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Among so many image formats, we always enjoy using the JPG format. The JPG format guarantees the quality and size of our images. However, when we want to share a bunch of JPG images with others, instead of compressing all the images into one file, it's better to convert them to a PDF file. The reason is that output quality is the most important thing for a picture, however, compression will affect the quality a lot.

So if you convert these images into a PDF file, you can achieve the purpose of sharing, and also prevent the image from being copied or stolen. Are there any ways to convert JPG/JPEG images to a PDF file? Keep reading, we will show you a list of top JPG to PDF Converter for you.

Part One - Convert JPG to PDF Online

We've divided these methods into online and desktop for quick reference. The biggest benefit of using an online PDF converter is that you can convert your JPG images at any time and anywhere without being limited to working on a computer. As long as you can connect to the Internet, you can convert and edit PDF files easily and efficiently.

Method 1 - EasePDF Online PDF Converter

Converting JPG images into a readable PDF file for free with EasePDF, you only need a few simple steps. Perhaps you will ask whether my files will be safe and the output quality guaranteed? The answer is yes.

First, EasePDF will protect your privacy in accordance with Privacy Policy. All files uploaded to the server are automatically deleted within one hour after the conversion done to prevent them from being stolen or copied. In addition, the output quality of the file will also be guaranteed.

Step 1. Go to JPG to PDF on EasePDF homepage.

Step 2. Click Add file(s) to upload your JPG images. You can also drag and drop them into the uploading table or upload them from Google Drive and Dropbox. Furthermore, you can just paste a URL link of your file if you have saved them online.

Step 3. Create JPG to PDF. Now you will have a view of what kinds of and how many images you have uploaded. In this step, you can make some changes to your images.

1. Add more images. See there is a Plus icon at the end of all the images, you can click on it to add more JPG images.

2. Delete specific images. You may have uploaded some images that you don't want to convert to the PDF file, you can remove them by clicking on the Remove icon on each image.

3. Change the orientation and position. You can adjust the position and orientation of the picture according to your needs. Both buttons are next to the Remove button.

When you are OK, you can click on the Create PDF icon to start the conversion.

Step 4. Finally, you will see your file is ready, which means that you can download your PDF file now. If you want to convert more images, just click on Start Over to start another task.


"EasePDF not only can help you convert files, but also allow you to easily merge, compress, encrypt, and edit your PDF files without the limitations of the device and operating systems no matter you are using Mac, Windows, Linux or Android and IOS. All the functions are free to use."

Part Two - Convert JPG to PDF Desktop

Of course, the desktop version is also appreciative. That is, you don't have to go to the website every time you use it, which will be more convenient, and you don't necessarily need to connect to the Internet. Here we will introduce different methods for Mac and Windows users to quickly and easily convert JPG to PDF.

Method 1 - Microsoft Photo App for Windows 10

The design of Windows 10 is so user-friendly. There is a Photo app, we can also call it Microsoft Print to PDF, which can easily help you edit and convert images during the process of viewing. So how do you convert JPG images into PDF files via Photo?

Step 1. Open your JPG images through Photo. Find out the folder where your images are located, select all the images that you need to convert to a PDF file, then right-click and select Print.

Step 2. Now you will see a new pop up for more print settings. Choose Microsoft Print to PDF on the Printer column, then click on Fit picture to frame if your pictures are not in the same size. Finally click Print.

Step 3. Select a new location for your PDF file. After step two, you will see a new pop out to ask you to select a location for your file, and rename it. You just need to rename your new PDF file and save it. Now you will have a PDF file that contains all your selected JPG images.


"This is a simple and free method, but it is easy to be misunderstanding at the beginning, which makes you thought that it is really to print the images instead of converting to a PDF file."

Method 2 - Preview for Mac

After introducing the method for Windows, it is the turn for Mac. Similar to Windows, Mac also has a built-in software called Preview that allows you to easily read and edit files. Of cause, we will use it to tell you how to convert JPG to PDF.

Step 1. Open the folder where the images are located and select the images you want. Then right-click and select to Open with Preview to open these images.

Step 2. We all know that sometimes the image doesn't display in the right orientation, at which point we can adjust the orientation by clicking the Rotate button.

Step 3. Click on the File button and select Print > Save as PDF > OK. Don't forget to rename the PDF file and choose a location for it.


"Preview is so user-friendly, and will take into account that the orientation of the image may need to be changed, which eliminates the need to find another tool to adjust the orientation of the image after the conversion is complete."

Method 3 - Adobe Acrobat DC Pro

Convert JPG to PDF with Adobe Acrobat DC Pro is so easy and reliable. With Adobe Acrobat, we will quickly get a high-quality PDF file form our excellent JPG images.

Step 1. Go and install Adobe Acrobat DC Pro. Then run it and select Create PDF.

Step 2. If you only want to convert one JPG image, click on Single File. Then click on Create to directly change your JPG image to PDF. For more images, click on Multiple Files. Then you will see a pop-out to ask you add files. Select the images that you want to convert, then press OK.

Step 3. Then do more settings on a pop out call Output Options on Target Folder and File Naming.


"Adobe Acrobat DC Pro is a professional PDF converter, so there is no need to worry about the output quality of the file. But there are two places to note."

1. The pop-up window of step 3 is easy to ignore because it doesn't like the traditional pop-out to ask to you enter the address and the name of the file. This makes it uneasy for us to find where the file is saved.

2. Adobe Acrobat DC is a paid program, but you can apply for a 7-day free trial before you purchase it.


Above are the methods of how to convert JPG to PDF. We recommend to use EasePDF online PDF converter, which can convert your files quickly and safely no matter what devices you use. For Windows users, you can pick the Photo App, but be aware that you need a printer. For Mac users, you can use Preview. For businesses, you can select Adobe Acrobat DC Pro.

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