An Easy Tutorial of How to Convert GIF Images to PDF


GIF is short for Graphics Interchange Format, which is a common image format that is very popular on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, the GIF format is not ideal for modern photography, nor image storage. So if we have a lot of GIF images to the storage, we can consider changing the image format to JPG or PNG, or convert the GIF image to a PDF file.

Today we'll introduce you 6 easy ways for GIF to PDF conversion including online method with EasePDF GIF to PDF Converter, offline methods on Windows and Mac with Microsoft Print to PDF, PDFelememt, Mac Preview, and Adobe Acrobat Pro. Just pick up a solution that best suits your case.

Part 1. Convert GIF to PDF Online for Free

One of the best and easy solutions for GIF to PDF converting is to use an online converter. In this way, you can quickly do the conversion on any device without any software, as long as you have an internet connection. Another option is to open the GIFs on a web browser and save them as PDF with a PDF combiner.

Option 1. EasePDF GIF to PDF Online Converter

EasePDF is a professional and comprehensive online service that offers PDF users more than 20 free PDF tools. You can convert, edit, create, compress, merge, split PDF on EasePDF without sign-up and any download. To ensure everyone can use these tools, EasePDF has designed a neat, simple and user-friendly interface to help guide their users. Just like this GIF to PDF conversion, you can do it in 3 simple steps. Now let's get down to business.

Step 1. Go to EasePDF homepage and find the "GIF to PDF Converter".

Step 2. Upload and Convert GIF to PDF.

You can choose to upload your GIF images in 3 ways.

1. Choose and Drag the GIF images on your device, and drop them to the "Upload" area.

2. Hit the "Upload File(s)" button and navigate to your device, when you find your target GIF photos, double-click on them or click the "Open" button on the navigation window.

3. You can also choose GIF files from your cloud drives like Google Drive and Dropbox to convert. Just click on your target cloud drive's button and select the images from your drive.

EasePDF Upload GIF Files

When the GIFs are successfully uploaded to the EasePDF server, the converter will automatically convert the GIFs to a PDF file.

Tips: The processing time depends on the GIF file size and your internet condition. You can reduce GIF image size by using a GIF compressor before uploading it to EasePDF. If you somehow forget to compress GIF size before uploading, you can still compress PDF if the created PDF is too huge for you.

Step 3. Download the created PDF. When the conversion finish, a download link will be presented on the result page. Simply click the "Download" button to get your converted PDF file. You can also save them to your Google Drive and Dropbox, or copy the download link to share with others.

EasePDF Download Created PDF File

Option 2. "Print" to PDF on Web Browser

There's another easy way to combine GIF images as a PDF file when you have no internet connection, and no PDF converting software on your device.

1. Open the GIF file one by one with your web browser.

2. Choose the "Print" function and save each GIF as a PDF.

3. When you've saved all GIFs you need to PDF, use a PDF Merger to combine these PDFs as one PDF file.

However, this only works for converting a few GIFs. When the image number is big, it could be time-consuming, we highly suggest you to use EasePDF for multiple GIF images conversion.

Part 2. Convert GIF to PDF on Windows

On Part 1, we displayed how to convert GIF to PDF without software, and it works on both Windows and Mac systems. But there are more options for the conversion on Windows and Mac computers. On Windows, you can use an Office build-in "Microsoft Print to PDF", or use some desktop PDF software like Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

Option 1. Microsoft Print to PDF

In the Windows Photo app, there's an awesome build-in feature called "Microsoft Print to PDF." So for Windows users, if you don't have the Internet connection to access online converters, you can easily use the default Photo app on your computer to convert and merge GIFs to PDF.

Step 1. Open the target GIF images on the Photo app. Go to the file where your GIF images are located, right-click on them to open a menu, then choose "Print".

Microsoft Print to PDF Open GIF

Step 2. "Print" your GIF images to PDF.

On the pop-up window, select "Windows Print to PDF" from the drop-down menu on the "Printer" tab. Set the size and quality of the paper as desired. If the pictures you choose are not of the same size, please tick the "Match picture to frame" tab at the bottom to ensure that each of the converted PDF pages is of the same size.

Print GIF to PDF

Step 3. Save and merge GIF images into a PDF. On the "Save Print Output As" window, select a location to save the converted PDF file and enter a name, then click the "Save" button.

Microsoft Print to PDF Save GIF

Tips: If you can't find "Microsoft Print to PDF" on your Photo app, that may because it hasn't been installed and activates on your computer. You can refer to this article to find out How to Get Microsoft Print to PDF.

Option 2. Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adobe Acrobat is with no doubt the most famous PDF software in the world. We can always use Adobe Acrobat to edit PDF, convert PDF and create PDF with the most professional technical support on PDF. Now let's go through the step you need to convert GIF images to PDF.

Step 1. Open Adobe Acrobat Pro DC on your Windows computer, and choose "Create PDF" on the "Create & Edit" section.

Adobe Acrobat Pro Create PDF

Choose "Multiple Files" and "Combine Files", then hit the "Next" button.

Adobe Acrobat Pro Create PDF From Multiple Files

Step 2. Click the "Add Files" button and choose the target GIF images you need to convert, and click the "Open" button.

Adobe Acrobat Pro Create PDF Add Files

Step 3. Set the converted PDF output settings like orientation and page orders, and click the "Combine" button. Immediately, your GIF images have been combined as a new PDF document, and Adobe Acrobat Pro will open it for you once the conversion is done.

Adobe Acrobat Pro Create PDF Combine

Part 3. Convert GIF to PDF on Mac

While the Windows device has the build-in app to help to convert GIF images to PDF, the Mac system does as well. The Mac Preview app is the perfect free option on your Mac computer. Another choice is to use a desktop converter like PDFelement, which is not free but comes with a bunch of other practical functions.

Option 1. Mac Preview

Mac Preview is an awesome build-in app that Mac computer has. It can open most word and image documents like PDF, Word, Excel, PPT, JPG, PNG, and GIF. In many cases, Mac Preview can save the files it opened directly as a PDF file. As for GIF to PDF conversion, we need to use the other feature of Mac Preview.

Step 1. Open your GIF images with Mac Preview. Go to the GIF files on your Mac computer, choose every GIF you want to convert, and right-click on them. Choose "Open With" on the menu, then select "Mac Preview" as the open app.

GIF Open With Mac Preview

Step 2. Set the orientation or rearrange the image order.

On the left sidebar of Preview, you can change the GIF image orders as you want by dragging image thumbnails.

Mac Preview GIF Images Orders

To change images orientations, just click on the GIF and choose "Rotate" on the top toolbar. If you need to rotate multiple pictures, use the shortcut key "Command" or "Shift" to select multiple images before you hit the "Rotate" button.

Mac Preview GIF Images Rotate

Step 3. Save the GIF images as a PDF file. Go to the "File" menu on top of Mac Preview, and choose "Print".

Mac Preview GIF Images Print

On the pop-up window, you can customize the paper size for your PDF and change other output PDF settings. When everything looks good to you, select "Save as PDF" from the format box at the bottom left. Then choose your storage location and enter a file name for your converted PDF on the newly opened window, and now hit the "Save" button. Congratulations! Your just finish converting GIF to PDF, go get the created PDF document!

Mac Preview GIF Images Save As PDF

Option 2. PDFelement

If you choose to install a desktop PDF converter to convert your GIF to PDF, PDFelement is the best choice. Designed to be an all-in-one PDF solution, PDFelement provides easy-to-use PDF tools including PDF converter, editor, creator, compressor, etc. Here's how it works on the GIF to PDF conversion, and it works both on Windows and Mac devices.

Step 1. Download and install PDFelement on your computer, then run the program.

Step 2. For one single GIF image conversion, click "Create PDF" on the main interface. PDFelement will navigate you to your local folders, find and click on the GIF image you want to convert, and hit the "Open" button. Done! Now your GIF picture has been saved as a PDF file.

PDFelement Create PDF

Step 3. To convert multiple GIF images to one PDF, choose the "Combine PDF" icon.

PDFelement Combine PDF

Now click "Add Files", then choose the GIF images, and arrange the orders. Choose a location to save the converted PDF, and click the "Next" button and PDFelement will start converting GIF to PDF. The converted file will be automatically opened for viewing.

PDFelement Combine PDF Add Files

Conclusion - Choose the Best Solution

To break the limitation of user systems and devices, we can choose to convert GIF images using EasePDF GIF to PDF Online Converter for free, which only needs one condition - network. For Mac or Windows users, there are other free solutions for the GIF to PDF conversion. On a Mac computer, we can use the Preview app. As for Windows users, go to the build-in Photo app with Microsoft Print to PDF. Moreover, we can use desktop programs like PDFelement and Adobe Acrobat Pro no matter you're on a Windows or Mac device.

Need free advice on How to Convert JPG to PDF? Find out more valuable tips about PDF usages from our latest PDF Tools topics.

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