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Many people in the world enjoy reading detective novels because they enjoy getting involved in the cases and test their logical thinking abilities. Also, the story plots of detective novels can always be nervous, excited, and amazing, which can catch people's eyes from the beginning to the end. Murder on the Orient Express is such a successful detective novel, which has attracted so many readers from different countries, and it was also adapted into a movie for enjoying on-screen. Today, this article will introduce this novel to you.

1. Introduction of Murder on the Orient Express

Murder on the Orient Express refers to a detective novel which is written by Agatha Christie, featuring the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot. The book was firstly published in the UK on January 1, 1934. Afterward, when the book was also published in the US, the name was changed into Murder in the Calais Coach because the original title was confused with another novel published in 1932, whose name was Stamboul Train, and it was also released in the US with the name Orient Express.

Murder on the Orient Express Novel

Murder on the Orient Express describes a murder case that happened on an elegant train, the Orient Express, in the 1930s. When the train was stopped half the way because of the heavy snow, an unexpected murder happened. So the detective, Poirot, who was taking the train for returning home, had to solve the case and find out the murder before the police could come to help.

This novel not only shows the logical murder patterns in the happened case, more importantly, but the feelings and emotions expressed in the story can also make readers feel touching. Some people said they just burst into tears after knowing the result of the murder. This is also why Murder on the Orient Express can attract so many readers and even be adapted into a movie for even more audiences to enjoy.

2. About Author - Agatha Christie

For detective novel lovers, you must be familiar with this name, Agatha Christie. Agatha Christie, whose full name is Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie (15 September 1890 - 12 January 1976), was a very famous detective novel writer, having written 66 detective novels and 14 short story collections in her author life. In the early 1990s, Agatha Christie has been so popular and her works were loved by many readers. Even today, there are still many detective novel lovers would find her written novels and stories to read. Early in 1971, Agatha Christie has been awarded for her great contributions have made to literature. Guinness World Records, an authoritative ranking list, also ranked Agatha Christie as one of the best-selling fiction authors of all time. Till now, the novels written by Agatha Christie have been sold for over 2 billion copies all over the world.

Agatha Christie

3. Murder on the Orient Express PDF Book Resources

If you are considering downloading the Murder on the Orient Express e-book in PDF format so that you can enjoy the story more conveniently offline, this part will provide you 3 PDF book resources of the book which you can freely download offline. You can choose any of the three platforms to download the book.


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Yumpu Murder on the Orient Express


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MRS. Brock's LA Murder on the Orient Express

Detective Gumer

Detective Gumer also provides the PDF book resource of Murder on the Orient Express. Unlike other platforms, Detective Gumer would directly offer the online PDF viewing page of the PDF book to readers for directly read the PDF book online or download it through clicking the save icon provided on the top right corner of the PDF book page. So you can directly save the Murder on the Orient Express without any hassle.

Detective Gumer Murder on the Orient Express

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4. Murder on the Orient Express Movie

Murder on the Orient Express's adapted movie was shot and then released in 2017, which was directed by Kenneth Branagh. The movie bases on the story plot of the original novel written by Agatha Christie. It mainly focuses on the detective Poirot, as he appeared in Agatha's novel, who is a famous detective, and is going to investigate an unexpected murder happened on the luxury train, the Orient Express in the 1930s.

Murder on the Orient Express Movie

Murder on the Orient Express Characters

Kenneth Branagh as Hercule Poirot

Tom Bateman as Bouc

Penélope Cruz as Pilar Estravados

Willem Dafoe as Cyrus Bethman Hardman

Judi Dench as Princess Natalia Dragomiroff

Johnny Depp as Edward Ratchett

Josh Gad as Hector MacQueen

Derek Jacobi as Edward Henry Masterman

Leslie Odom Jr. as Dr. Arbuthnot

Michelle Pfeiffer as Caroline Hubbard

Daisy Ridley as Mary Debenham

Marwan Kenzari as Pierre Michel

Olivia Colman as Hildegarde Schmidt

Lucy Boynton as Countess Helena Andrenyi

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Biniamino Marquez

Sergei Polunin as Count Rudolph Andrenyi

Phil Dunster as Col. John Armstrong

Miranda Raison as Sonia Armstrong

Where to Watch Murder on the Orient Express Movie

Here are three platforms on which they offer the movie resources of Murder on the Orient Express for you to playback.


IMDB is an authoritative and popular movie website, offering countless resources of movie and TV show resources for people to enjoy online. The Murder on the Orient Express movie only cost USD 3.99 for renting and USD 9.99 for purchasing. After completing the payment and you can enjoy the HD movie online!

IMDB Murder on the Orient Express

Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes offers reliable rankings and reviews information about the movies that have been released to the public. So before watching Murder on the Orient Express movie, you can preview its ranking information for seeing how other people feel about this movie. Likewise, for enjoying the movie, you need to pay for it.

Rotten Tomatoes Murder on the Orient Express

Amazon Prime Video

You can enjoy a high-quality movie playback experience by choosing the Amazon Prime Video platform. For getting the right to watch Murder on the Orient Express movie in HD, you should pay USD 3.99 to rent it (only available for 48 hours to finish watching once you started to play the movie) or USD 9.99 to purchase the whole movie for a lifetime playback.

Amazon Prime Murder on the Orient Express

In Conclusion

Murder on the Orient Express is a nice detective novel for people who enjoy reading detective stories. Its storyline is so exciting and also touching when you reach the truth. It is one of the best detective novels in the world that you can spend time enjoying.

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