Top PDF Conversion Tools That Are Crowd Favorites


Converting PDF files to other formats is sometimes essential for multiple purposes. For example, you may need to convert them to edit your files which PDF doesn't allow until you don't get Adobe Acrobat Pro. Sometimes people need to convert PDF files to send to others who don't have PDF readers. There could be many other reasons as well behind the conversion of PDF files. Similarly, there are also many solutions to these problems.

Various companies have developed PDF conversion tools that help users convert PDF files to Word, JPG, and other formats. However, not every PDF to Word or other converter works well for multiple reasons. Some are very slow in the working, some disturb the quality, and others don't have a user-friendly interface.

If you are going to convert your PDF file to Word or any other format for the first time, or you don't know which is the best converter available online, this article is written to make your search a bit easier. Below are the top PDF conversion tools that are everyone's favorite.

PDF Tools - DupliChecker

You would be aware of this incredible tools-based website designed to help people in multiple fields. It offers a range of online tools like Reverse Image Search, Plagiarism Checker, Paraphrasing Tool, and PDF Converter. However, as you are not here to read what other tools it offers, coming to the point, why PDF conversion tools of this platform are among the most-favorite tools available online.

It has many things to offer, making it popular among those who regularly need to convert their files. The tools of this platform have a user-friendly interface, it has a lot to offer to its users. It doesn't matter whether you want to convert your files in JPG, Word, or any other format; it will efficiently complete the task.

Using DupliChecker's PDF tools, you can perform many other tasks, including compressing them to make them sharable, merging them, and even splitting files.

Besides that, If you want to edit your PDF files. Duplichecker is also offering the solution to it. DupliChecker’s PDF to Word converter is a great facility you can get your hands on. You don’t need to be worried about paying for editing PDF files, as it is totally free. The PDF to Doc converter available on this web portal helps you to smartly convert PDF to Word without worrying about the loss of data. This tool makes sure to offer accurate results, as it doesn’t affect the formatting of your file in any way. You can get access to this facility from anywhere around the globe. Its interface is super-friendly that doesn’t ask you to follow any convoluted procedures to convert PDF to Doc. You can use this tool by clicking on the link:


If you have been converting PDF files for a long-time, you will be aware of this outstanding platform. This platform is preferred by large corporations and organizations that regularly need to convert PDF to Word or any other format. EasePDF also offers a range of benefits that you need in any PDF converter. For example, this platform helped people convert PDF files more quickly and easily. In fact, its name indicates these benefits. However, there are some other features as well that make it a better choice than other tools.

Another advantage of using this converter is that your data is always safe and secure during the whole process. EasePDF guarantees the security of your uploaded files and your personal information. If you have some confidential files, you don't have to worry about your files' safety. The automatic deletion feature of this platform helps users trust it. Like other tools mentioned in this article, the converters of EasePDF are also free to use.

Online PDF Tools - SmallSEOTools

SmallSEOTools is another incredible source to manage your PDF files. Like DupliChecker, it also provides multiple tools you need to manage your files. Using its PDF conversion tools, you can not only convert your files but also add watermarks, compress, lock, merge, and split them. That's why thousands of users trust this platform to manage their files according to their needs.

The PDF conversion tools it offers, enable users to quickly and easily convert PDF files to various formats. The range of features these converters provide helped them become everyone's favorite.

If you are working in an organization and have to deal with a lot of data. You need to share your data with other teammates but if you want to make it noneditable, what will you do now? It is a known fact that preparing textual files is a lot easier in Word, but these files can be easily edited. You need to convert your files into PDF format as it is a universal format that doesn’t affect the files’ appearance or layout and keeps the data secure. To tackle this situation, you can get access to the Word to PDF converter offered by SmallSEOTools that helps to smartly convert word to PDF format. This tool makes sure to bring the content contained in your Doc file in the exact same format as the PDF. You won’t have to get registered or pay a penny for using the Doc to PDF converter. The whole process doesn’t take more than a couple of seconds, and you can get the converted PDF file in a matter of an instance.


It's another user-preferred website for managing and organizing PDF files. This website offers many web-based tools that can help convert PDF files to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and JPG. Furthermore, it also has some tools that can optimize PDF documents, add watermarks, protect them with locks, and add page numbers. In short, this website offers more tools than many of its competitors. That's why many users don't go anywhere except ILovePDF.

Using the tools of this platform is very easy, and you can quickly manage your files. Moreover, it also offers data security which is one of the biggest concerns of many users. The converters of this website don't disrupt the quality and formats of the files. If you want to convert PDF to Word, rely on this tool as you will get the desired results.


PDF is a really popular file format when it comes to sharing files. However, you may face difficulties while editing the content featured in a PDF file. For that purpose, you may need to purchase Adobe Acrobat Pro or convert a PDF file to a Word file. While converting PDF files, you must ensure that the documents' quality isn't compromised. This is only possible when you use reliable utilities for conversion purposes. This article enlists a few user-favorite PDF to Word converters that can help you ensure the quality and safety of documents during the conversion process. Hopefully, this discussion will be helpful for you in choosing the right PDF converter.

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