to use? Will my files be deleted?

We care about your privacy very much as we have shown in our Privacy Policy. We will try our best to ensure the safety of your privacy. We do not analyse, store, scan, copy, or do anything else with users' files. To avoid some problems and make it easy for our users, we would keep the files for 24 hours. All files will be deleted automatically after 24 hours.

If you think you may have found a security vulnerability within EasePDF, please read here and get in touch with our security team right away. To get more information about Privacy Policy, please click Privacy Policy and read.

Why can't I find my file? Where does it go?
Don't worry, please first check your standard download folder, your file may be there after you have completed the processing of the file and have pressed the download button. If it doesn't be here, please look at the website to find if the file still be downloading. There may be a problem that your file has been uploaded but never finish processing (the icon doesn't stop moving) and you didn’t download the file. In this situation, you can try the following:
  1. 1. Make sure you have all browser extensions disabled when using our service.
  2. 2. If that doesn't work, try to use a different browser.

If you still have questions, please contact us.

Why the transferred document looks different after using EasePDF?
We are sorry to hear that. Usually this problem may happen in compression or conversion from PDF to Office. It is very rare but it does. We hope to fix this problem. If you meet this situation, you can contact us immediately. And we will try our best to fix it.
Process can't complete / It takes too long!
When the program can’t complete the process, usually browser extensions are the problem. Please try the following:
  1. 1.Make sure you have all browser extensions disabled when using our service.
  2. 2.If that doesn’t work, try to use a different browser.

In 99% of cases this will solve the problem. If you still have issues, please contact us.

What should I know before protecting my PDF?
When you set a password to encrypt your PDF file, it will make the file impossible to open or remove the protection without the correct password. And all files in our servers will be encrypted by a 256-bit SSL Encryption. We don't keep your password or your file on our server. For more information, click Privacy Policy.
Is EasePDF available on Mac?
We want everyone can have an enjoyable experience of using our product, therefore we have tested several systems to make sure if it can work well on Mac, Windows, Ipad, IOS, Android OS and many other mobile phone operating systems. So it is fully compatible with Safari and other Mac web browsers. Enjoy your trip in EasePDF now!
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