An Amazon Guideline for Kindle Users


Nowadays, Kindle is a popular device that is loved by many people. To get along with this trend, more and more books are published in e-book format so that Kindle users can get these e-book resources for reading on their Kindle. In this way, they can get rid of the heavy physical books. Amazon is the best place to discover and purchase e-books for reading on Kindle. Except for the rich resources, there are many features that Amazon has brought to Kindle users. In today's article, you will get familiar with them and have a more convenient Kindle reading experience in the future.

1. Where to Find Amazon Kindle Books?

To cater to people's need in getting e-books to read on portable devices such as the Kindle, Amazon supports authors to upload an e-book version and allows people to purchase for reading on Kindle.

On Amazon, you can discover lots of physical books resources, and almost all of them will provide an e-book version for Kindle users. Because more and more people are willing to purchase e-books instead of physical books. Reading an e-book will be more convenient and you can bring it everywhere for enjoying the great content. That's why the Kindle version becomes so popular on Amazon bookstore.

On every published book's information page, you can easily see whether it provides a Kindle version. Some books would also provide an audiobook version for those who need it.

Amazon Book Kindle Version

Besides, you can navigate to the "Kindle Books" section on Amazon's navigation bar. There listed all the published Kindle books and you can search for the ones you like for purchasing, and then enjoy with your Kindle device offline!

Amazon Kindle Books

2. What Is Kindle Unlimited?

Amazon also releases a Kindle Unlimited service allowing users to enjoy more Kindle books on the platform easily and conveniently. By subscribing to Kindle Unlimited, people have the right to get as many as Kindle books from the Amazon platform, and then enjoy free reading using the Kindle device or Kindle app. There are more than 1 million Kindle Unlimited books and audiobooks provided on Amazon, after paying USD 9.99 per month for subscribing to Kindle Unlimited, subscribers can access all of them for free enjoying. The subscription can be canceled if you don't want to continue using this service in the upcoming month. This service offers a free trial that lasts for 30 days, so before subscribing to it, you can try the service for free.

After subscribing to Kindle Unlimited, you can go to the "Kindle Unlimited" section on Amazon for accessing all the books you are available to watch for free.

Amazon Kindle Unlimited

Besides, Kindle Unlimited is not only available on Kindle devices. Except for Kindle, you can download and install the Kindle Reading app to your mobile phones, tablets, or laptops. Then log in with your Kindle Unlimited account and you can still enjoy the services brought by Kindle Unlimited.

However, you should pay attention that Kindle Unlimited now sets a regional limitation, which means that Kindle Unlimited is only available in certain regions such as United States, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, India, China, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, and Australia. For those regions where Kindle Unlimited hasn't been covered, Amazon says that they will try their best to provide such service soon.

3. Can I Read Kindle Books without Using Kindle?

As mentioned in the former part, Kindle books can be read not only on Kindle but also on the devices that have been equipped with the Kindle Reading app. This is an application launched by Amazon, for providing to those who don't have a Kindle device but also want to enjoy the Kindle e-books provided by Amazon.

This Kindle Reading app is completely free for use, and it is available on different systems such as iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. After installing the app to your device, you can enjoy the same reading experience as you are using the Kindle device. This is a super easy-to-use app and it connects your Kindle library. After purchasing a Kindle book from Amazon, you can get that e-book resource on the Kindle Reading app and then enjoy the content offline.

Amazon Kindle Reading App

Kindle Reading app provides Amazon charts to let people check the top-ranking books of the platform and choose the ones they want to read directly. It will also push some recommended books to you basing on your reading or searching history. With the Kindle Reading app, you would feel much easier to discover new books you like and have an enjoyable reading inside the app.

Amazon brings this to cover all the audiences instead of simply those who own a Kindle device. It pushes the modern reading pattern to a new stage so that more and more books would launch an e-book version for catching more readers' eyes.

4. How to Publish E-books for Kindle Users to Read?

This part is for authors. As there are more and more people choose to read on the Kindle, you may want to publish your book in an e-book version for them to access as well. So how to publish a Kindle book on Amazon? The steps would be so simple to follow, and here is the guideline for you.

Step 1. Because you are going to publish an e-book version on Amazon, so you should prepare for it using some content editing software.

Step 2. After getting the completed book, you should go to the KDP platform in the browser and then log in to your Amazon account. Create one if you don't have one yet.

Step 3. Now you need to go to "KDP Bookshelf" and then find "Create a New Title" by clicking the "+ Kindle eBook" option. Then you can follow the guidance to enter all the related information about your book.

Edit eBook Content

Step 4. In the next, Amazon will make you set other details about your book such as the price and some distribution availability.

Step 5. Finally, when all the detailed settings about the book complete, you can directly press the "Publish Your Kindle eBook" option and then your Kindle e-book can be published on Amazon.

Tip: Convert PDF to Word Before Publishing on Amazon

Before uploading your e-book to Amazon, you should know that Amazon only supports the document saved in DOC/DOCX format. So if you have a PDF book and want to get it uploaded to Amazon, you should convert it to Word before publishing. To do this, EasePDF brings a convenient tool to help.

Step 1. Go to EasePDF and you can easily find the "PDF to Word" converter by scrolling down the page or in the "All PDF Tools" menu.

EasePDF All PDF Tools PDF to Word

Step 2. Press the red "Add File(s)" button in the middle of the converter and select your PDF e-book for uploading here. After the book is added, you can directly click the "Convert" button to convert the book to Word format.

EasePDF PDF to Word Convert Book

Step 3. When EasePDF finishes converting the file, you can directly press the "Download" and your e-book can be saved in Word format now. Then you can bring it to the KDP platform for publishing on Amazon.

EasePDF PDF to Word Download File

In Conclusion

After reading this article, do you feel much clearer about what benefits have been brought by Kindle and Amazon's e-book library? With such a method, reading is more convenient and people can read more books easily. This is a good trend for all human beings!

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