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For people who enjoy reading or watching vampire stories, you must know about Twilight, a world's famous vampire novel series, written by Stephenie Meyer. Twilight is the first novel of the whole Twilight series, whose story will follow Isabella "Bella" Swan, a 17-year-old girl, who moves to Forks, meets a 108-year-old vampire, and falls in love with him. So from Twilight, you will follow their romance and see what difficulties and dangers they would face. In the following, you will get some sources to read this book with electronic devices.

1. Twilight Reviews

According to many Twilight readers, this novel has focused on a romance that is completely not common in our lives - the love between a human girl and a vampire. They fall in love with each other and decide to face all the difficulties even there are may lay in the road of their future relationship. This is positive and energetic, but the story still causes the worries of some parents, especially for those of the teen girls. They mainly worry about some facts like "Edward, the vampire of the story, has possessive personality, human interests, and always gets angry easily or stalks Bella. He even sneaks into her house to watch her sleep before they start dating". So in many people's points of view, Twilight should be read under the guidance of adults, especially for teenagers who are under 18.

2. Download Twilight PDF Sources to Read Offline

If you prefer to download Twilight in PDF formats so that you can bring the e-book anywhere for enjoying, then this part is for you. In this part, there will introduce 4 PDF sources for you to download Twilight novel in PDF format for reading offline.

Z Library

Z Library is an online platform where provides free PDF resources of many books for people to access and download for reading offline using their portable devices, such as tablets, mobile phones, laptops, and so on. You can easily find Twilight in Z Library, and a download button will be offered there, allowing you to save the PDF book directly. The PDF book is completely for free so you don't need to make a payment for getting Twilight e-book in PDF format.

Download PDF Here

Z Library


PDFDrive is another e-books source platform offering free PDF books for people to read online or download for enjoying offline. By clicking on the book you need, PDFDrive will provide two options, one is to preview the book online, while the other is to download the book into PDF format for keeping offline. So with such two options, you can choose to enjoy Twilight online or download it freely without cost.

Download PDF Here


Good File Share

Like its name, Good File Share aims to share popular software, e-books, games, and other resources to people freely. It requires no charge for downloading the e-books for offline reading in PDF format. Therefore, when you reach the site and find Twilight PDF source, you can directly click the "Download Now" button and save the PDF document offline. You do not need to pay for getting the e-book because it is free.

Download PDF Here

Google File Share

Tip: Compress Twilight PDF to Save Storage

If you want to compress the Twilight e-book PDF for saving the storage for your device, you can use the EasePDF Compress PDF tool to help. It also offers a free trial for everyone to experience the function once within an hour. Here is the tutorial to use the EasePDF Compress PDF to make the size of the Twilight PDF to be smaller.

Step 1. Find Compress PDF tool after going to EasePDF. It can be found under the "All PDF Tools" menu on the navigation bar.

EasePDF Compress PDF

Step 2. Click the "Add File(s)" button in the middle to import the Twilight PDF book to the compressor. After the file is uploaded, you can go to the next step.

EasePDF Compress PDF Add File

Step 3. You can select "High", "Recommended", and "Extreme" to compress the PDF book according to your need. When you have made a choice, click the "Compress PDF" button and the Twilight book will be compressed immediately.

EasePDF Compress PDF Compress Rate

Step 4. When the compression completes, EasePDF will offer you the "Download" button to save the compressed Twilight book offline.

EasePDF Compress PDF Download File

3. Read Twilight E-book Online

Instead of downloading the book, some people prefer to read Twilight e-book online. Here are also some e-book resources that you can go to get the novel and have an online read back.


Of course, if you want to find an e-book resource online, you can directly go to Amazon for purchasing a copy of Twilight for reading online or using your Kindle device. It costs only USD 10.99 to purchase for reading on Kindle. It would be convenient for you to bring the Twilight in your Kindle anywhere for reading offline.

Amazon Twilight E-book

Google Play

You may know Google Play for its function of downloading and installing software. But actually, it works more than that. Google Play also offers many e-book sources for people to get the books they want and purchase the e-book sources for doing some reading. You can directly search for Twilight and you will get the resource here. After purchasing, you can read the e-book without limitations at any time and anywhere you want.

Google Play Twilight

Rakuten kobo

Rakuten kobo is also a reliable platform on which offers many e-book and audiobooks resources. It will also recommend some e-readers and apps for people to have a better reading experience of the e-book resources. Therefore, you can go to Rakuten kobo for finding Twilight e-book and then purchase it for reading with the e-reader this platform provides. You will gain a really good reading experience.

Rakuten Kobo Twilight

4. Listen to Twilight Audiobooks

If you don't want to read the words by yourself but prefer to listen to audiobooks using your earphones, then you can find Twilight audiobook resources for listening offline. Here are several recommended to you.


Audible is one of the largest audiobooks providers, which offers a very comprehensive audiobook library for people to get the audiobook resources they need. After going to Audible, just by typing in Twilight and you can get its audiobook resource easily. If you are a new user, you can sign in and get Audible membership for a 30-day free trial for listening to Twilight audiobook, which costs USD 38.6 regularly.

Audible Twilight


You can also find Twilight audiobook source on easily, a platform that provides countless resources of audiobooks. Like using Audible, you can sign up on Audiobooks for getting its 30-days free trial and play the Twilight audiobook for free. If you want to listen to Twilight audiobook without any limitations, purchasing it with only USD 24 is also available. As your reference, the duration of the Twilight audiobook lasts for 12 hours and 51 minutes.

Audiobooks Twilight

HD Audio Books

HD Audio Books has a little different than the above two audiobook providers. Instead of sharing audiobooks for purchasing, HD Audio Books directly offers the soundtracks of the audiobook for people to enjoy the e-book online. So instead of purchasing an audiobook, you can enjoy Twilight audiobook chapters' soundtracks on the HD Audio Books web page without cost. But a drawback is that you can't download the tracks for offline listening.

HD Audio Books Twilight

In Conclusion

For every people who enjoy the vampire category no matter in novels, TV shows, or movies, Twilight is a could-not-miss content that you can read for enjoying its romantic, exciting and unforgettable stories. You will be impressed by the love between the protagonists of Twilight and their determinations to overcome all the difficulties. Twilight is also one of the most successful works of Stephenie Meyer. It would be a pity if you miss it.

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