How to Split PDF Pages into Multiple Files for Free


The widespread use of PDF files has led to diversified needs for the ability to edit PDF files. We would like to be able to edit PDF, compress PDF, and merge PDF. Similarly, we also hope that we can split the PDF. The characteristic of the PDF file prevents us from copying, pasting, and splitting as what we want. So how to split PDF pages? Well, we need to use online or offline tools to help us split the PDF into multiple files or a single page.

Usually, we will first think of Adobe Acrobat, because this tool is very professional which can meet our needs and complete with high quality. But it is a paid tool which is very worthwhile for companies to buy, but is it necessary for individuals? You will definitely hesitate and go to Google search for tools that are also available to meet our needs and are of high quality. This article will recommend several free tools that are as easy to use as Adobe. They are EasePDF, Smallpdf and PDFsam Basic. Two of them are online services.

Switching Formats

If your PDF file is not so complicated, for example, most of the contents are texts (or does not contain images), you can consider converting it by the tools from Windows and Mac, such as Office, then convert it to Word document and then decompose it, or you can search for some free PDF Converters to help you switch formats, like iLovePDF, and PDF Candy.

Part 1. How to Split PDF Pages with EasePDF

EasePDF advocates the concept of Simplicity, Free, and Quickness. EasePDF contains more than 20 kinds of tools including the PDF Splitter, PDF to PPT Converter, JPG to PDF Converter, etc, which are provided to users free of charge, and there are corresponding tutorials on the Topics page to prevent users from unknowing the operation process. There may be doubts like is this free tool safe, or will personal privacy be revealed?

You can feel free to use EasePDF. When you are using EasePDF, it will first ask if you would like to be collected some cookies and other data to help the website to do statistics and optimization. In addition, some tools do not work well without cookies. You can learn more details from the Cookies Policy. All files and personal data that you upload will be protected by EasePDF and will be automatically deleted by the server within 24 hours after the conversion is completed to prevent information leakage.

Before we start learning how to split a PDF with EasePDF, let's quickly go through the three splitting modes it offers for users.

1. Page from X to X

Users can freely fill in the corresponding numbers, such as 1 and 20, then the original document will be divided into two parts, one is the page number from 1-20, the other is the other page numbers. So the user will receive 2 PDF files.

2. Into X equal parts

This mode applies to files that can be divisible by the number of pages. For example, the files that have 3 pages, 6 pages, 8 pages, 9 pages, and so on. If your file has 9 pages and you enter the number 3, then your file will be divided into 3 parts and each part has 3 pages.

3. All pages

This mode is to separate all the pages of the file into multiple PDF files and each PDF file will contain only one page.

Step 1. To start with your manipulation, first of all, you need to visit EasePDF "Split PDF".

Step 2. Upload your PDF file from Google Drive, Dropbox, URL link or your local computer.


"The size of the PDF file you add will affect the uploading and processing speed to a large extent. Therefore we highly suggest you not to upload a file in huge size. If needed, you can compress the PDF size to get a more efficient PDF splitting process."

Step 3. In this step, you can have a view of your PDF file. You can clearly see how large your file is and how many pages are contained. What's more, you can delete, rotate and change the position of the pages.

EasePDF Split PDF Select Mode

Step 4. Select one mode that we have mentioned above to split your PDF file, and then click on the "Split PDF" icon and wait for the task completed.

Step 5. Now you will go to the download page. Normally, you will receive a ZIP document. You will need to download and decompose it to get all the PDF files you have split.

Part 2. How to Split a PDF on SamllPDF

Smallpdf is also an online PDF converter with 19 different kinds of tools to help users deal with all kinds of issues. Their user interface is also based on simplicity, so users can find the tools that they want quickly. Smallpdf is a semi-paid tool, which means you can use it for free, but there will be a certain number of times and functional restrictions, for example, it can only be used twice for free for one hour, and the next hour for the third time. The free feature is suitable for ordinary users. If for business, you can apply for a 14-day free trial and then consider whether to purchase its service or not.

Unlike EasePDF, Smallpdf Split PDF has only two modes which are also the two most commonly used modes.

1. Extract every page into a PDF

This mode, which is also the easiest one, is to divide all the pages in the PDF file into separate PDF files, each of which contains one page.

2. Select pages to extract

This function allows the users to freely select the pages that they want to extract. The server will only keep the selected pages, and the remaining pages will be deleted. For example, you select page 14 and 15, and the downloaded file will only contain page 14 and 15. Now let's see how to split a PDF into multiple files on SmallPDF.

Step 1. Go to Smallpdf "Split PDF".

Step 2. Upload your PDF file from the local computer, Google Drive and or Dropbox.

Step 3. Now select one mode to split PDF file. If you select Extract every page into a PDF, the tool will start to work automatically. But if you select Select pages to extract, you will need to view your PDF file.

Smallpdf Split PDF Select Mode

Step 4. Download your PDF file in different ways according to your needs. And you have to pay attention whether you need other manipulation as you can only use the tool twice for free in one hour.

Part 3. How to Split PDF with PDFsam Basic

The difference between PDFsam Basic and the above two tools is that it is a desktop program. Users can freely process PDF files without networking. PDFsam Basic is limited to Split, Merge, Rotate PDF and several features are free. If you need to convert PDF files to other formats, delete or edit PDF files, you will need to pay and upgrade to PDFsam Enhanced and Visual versions.

However, some advertisements will pop up during the process of download, so you should pay attention to not clicking on the extra ads when downloading. And unlike EasePDF and Smallpdf, PDFsam Basic only allows users to upload files from the local computer, but PDFsam Basic allows users to compress and discard bookmarks while splitting your PDF file. This powerful program also has three modes.

1. Split after Every page, Even pages and Odd pages

This is based on whether the user needs to cut each page or cut the PDF file according to the even and odd numbers. You only need to select one of them.

2. Split after the following page numbers

This is a mode that extracts PDF files based on the numbers entered by the user. For example, if you just enter n1, n2, n3, n5, then the system will cut on the first page, the second page, the third page and the fifth page.

3. Split by every "n" page

This means that every N pages will be extracted once. For example, if you have a 15-page PDF file and you enter the number 3, PDFsam Basic will decompose every three pages into a separate PDF file, and each PDF file has 3 pages. The following is the operating steps of how to split pages in PDF with PDFsam Basic.

Step 1. First of all, you need to download and install PDFsam Basic.

Step 2. Select Split PDF and click on "Browse" to upload your PDF file.

Step 3. Select the mode (we have mentioned above) according to your need. If you are still questioning about their functions, you can learn more from the "?" icon beside.

Step 4. Do more options about Output settings and File names settings. If you want to compress those PDF files, you can click "Hide advanced settings".

PDFsam Basic Split PDF Settings

Step 5. Click on "Run" to start splitting your PDF file. Then you can click "Open" to view your PDF files.

Another desktop program for splitting PDF we highly recommend is PDFelement - a professional PDF creating, converting, and editing program. You can free download the trial versions according to your operating system via the link below.


Above is all our recommended free solutions of how to split PDF, you can freely choose one of them according to your own preferences. For personal use, the above three methods are sufficient, but for business, perhaps some Pro versions or Adobe Acrobat will be more suitable, because they will provide more powerful features and services. In case you need it, here's a tutorial about how to split a PDF with Adobe Acrobat pro.

If you still have questions, or have better tools that want to share with us, please feel free to leave a comment.

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