How to Make Google Doc Landscape


Sometimes, when we need to make the layout of our Google Doc files into the horizontal size from vertical setting for fitting the content, we can simply change the mode into a landscape mode.

Landscape format refers to the document's presenting layout. If the layout of the content presents horizontally, then it is a landscape format. On the contrary, when it is set vertically, then it is a portrait format. So, how can we make our Google Doc file in a landscape format? Today, this article will show you the way.

1. How to Make A Google Doc Landscape Format

To make a Google Doc landscape format for your document, the operation can be really simple. The only tool you need should be the Google Doc platform. You can complete editing your Word document and then turn it to Google Doc landscape directly. Here are the steps to do it inside the Google Doc platform.

Step 1. Go to the PUB HTML5 online website. Sign up your account in PUB HTML5 or log in with your Facebook or Google account.At first, you need to login to Google Doc with your Google account, and then select the document that you'd like to adjust to being the landscape format. Open the document for preparing to change the format.

Step 2. Now on the toolbar of the document, you can find the "File" section. Click it and then choose the "Page setup" option from its down menu. Then the "Page setup" window will pop up.

Google Doc Page Setup

Step 3. In this pop-up window, you can find the "Orientation" part, providing "Portrait" and "Landscape" options. Now, you just need to click the "Landscape" option, and then press "OK" to apply the change, then your Google Doc file will be changed into landscape format.

Google Doc Page Setup Window


"In the "Page Setup" window, you can also set the margins, paper size, paper size, and page color for setting your Google Doc file."

2. How to Set Landscape Format As the Default Format

If you have a large need in using landscape format while you edit the document, you can try to set landscape format as the default one for every of your Google Doc file. You can follow this part to get it set easily.

Step 1. Just open any Google Doc file in the platform, or you can simply create a blank Google Doc file to complete the setting. After opening the Google Doc file, you also need to go to the toolbar for clicking on the "File" option.

Step 2. Now also from the down menu of "File", choose the "Page setup" option, and then wait for the "Page setup" window to pop up.

Step 3. Now in the pop-up window, choose "Landscape" as the format you want to set for the document. Then you can also notice an option at the bottom of the window, which is "Set as default". Click it and then the landscape format will be set as the default format for every Google Doc file.

Google Doc Set Landscape As Default

If you need to set portrait format as the default format back for the Google Doc files, you just need to come back to this "Page setup" window for setting portrait as the default format for your Google Doc file again.

3. How to Set Both Landscape and Portrait Formats In One Google Doc File

As we know, Google Doc offers both landscape and portrait formats for people to choose from for setting their files when they need. But when we set a format for the Google Doc file, we discover that once we set, all the pages of the document will be turned into the same format. So is there any option to set both landscape and portrait formats in one single Google Doc file?

It is a pity that Google Doc doesn't offer such an option for people to use, so it means that we can't use Google Doc to set one document with both landscape and portrait formats. As a result, we need to use another tool if we have to set both landscape and portrait formats inside one single Google Doc document, which is the online PDF solution provider, EasePDF.

To conclude both landscape and portrait formats inside one document, firstly, you can edit them in two separate Google Doc files with different formats of landscape and portrait. Then save them in PDF format. After that, the works can all be done by EasePDF. You just need to merge them. So in the following, you will get guidance on how to merge two PDF documents using EasePDF.

Step 1. Open a new window and go to EasePDF's home page. Then you can find the "Merge PDF" tool under the menu of "All PDF Tools" on the navigation bar.

EasePDF Merge PDF

Step 2. Now you can click the "Add File(s)" button in the middle of the tool for importing both Google Doc files in landscape and portrait formats to EasePDF.

EasePDF Merge PDF Add Files

Step 3. After the two files are added to EasePDF, you can choose to merge the whole files by selecting "File mode" or merge the pages you need by choosing "Page mode". After merging the landscape and portrait pages, you can click the "Merge PDF" button to combine the files with two different formats together.

EasePDF Merge PDF Select Merge Mode

Step 4. Finally, when EasePDF provides the "Download" button to you, you just need to press it to download the combined PDF document with both landscape and portrait formats. Then you can get one file with both formats together.

Tip: Edit Combined PDF Document

Even you have converted the Google Doc document with both landscape and portrait formats into PDF format and you discover that you still have to edit it, you can turn it back to a word document at anytime you want. In this case, you need the help of another EasePDF converter, which is a PDF to Word converter.

Step 1. Click the "All PDF Tools" on the navigation bar again, and now you should choose the "PDF to Word" option from the provided PDF tools menu.

EasePDF PDF to Word

Step 2. Click the "Add File(s)" button in the converter now for adding the converted Google Doc PDF file to EasePDF. When EasePDF gets the uploaded PDF document, then it will function directly for converting the PDF document to the Word file.

EasePDF PDF to Word Add File

Step 3. When EasePDF finishes converting the document, it will directly bring you a "Download" icon and then you can press the button to save the Word file. Then you get a Word document with both landscape and portrait formats inside. Then you can freely edit the content as you need.

EasePDF PDF to Word Download File

In Conclusion

By knowing how to set landscape format for your Google Doc files, you can flexibly set the layout for the documents you need. Also, you can use EasePDF to combine both formats for making the document to be better-presenting. You can make better Google Doc documents now!

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