How to Add Electronic Signatures to A PDF in 3 Ways (2020)


There are two main formats that people would like to use to save documents. One is Microsoft Office, and the other is PDF. PDF is very popular, especially among companies, schools and other institutions as it can save the original content to the greatest extent. No matter where you open the file, the content and layout will not be changed, and it is not easy to be copied and edited by others. But do we need to print out the document, sign it, and scan it back to an electronic document?

Fortunately, we found some ways to help us complete the signature directly on the PDF file without wasting time and paper. Now, we will show you how to digitally sign electronic signatures through the online PDF editor and the offline PDF editor. In addition, we have found a more direct and faster way for Mac users. They are all safe as well as easy to use.

Method 1 - Using EasePDF Online PDF Editor

We choose EasePDF as the representative in so many online PDF editors. EasePDF is an all-in-one PDF Online Editor with more than 20 tools to meet the needs of users. Among those tools, eSign PDF can be said to be a very useful tool. If you have used other online PDF editors, you will find that some editors will place this tool directly in Edit PDF. In other words, it is not an independent tool. But this will cause some users to mistakenly think that there is no signature function in this online editor. And in order to simplify the process, this function will become very simple.

Currently, EasePDF supports two methods to create signature. One is to upload images of your signature, and the other is to use a mouse to complete the signature. The meaning of function 1 is that you already have your own signature and saved it as an image format, then you can upload the image directly and place it in the PDF file.

EasePDF decides to make it as a standalone tool mainly for two reasons. One is to make it easier and faster for users to find out. Another reason is to enrich this tool to meet the needs of different users.

Step 1. Go to EasePDF eSign PDF.

Step 2. Upload your PDF through Google Drive, Dropbox and your local computer. However, if your PDF file is saved elsewhere, you can also upload the file via the "URL" icon by copying the link.

Step 3. Click on Add a signature > Create a signature, then there is a pop-up to require your signature. You can select Draw or Image (you have already had your own signature on your computer).

EasePDF eSign PDF

Step 4. After you have created your signature, you can place it anywhere in your file. Click the Save button at the top right of the page to save your edited document.

Step 5. Now you can download your PDF file. You can also save it back to Google Drive or Dropbox, or copy the link to share it with your friends.

In addition, EasePDF's server will automatically delete all relevant data and files within 24 hours after the file is signed, including the link that for sharing, to ensure that all the information is not leaked and used by others.

Method 2 - Make Your Signature with Adobe Acrobat DC

As the company that created PDF, Adobe Acrobat DC also has a tool to help users create signatures, called Fill&Sign. This tool has three signature methods, namely Type, Draw and Image. Draw and Image are very common signature methods, but Type is rare, however, some online tools also provide this method. What does the Type mean? It requires you to type your name, and then the system will have different styles of signatures for you to choose from. You need to choose one of them and then use it as your signature style. Finally add the signature.

In addition to Fill&Sign, there is a tool called Send for Signature. This is a tool that asks someone else to sign the PDF file. For example, if you need your boss to sign, you can send one or more PDF files within an email through this tool. The recipient will receive an email with a link afterward. Then he/she can click on the link and sign directly in the browser. But this feature requires you to sign in before you use it.

Moreover, Adobe Acrobat DC is a paid program. Users can apply for a 7-day free trial before deciding whether to purchase their services or not.

Step 1. Go to Adobe Acrobat DC, and ask for a free trial. Then install Adobe Acrobat DC.

Step 2. Open Adobe Acrobat DC, scrolling down, when you see Fill&Sign, click on it.

Adobe Acrobat Pro Fill&Sign

Step 3. Select your PDF file and upload it to Adobe server. Wait for seconds, and you will have a view of all pages of your PDF file.

Step 4. Now click on Sign. You can add your signature or add your initials. If you want to type your signature or initial, don't forget to try different styles and decide the most suitable one.

Adobe Acrobat Pro Type Signature

Step 5. Place your signature inside the file. Then click the Save icon on the top of the program. Besides, you can send this PDF file as an attachment or send it with tracking.

Method 3 - Sign with Mac Preview

If you are a Mac user, then we have a faster and easier way to help you add your signature. That is to browse your PDF files through Preview. Preview is offered by Apple for users to quickly process files. Because it is installed in advance, you may not have the impression that there is such a program in the computer.

With Preview, you can save valuable time without searching for other online or offline PDF editors to help you create your signatures. Preview also has two ways for you to create a signature, one is via Trackpad and the other is via Mac's built-in iSight Camera. With Trackpad, you don't have to worry about your signature would look bad, it will make your signature look relatively complete and elegant.

In addition, you can create and save your signature via Preview even if you don't open the PDF file. Preview can store multiple signatures on a list, so that no matter which files you open with Preview, you can see all the signatures you saved before and can quickly insert them into PDF files or other files without repeating the steps to create your signature.

Step 1. Open the folder where your PDF file is located, right-click and open the PDF file with Preview.

Open with Mac Preview

Step 2. Click on the Markup icon. Then select Sign.

Mac Preview eSign Icon

Step 3. Then, click on Create Signature > Click Here to Begin. Click on the Trackpad tap and write down your signature slowly and clearly. Finally, click Done to finish the manipulation.

Mac Preview Sign

Step 4. Select Sign again. Now you will see your signature inside. Click on it, then drag it to in which you want to place your signature.

Step 5. Finally, click on File > Save to get your signed PDF file.

In addition to using Trackpad, you can also create signature via Camera. But with this method you have to be careful. The best idea is to sign with a piece of white paper. Then hold it up to the camera. But it's relatively unclear, so it's better to use Trackpad to create signatures.

Method 4 - Create Signature on Mobile with Adobe Fill & Sign

If you need to sign the signature on mobile directly, you can download and install the Adobe Fill & Sign app to create signature. The Adobe Fill & Sign App can streamline the paperwork process and enhances productivity with contracts, business documents, and more.

With Adobe Fill & Sign, you can not only create signature but can also fill forms. Easily open a file from an email or snap a picture of a paper form with your device camera. Tap to enter text or checkmarks in the form fields. And for speed, use custom autofill entries.

Mobile Adobe Fill and Sign

Step 1. If you are an Android user, you can download the Adobe Fill & Sign app in the Google Play. If you are an iOS user, you need to download on the Apple App Store.

Adobe Fill and Sign Install

Step 2. Open the application, click the "Select a form to fill out" to upload the PDF that you need to be filled.

Adobe Fill and Sign Select PDF

Step 3. Click the "Fill & Sign" icon to start to crate signature. It's a pen-shaped icon at the bottom of the screen (iPhone) or at the top of the screen (Android).

Step 4. Use your finger to draw your signature on the "Place Signature" blank. When you finished, click the "Done" button to save your signature and apply it to the PDF.

Adobe Fill and Sign Sign PDF

Step 5. You can then share the signed document with another app by tapping the "Share" button.


Some of the tools will automatically save your signature for your next usage. But if you are concerned about security, you can delete the signatures after you finish the process.

Above is about how to create a signature in a PDF file. Maybe you will have better ways to create signatures, if you are willing to share it with us, please feel free to contact us. Or if you have any questions, you can also give us feedback and we will solve it for you as soon as possible.

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