3 Ways to Boost Your Working Efficiency with PDF


Today, many people work with electronic products such as tablets and laptops. This trend brought the development to all kinds of file formats, software, and online platforms, to allow people's online work to be more efficient. PDF document now also becomes a widely-used format in different aspects such as working and studying. Many people need to use PDF format very frequently. So are there any ways to boost the working efficiency with PDF? Here you can get 3 ways to do it.

Have A Reliable PDF Solution

The first method to make your work with PDF documents should be always preparing a reliable PDF solutions provider to help, so that you can always have a way to get your PDF documents managed, edited, and converted with the best efficiency. So what qualities should a reliable PDF solutions provider have? Here are three important points that you can take into consideration.

  • Multifunctional - For improving efficiency, the PDF solutions provider should be better to have more functions inside one platform. For example, a comprehensive PDF solutions provider would have consisted of converters and editors. With such a tool, people don't need to waste time finding different tools when they need to handle different PDF problems.
  • Secure - A reliable PDF solution provider should not bring any troubles to users. Therefore, a safe environment is a very basic requirement that most people want from the tool. No ads and virus, with encryption technologies, in such a platform, people can use the services in great relief, without worrying that their files would be disclosed or their devices would be attacked by the virus.
  • Affordable - The PDF solutions provider should be better to offer help with the free cost or at least affordable prices. In this way, it can bring help to more people, including those without an income. For example, many students without a part-time job don't have income at all. Under such a situation, an affordable PDF solution provider will be a better option for them to bring up the studying efficiency with PDF documents.

A List of Useful Tools That You May Need

Are there any helpful tools that can be recommended to improve working efficiency? In this part, there are a few useful tools you can try when you need them while working. Go through the list and have a look now.


EasePDF is a web-based PDF solutions provider, which is consisted of different types of PDF tools in one platform, for example, some format converters, PDF editors, PDF organizers, and PDF protectors, can all be found and use for free in EasePDF. All the functions are designed in a really simple way, so people can easily learn how to use EasePDF quickly. Besides, EasePDF also enables secure methods such as SSL Encryption and auto-deletion to keep files safe. For beginners and people who are searching for simple PDF tools, EasePDF should be an ideal choice.

EasePDF Banner


Sometimes when you want to translate a file to other languages you need, instead of translating the content by copying and pasting them, the better way is to get the whole document translated automatically. DocTranslator is another helpful online platform that provides a helpful translation feature to people who need to translate a whole PDF document at once. The tool is quite simple to use - directly uploading the PDF file to the platform, select a target language, and then DocTranslator will translate the file into the selected language for you automatically. This can greatly help improve working efficiency.


Recovery Toolbox

When you are editing or creating a PDF document, if the computer goes wrong and get your file corrupted, then you can turn to Recovery Toolbox for getting the content recovered again. The tool is not complicated for use. You just need to upload the file to the platform, enter your email for receiving the recovered file, and this tool can easily bring the content back to you again. This is a great tool for making sure that your PDF content would not lose by accident.

Recovery Toolbox

Library Genesis

For people, especially students who need to search for authoritative references for writing a paper, they may need to get some books downloaded for offline playback. Library Genesis is such a helpful platform that offers free resources and allows people to download the books in PDF and ePUB formats for offline reading. By downloading the books in PDF format, the reading can be more flexible and convenient. Library Genesis is a good platform for enriching your scope of knowledge.

Library Genesis

Enable People to Work Together

Because of the multimedia age, people tend to collaborate online more often than ever before. The recent outbreak of COVID-19 also enables people to work from home more often. Therefore, having a tool that can allow people to work together online will help to improve the working efficiency even when people are not staying together. Here are two tools that can help.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams creates a platform for people to communicate and collaborate very easily, just by accessing the platform online. It supports different systems such as Windows, Mac, Linus, Android, and iOS. This allows people who work in a team for boosting the working efficiency by communicating online. 

Microsoft Teams

Cisco Webex

Comparing to Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex is more focusing on providing a platform for people to hold online business meetings for communication at home face to face easily. People can create room for having online meetings. Meanwhile, there have many helpful tools to make people fully in charge of the meeting easier. In this way, even the companies have to work at home, they can still maintain the working efficiency by keeping in touch with their colleagues and leaders.

Cisco Webex


Working with PDF documents, you can make full use of the above tools to boost the working efficiency greatly. These helpful tools can bring a lot of help to your work. So when you are finding ways to have higher working efficiency, don't forget these tools.

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