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Many times it happens that you are preparing a document, for instance, a business proposal in a PDF file format. You may forget to insert some important documents and pictures or tables before converting them to PDF. In this situation, you have to insert images or forms in the report, add blank pages for registration or application form in the PDF document.

PDF is not an editable format, so we need to use PDF editors to add the pages to a PDF. There are particular tools that allow you to add pages to PDF files. This post will recommend some tools for you. You can use some online websites or download and install the offline software on your computer to use them as a tool for your PDF documents.

Part 1 - Add Pages to A PDF with Online Tools

1. EasePDF

EasePDF online PDF converter is more than just a PDF file converter, you can also edit, merge, split PDF, and so on. All tools are available to everyone without downloading and installation.

If you need to add pages to a PDF, you can use the "Merge PDF" tool in EasePDF. This tool provides two modes for merging PDFs. In "File Mode", you can reorder and delete the PDFs. In "Page Mode", you can remove the pages you don't need in each PDF file, or drag and drop to change page orders. Let's follow the steps to add the page.

Step 1. Go to EasePDF and click "Merge PDF" which is on the homepage.

Step 2. Upload your PDFs. Here, it has four ways for you to upload the file. First, click on the "Add File(s)" button and upload files from your local computer. Second, click on the Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive icon below to upload files. Third, click the URL icon to copy and paste the link to upload files. Fourth, you can also drag and drop your files into the blank directly.

EasePDF Merge PDF Add Files

Step 3. When you upload the PDF, you can choose the mode to add new pages. Click the "Plus" icon to add pages to a PDF. It offers "File mode" and "Page mode" for you to preview and combine your PDFs. You can choose "File Mode" to add a whole PDF page. But if you want to adjust the pages of your new PDF, you need to use the "Page mode".

EasePDF Merge PDF Choose Mode

Step 4. When you are sure that you are not making changes anymore, you can click on "Merge PDF" in the lower right corner.

Step 5. Download your new PDF file to the local computer or save it to your cloud accounts. If you want to continue to add pages to PDF, click on the "START OVER" icon.

EasePDF Merge PDF Download

2. Smallpdf

Smallpdf is an all-in-one easy-to-use online PDF converter which can help you add pages to a PDF. This tool is browser-based. So, it works for all operating systems including Mac, Windows, and Linux. This PDF merger allows you to quickly add the page to PDF files in just a few clicks.

Step 1. Access the "Merge PDF" tool through the Smallpdf homepage.

Step 2. Click the "CHOOSE FILES" button to upload the PDF that you need to add the pages.

Smallpdf Merge PDF Choose Files

Step 3. Then click the "ADD MORE" button to add new pages to a PDF. There are two modes for you to add pages. In this step, you can rearrange individual pages or entire files in the desired order.

Smallpdf Merge PDF Rearrange Files


"Please note that if you need to adjust the number of PDF pages, please upgrade to the Pro version. It cost USD9 a month."

Step 4. When you finished, click the "MERGE PDF!" button to combine and download your PDF.

Part 2 - Add Pages to A PDF with Offline Software

1. Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat DC is super simple offline software that can organize your PDF file into a professional-looking document. With Adobe Acrobat DC, you can also rearrange PDF pages and organize those pages just the way you like it, all in a matter of seconds.

Step 1. Open the Adobe Acrobat DC software then click the "File" > "Open" button to upload the PDF.

Step 2. Open the "Organize Pages" tool from the top menu or the right pane.

Adobe Acrobat DC Organize Pages

Step 3. Click the "Insert" button on the toolbar to add pages to PDF. The pages on files, clipboards, scanners, and web pages can all be inserted. Then you can drag and drop pages to reorder PDF pages how you want.

Adobe Acrobat DC Insert Pages

Step 4. When you finished, select a folder or click the "Choose a Different Folder" button and navigate to the folder you want. Name your document and click the "Save" button to save your PDF file.

2. PDFelement

PDFelement is a PDF editor that can design with simplicity in mind to help you communicate easier, faster, and better with PDFs. With the help of PDFelement, you can easily add pages to PDD. Whether you want to insert an existing page to a PDF file or add a blank page to a PDF document, PDFelement helps you add pages to PDF comfortably.

Step 1. Double-click the quick-start button on the desktop to launch PDFelement. Open the PDF file that you're going to add pages to by clicking the "Open File" button.

Step 2. Click the "Page" button on the top toolbar of PDFelement, then click on the "Insert" button. If you want to add a blank page to PDF, you can choose the "Blank Page" button. If you want to add the PDF, please click the "From PDF" tool.

PDFelement Pages Insert

Step 3. After adding the pages to PDF, you can adjust the order of the PDF or edit your pages on PDF.

Step 4. Finally, click the "File" > "Save" button to save the PDF.

Part 3 - Add Page to PDF with Preview (Mac)

If you are a Mac user, this part will help you add pages to PDF with the default app on macOS. Preview is the vendor-supplied image viewer and PDF viewer of the macOS operating system. In addition to viewing and printing digital images and PDF files, it can also edit some media types. With Preview, you can open a PDF directly, then add, delete and rearrange pages, or move pages from one PDF to another.

Step 1. In the Preview app on your Mac, open the PDF you want to change.

Step 2. Add pages to PDF. Select the page you want to appear before the new page, choose "Edit" > "Insert", and then choose "Page from File", "Page from Scanner" or if you want to add blank page to PDF, you can choose the "Blank Page" button. Then the new page is inserted after the current page.

Preview Edit Insert

Step 3. When you finished, click the "File" > "Save" to save the PDF.

Part 4 - How to Add A Page in Microsoft Word

In addition to the PDF file, you may want to begin a new section or add information anywhere in a word document. Adding a new page in Word can help you incorporate an extra section, include visuals, insert addenda, or create a visual separation between sections. This part will teach you how to add a page in Word.

Step 1. Open a document in Microsoft Word

Step 2. Place your cursor where you want to add blank page. Then click the "Insert" tab in the toolbar at the top of Word. You can also press the "Ctrl" + "Enter" button to add a blank page into your document.

Microsoft Word Insert Pages

Step 3. Click "File" > "Save" to save the changes.

Part 5 - How to Add A Page in Google Docs

Google Docs is a word processor which can help you write, edit, and collaborate document wherever you are for free. It brings your documents to life with smart editing and styling tools to help you easily format text and paragraphs. Choose from hundreds of fonts, add links, images, and drawings. If you're wondering how to add a page in Google Docs easily, please follow the below steps.

Step 1. If you have already had a Google account, you can open the Docs home then, click the button "+" under the "Start a new document" list. If you don't have a Google account, you need to sign up for an account first.

Step 2. After uploading your file, place your cursor right before the place where you want the break to appear.

Step 3. From the top toolbar of the document, click the "Insert" > "Break" > "Page break" button to add pages to the document.

Google Docs Insert Pages

Step 4. Then you can see a new page is successfully added. You can also press "Ctrl + Enter" if you're on a PC, or "Command + Enter" if you're on a Mac to add a blank page.


This post gives you some ways on how to add pages on PDF and document. With PDF files, an online PDF editor like EasePDF is your best choice. If you need to add the pages in the word document, you can use Microsoft Word or Google Docs to help you.

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