Adobe PDF Reader Download and Tutorial - How to Merge PDF Files


Adobe PDF Reader is the most famous and widely used PDF viewer. The multiple tools for PDF editing, converting, creating, merging, splitting, etc provided by Adobe Acrobat make the Adobe PDF Reader the best of the world. In this post, you'll not only get some Adobe PDF Reader download and installation tips, but also learn some guidance of how to merge PDF files with Adobe Reader, how to sign a PDF, and how to extract pages from PDF.

Part 1. Adobe PDF Reader Download & Install Instruction

First of all, we need to download and install Adobe PDF Reader for free. Just follow this instruction.

Step 1. Go to the homepage of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and select "Download Reader" on the center-left of the interface.

Step 2. Adobe will redirect you to a downloading prepare page where the system and language of your computer will be recognized and listed on. Tick the "Install the Adobe Reader Chrome Extension" if you need to install the extension as well. Also, choose whether you would like to install the optional offers on the middle column. Next, learn the installation agreement if needed, and then hit the "Install Now" button.

Adobe Reader Download Install

Step 3. Now your web browser will start downloading the Adobe PDF Reader installation program. When a prompt pops up asking whether you want to save the file, just click "Save File".

Adobe Reader Download Install Save File

Step 4. Open the installation program when it's successfully downloaded on your computer. Then select "Run" on the pop-up "Open File" dialog.

Adobe Reader Download Install Open File

Step 5. Now go back to your desktop and click "Yes" on the installer prompt.

Adobe Reader Install User Account Control

Step 6. The installer will start installing Adobe PDF Reader on your computer, this could take a couple of minutes, please wait patiently. Once the installation completes, a "Finish" button will appear on the installer. Tick on the "Launch Adobe Acrobat Reader DC" option and click the button to close the installer.

Adobe Reader Installer Finish

That's all you need to know about Adobe Reader installation. Follow the steps and install it on your computer now! For new users, you could sometimes find yourself confused about the Adobe product and how to get started. Well, this Adobe Support Community is of great help for newbies. Just ask any question there and you'll the most professional answer.

Part 2. How to Merge PDF Files with Adobe PDF Reader

Once you've had Adobe PDF Reader installed, you can open it and merge PDF files. Please notice that the "Merge PDF" tool is only available in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, which is a paid service. But we can register through Adobe PDF Reader for a 7-day free trial.

Step 1. Launch Adobe PDF Reader, and choose "Combine Files" from the "Tools" menu.

Adobe PDF Reader Tools Combine Files

Step 2. Adobe will direct you to a pricing page of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. You can subscribe for membership if needed, or just choose "Free Trial" to get your merging job done.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Free Trial

Step 3. Enter your email address in the blank box and choose an annual or monthly plan on the "Commitment" section.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Free Trial

Step 4. Now enter the payment information including credit/debit card number, name, billing address, zip code, etc. When everything is fine, click the "Start free trial" button. Don't worry, the payment won't happen until the end of the 7-day free trial. OK, now you can start your 7 days free trial. Just remember to cancel the subscription online anytime with no fee.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Purchase Information

Step 5. If you're a new user, Adobe will ask you to set a password for your account after the subscription. When you finish the setting, go to the Adobe PDF Reader and choose "Sign In" on the upper right corner to log in with the account email and the password you just set.

Step 6. Merge PDF files. Click the "Combine PDF" tool again to open the merger. Then choose "Add Files" to add the PDF files on your computer that you want to merge. You can open the "Options" dialog to customize the output file size, file type, and other preferences. When you finish the settings, click "Combine Files" to start merging your PDF files.

Adobe Acrobat Pro Merge PDF

Step 7. The merged PDF will be automatically opened in Adobe Reader. Finally, go to the "File" option in the upper left corner and choose "Save as" to save it on your computer.

Done! That's how you merge PDF files with Adobe PDF Reader. It seems a bit complicated, doesn't it? No worries, if you don't like this solution, we have an online alternative for you. Just go to the EasePDF homepage and select "Merge PDF", then upload your PDF files and EasePDF will automatically merge them. This is 100% free and no registration required.

Bonus Tip #1: How to Sign a PDF in Adobe Reader

Besides combining PDFs, one of the most used features of Adobe Reader is the signature tool. Now let's go through the details of how to sign a PDF in Adobe Reader. And this feature won't require you to subscribe to Acrobat Pro DC.

Step 1. Open your PDF with Adobe PDF Reader.

Step 2. Hit the "Pen" icon on the top toolbar to open the signature tool.

Adobe Reader Signature Icon

Step 3. Choose "Add Signature" or "Add Initials" on the "Sign" options.

Step 4. In the signature box, you can choose to sign your PDF with typing, drawing or an image. Suppose you choose the "Type" option, just enter anything you want to sign, and select a style from the "Change style" drop-down list. Next, hit the "Apply" button.

Adobe Reader Add Signature

Step 5. Now the signature you created in sticking on your mouse, just put it anywhere on your PDF file by clicking the mouse. The size of the signature can be adjusted by choosing the "A" icon, enlarging and shrinking are both available. Or you can click the "Delete" button to remove it and recreate another one.

Adobe Reader Adjust Signature

Bonus Tip #2: Extract Pages from PDF in Adobe Reader

Unlike signing a PDF, extracting pages from a PDF needs the help of Acrobat Pro. First of all, you need to open the Adobe Reader. Then do as following.

Step 1. Click on the "Tools" tab to open a list of PDF editing tools, then select "Organize Pages".

Adobe Acrobat Pro Organize Pages

Step 2. Choose "Select a file" to open the PDF document that you would like to extract pages from.

Step 3. Now all pages of your PDF file are listed as thumbnails. Select the pages you want to extract with your mouse and the "Ctrl" key on the keyboard.

Step 4. Click the "Extract" button on the "Organize Pages" menu bar, then you'll see a secondary bar shows up below, where you can choose to extract the selective pages as separate files or to delete the selective pages after extracting. If you leave these two options unchosen, those PDF pages will be extracted and combined as one PDF file. When finishing the setting, click "Extract".

Adobe Acrobat Pro Extract PDF Pages

Step 5. The new PDF will be opened in Adobe Reader automatically. Check if all pages from the original PDF you need were extracted. Then you can save the new PDF to your computer.

Adobe PDF Reader is a powerful and comprehensive program that covers almost all basic needs for PDF editing, creating, and converting. Learn more about how to use Adobe Reader on the help center of Adobe's official website. If you have anything to say about this topic, just leave us a comment below and we'll get back to you ASAP.

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