Top 6 Ways to Rotate and Flip PDF Files [2021 Guide]


Under certain circumstances, people need to rotate PDF files for changing the orientation, for example, when the PDF document is scanned in a wrong direction by accident. If you also encounter such issues and need to flip PDF upside down without hassle, we made this blog with the top 6 recommended ways to help. They can be applied to different devices, so based on your needs and select the appropriate method to permanently rotate PDF documents easily now.

Method 1. Best Way to Rotate PDF Online with EasePDF

EasePDF Rotate PDF will be the best way to rotate PDF for it is an online service that can be accessed on different devices. No matter you are using desktops or mobile phones, EasePDF brings this efficient and easy tool to permanently rotate PDF files within simple clicks in batch.

Features of EasePDF Rotate PDF

  • Safe and clean service to rotate all PDF pages simultaneously;
  • Fast speed to process and download PDF documents;
  • Secure auto-deletion mode to remove uploaded PDF files from the server in 24 hours;
  • Embeds the 256-bit SSL Encryption tech to guarantee 100% safe on all user data;
  • Free chances are available for users to rotate 2 PDF files every 24 hours.

In the next, the simple guide on rotating PDF via EasePDF will be briefly introduced.


"Despite the Rotate PDF tool, some other PDF managing services such as Images to PDF converters, Merge PDF, Split PDF, Compress PDF, and Delete PDF also contains the rotating function for customizing the PDF pages."

Step 1. Go to EasePDF Rotate PDF in the browser. After that, hit the file adding icons for importing the PDF document you desire to rotate to the tool from your device, GoogleDrive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or an URL.

Add PDF to EasePDF Rotate PDF

Step 2. After adding the PDF file, you can select certain pages to rotate solely, so it is able to rotate individual pages in PDF accordingly. You are available to delete the pages you don't need as well.

Rotate PDF Pages One By One

Scroll down to the bottom of the workplace, you can directly rotate all the PDF pages by one click to "Turn Left" or "Turn Right". Then, hit the "Rotate PDF" icon to complete the rotation.

Rotate All PDF Pages

Step 3. Finally, when the rotated PDF document is ready, you can click the "Download" icon for getting the file downloaded to your device. There have other options such as GoogleDrive, URL, email, etc. to save or share the PDF file if you need.

Method 2. Rotate PDF with Wondershare PDFelement

Wondershare PDFelement is a desktop option for only Windows users to manage PDF documents offline easily. It provides 5 different ways to rotate PDF pages, including using the thumbnail/page menu/hotkeys/shortcut or right-clicking the page to rotate the PDF permanently. Here are the operations -

Thumbnail: After adding the PDF document, hit the "Thumbnail" icon on the left navigation bar to display. Then, right-click the page showed in the thumbnail view and there will be a "Rotate Pages" option.

Use Thumbnail in PDFelement

Right click the page: Directly right-click the presenting page and there will be a "Rotate Pages" option provided.

Right Click Page to Rotate

Page menu: When the PDF document is added, go to the "Page" tab and select the pages for rotating. The two options on the top toolkit bar are provided for rotate the selected pages.

Page Menu

Hotkeys: "T+L" or "T+R" keys are used to rotate the current-selected page to the left or right direction.

Shortcut: "Ctrl+Shift+L" keys or "Ctrl+Shift+R" keys are used to rotate the current viewing page to the left or right direction.

Method 3. Rotate PDF Files via Preview on Mac

On Mac, people can use the Preview software to read PDF documents directly. But do you know that this app can be used to rotate PDF if you want to change its orientation for reading? Just follow this brief guide.

Step 1. Open the PDF document using Preview app on your Mac.

Step 2. Move to the top menu bar for selecting "Tools" and enter a menu.

Step 3. Choose the "Rotate Left" or "Rotate Right" option to change the PDF page's orientation. It can be turned by 90°each time (you can also use the shortcut "Command" key and "L" to rotate left or "R" to rotate right).

Step 4. Save the changes after the rotation is completed.

Rotate PDF Pages Preview

Method 4. Rotate PDF in Microsoft Edge Browser on Windows 10

This method is only available for Windows 10 users. In the built-in browser, Microsoft Edge of Windows 10, brings the PDF rotation function to help permanently rotate PDF files easily. If you are also seeking a way on how to rotate PDF in Windows 10, follow this guide to do it.

Step 1. Open the PDF document with Microsoft Edge browser on Windows 10.

Step 2. Tap the "Rotate right" icon on the toolbar, or you can directly press the shortcut "CTRL+]".

Step 3. Press the "Save" icon to apply the rotation.

Rotate PDF in Microsoft Edge

Method 5. Rotate PDF Files with Adobe Acrobat DC

The professional Adobe Acrobat DC (paid software), which advanced PDF management functions, is available to permanently rotate a PDF file with ease. After purchasing and installing Adobe Acrobat DC on your device, open it and begin to rotate a PDF file following the steps below.

Step 1. In Adobe Acrobat DC, open the PDF file you desire to rotate its pages.

Step 2. Go to "Tools" > "Organize Pages".

Step 3. Select the pages contained in the PDF file that you need to rotate now.

Step 4. Choose to turn the pages in the clockwise or counterclockwise way. Each time you can only change 90°.

Step 5. Finally, save the rotated PDF file.

Rotate PDF Pages in Adobe Acrobat DC

Method 6. Rotate PDF Temporarily for Reading

If you just want to flip PDF upside down or rotate PDF 90 degrees for reading temporarily, many PDF readers can help you achieve the aim. Here two widely-used options will be introduced.

Adobe Reader

As a PDF reader, Adobe Reader enables readers to read the PDF content with the best visual quality. After opening a PDF file in Adobe Reader, readers only need to go to "View" > "Rotate View" > "Clockwise" or "Counterclockwise" to rotate the pages for conveniently reading. But this rotation can not be saved and it is just a temporarily effective operation to improve your PDF reading experience.

Rotate PDF Temporarily in Adobe Reader

Google Chrome

As a web browser, Google Chrome can also be a PDF reader, allowing people to read the PDF content in its browser window. After opening the PDF file in Chrome, there will be a "Counterclockwise" option provided on the top menu bar, enabling readers to rotate the pages for reading temporarily. However, the rotation will be applied to all the pages at once.

Rotate PDF Temporarily in Google Chrome

You now get 6 different methods to rotate or flip a PDF document with very easy operations. When you suddenly meet the situation, requiring you to rotate a PDF file, just select the proper method for using it conveniently. Share this blog with your friend if you consider it is helpful!

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