How to Combine PDF Files


Are you still troubled by the number of PDF files? When you want to show multiple PDF files to others, opening the files one by one is not only time-consuming, but also may have other troubles. However, it is a good way to combine all the PDF files that need to be displayed in a new PDF file.

You are one of the millions who have the same needs. If you are still looking for how to combine PDF files, please read this article carefully. We will show you how to combine several PDF files into one with online and offline tools for free, and what are the advantages of each tool. By scoring, you can quickly choose the tool that suits you.

Part One - How to Combine PDF Files by Using Online Tools

Our first recommendation is to use the online PDF combiner to help us merge PDF files. This method is suitable for all different devices and platforms. As long as you can connect to the Internet, you can combine your PDFs quickly and easily. Today's technology has been developed. Most online tools can meet the output quality requirements of the files, and even allow users to freely choose the output quality, so we don't have to rely on offline tools. What's more, they are also safe to use as their servers will delete the files we uploaded in a certain time.

1.1 EasePDF

EasePDF, as one of the many PDF combiners, is definitely worth recommending. EasePDF is an integrated online PDF solution with more than 20 tools including Merge PDF. If you want to combine PDFs, you can try EasePDF Merge PDF, which is easy and free to use. Even if you are trying to combine PDF files for the first time, you can easily finish the combination.

What's more, EasePDF Merge PDF provides two modes for you. One is File mode, and the other one is Page mode. In File mode, you can clearly see how many files you want to combine into one, and you can change the order of them. Besides, rotate, enlarge and delete files are also supported. If you forget some PDF files, you can even add more.

EasePDF Merge PDF File Mode

Differ from the File mode, the Page mode is a kind of mode that can display all the PDF pages for you. Here you can do the same manipulation as the File mode, but you can only drag, rotate, enlarge and delete some specific pages.

EasePDF Merge PDF Page Mode

Step 1. Navigate to EasePDF, and then select Merge PDF which is on its homepage.

Step 2. Upload the PDF files that you want to combine. Click Add File(s) or drag and drop them into the corresponding area. If your files are saved in your cloud account, don't worry, EasePDF supports uploading files from the cloud, such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and URL link.

Step 3. Now pick one mode that you want to apply according to your needs. After that, make some edits if required. Finally click on Merge PDF and go to the next step.

EasePDF Merge PDF Start

Step 4. Now you are able to download the PDF file or to save it back to your cloud account. If you need, you can also copy and paste the sharing link that EasePDF creates for you. Or you can send it to others via email.

Why Choose EasePDF

  • Easy to use
  • 100% free
  • High output quality
  • Fast combination speed
  • Two modes for different needs
  • No registration and watermarks
  • Batch processing for free.
  • Multiple ways to upload and download files

1.2 PDF Candy

Alternatively, you can try PDF Candy, another free online PDF combiner. It provides few ways to upload and download files, but also basically meets our needs. Its manipulation will be relatively simple, if you only want to merge PDF and no other requirements, PDF Candy may help you.

Step 1. Go and visit PDF Candy. You may be scared by the many PDF tools it shows, but Merge PDF is not hard to find because it is the second icon on the homepage.

Step 2. There is a huge green Add file(s) icon, which is one of the ways that PDF Candy provides. Besides, you can add files through Google Drive and Dropbox.

PDF Candy Merge PDF

Step 3. You will see the files now, and you can change the order of them (or change the order according to the sort). Certainly, you can add more files or delete files if needs. Then you can click Merge X files to continue the combination.

PDF Candy Merge PDF Preview

Step 4. Now you can download your combined PDF file. Here you can have detail information of your combined PDF file, and PDF Candy will recommend some related features that you may need for you, so that you don't have to find them extra.

Why Choose PDF Candy

  • Free and easy to use
  • Related features recommended
  • Clean user-interface
  • Fast processing speed
  • No need to register

1.3 PDF2GO

Open up PDF2GO, you will see a lot of features that have already been classified, so that the UI will be clean and clear. The software provides a simple Merge PDF function which can help you easily combine all the PDF files into one. It also supports Google Drive and Dropbox, moreover, enter URL to upload files is also supported. But one thing you should know that if you login, you will have fewer limitations.

Step 1. Launch PDF2GO Merge PDF, you can find this feature on the top of the website, or under the Edit column.

Step 2. Then you should start to upload PDF files that need to be combined. Here you will the time that the server needs to finish the uploading. That's good for us to know the processing.

PDF2GO MergePDF Upload

Step 3. Now you will see two parts of your screen. One is to upload or delete the files, and the other is for you to rearrange the files that you have uploaded. So if you need to change the files, manipulate in part 1, and rearrange the files in part 2. Then click Save.

PDF2GO MergePDF Processing

Step 4. Finally, you can download the PDF file. And you can see some information of your PDF file, too.

Why Choose PDF2GO

  • Clean and clear user-interface
  • High output quality
  • Easy to manipulate
  • Detail classification
  • User-friendly

Part Two - How to Combine PDF Files with Desktop Programs

Now going to the desktop PDF merger, however, most of you may think of Adobe first, but it is not a free program and it's professional for business. Although you can apply for a 7-day free trial, but why not try some free programs? In addition to Adobe, there is a free PDF tool called PDFsam.

2.1 PDFsam Basic

There are multiple versions of PDFsam, of which PDFsam Basic is free to use. You can use it to merge, cut, rotate, and extract PDF files, you cannot perform basic file conversion like PDF to Word, PDF to Excel or JPG to PDF. It's perfect for all we need to merge PDF files for free. With PDFsam Basic, you can easily merge PDF files for free without Adobe and the Internet connection.

Step 1. You need to download and install PDFsam Basic at first, if you already have, please ignore this step and go to the next one.

Step 2. Now run PDFsam Basic, and click into Merge PDF.

Step 3. You can add files, or drag and drop them into the table as you like. Then go to Merge settings to add other blank pages, add a footer, etc. It provides a lot of details for merging PDFs for us to adjust as needed, which is highly recommended.

PDFsam Merge PDF Setting

Step 4. Select a destination for your PDF file.

Step 5. When we are merging PDF files, we can still compress them to make them smaller. Go to Show advanced settings, tick Compress output file/files if you need it. Finally click Run.

Why Choose PDFsam Basic

  • No sign-up required, anyone can use it.
  • Free desktop program
  • More detail settings
  • Support compress PDF file at the same time
  • No need to connect to the Internet


So today we talk about three online PDF combiners and one desktop PDF program. And each of the has their own advantages and we have already rated them. Hope you can pick the suitable one for your PDF files and enjoy the combination.

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