Solutions for Adding Page Numbers to PDF


This article will introduce to you a few simple ways for adding page numbers to a PDF document, including online solutions with EasePDF and Google Docs, Windows solutions with Microsoft Word and PDFelement, and Mac solution with PDF Expert.

Part 1. Add Page Numbers to PDF Online with EasePDF

EasePDF is a free online platform for PDF editing, converting, and creating. With nearly 30 PDF tools online, EasePDF enables you to edit, convert, compress, add watermark, add page numbers, etc, which cover almost anything you need for your daily PDF work. Here's how you add page numbers to a PDF file with EasePDF.

Step 1. Add files.

Enter the "Add Page Numbers" tool on the EasePDF homepage, then click the "Add Files(s)" button to select one or multiple PDF files on your local device. Also, you can add a file from a URL link or from your Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox account.

EasePDF Add Page Numbers

Step 2. Add Page Numbers.

All pages of the PDF file you selected will be displayed with thumbnails on the interface. You can click on the "Magnifying Glass" icon on the upper right corner of each page thumbnail to zoom and check the page content. Next, customize the page number settings.

1. Set the position of the page numbers. You can choose from top left, top center, top right, bottom left, bottom center, and bottom right. Every time you choose a position, there will be a red spot on each page of the PDF showing the preview.

2. On the "Pages" option, enter a number for the first page you want to add. For example, if you enter "1" on the "First" column, the page numbers will start from "1". If you enter "2", the page numbers will start from "2"

3. Choose a number format. There are three formats EasePDF offers. The most common one is "1, 2, 3...", which simply adding a number at the specific position. You can also choose "Page {N}" or "Page {N} of {M}" as the page number style.

4. On the "Numbering" option, you can set the page range you want to add page numbers. For example, if you choose to "Start from 2 to 7", the page numbers will be added from page 2 to page 7 of your file.

EasePDF Add Page Numbers Settings

Once you finish all settings, just hit the "Add Page Number" button. Now EasePDF will start uploading your PDF and creating the new file with page numbers.

Step 3. Download the edited PDF. When the process completes, EasePDF will offer you a download link on the result page. Click "Download" to save the file to your local device. Meanwhile, you can export it to your cloud drives or email it to anyone.

EasePDF Add Page Numbers Download

Part 2. How to Add Page Numbers in Word

As we all know, PDF can be opened and edited in Microsoft Word 2013 and later versions. Therefore, we can also add page numbers to PDF in Word. Here's how it works.

Step 1. Open the PDF file you want to add page numbers to with Microsoft Word. There will be a prompt showing up to warn you that this action will convert the PDF to Word document, just choose "OK" to continue.

Microsoft Document Converting Warning

Step 2. Navigate to the "Insert" tab on the top menu bar, then go to the "Page Number" command on the "Header & Footer" section.

Microsoft Word Insert Page Numbers

Step 3. Choose the position you want the page numbers from the drop-down list. No matter what you select, Word will give you several numbering styles to choose from on the pop-up window. All you have to do is click on the one you like.

Microsoft Word Insert Page Numbers Choose Style

And the page numbers will be added to your document immediately.

Microsoft Word Inserted Page Numbers

Step 4. Go to the "File" tab and choose the "Save As" option, then select "PDF" as the output format on the "Save As dialog". In this way, you've added page numbers to the PDF file.


"To get more techniques of adding page numbers in Word such as formatting page numbers and setting different first page, please refer to this tutorial on Youtube: Word - Page Numbers."

Part 3. How to Add Page Numbers in Google Docs

Another way to add page numbers to PDF for free is to use Google Docs - one of the world's biggest online Word processor. The following is how to add page numbers in Google Docs, let's go through the step together.

Step 1. Open Google Docs and log in with your Google account. Then click the little file icon to open a file. If the PDF you want to add page numbers is on your local device, just choose "Upload" > "Select a file from your device" > "Open". If the file is stored in your Google Drive, then go to "My Drive".

Google Docs Upload File

Step 2. Your PDF will be open with the web browser firstly. Next, click the little triangle tab beside "Open with Google Docs", then select "Google Docs" on the drop-down menu.

Open PDF With Google Docs

Step 3. Click the "Insert" menu on the top menu bar, then choose "Page Number". You can choose from the four-page number style from the pop-up box, or choose "More Options" to customize the position and numbering, then click the "Apply" button. Now you'll see the page numbers have been inserted to your document.

Google Docs Insert Page Number

Step 4. Go to the "File" tab again and select "Download" > "PDF Document (.pdf)".

Google Docs Download As PDF

Part 4. Add Page Numbers to PDF on Windows

To add page numbers to PDF on Windows, PDFelement Pro is a good alternative if you don't want to use Microsoft Word, which might change the formatting during the format conversion.

Step 1. Free download PDFelement Pro and install it on your computer. This application is also available on the Mac system.

Step 2. Load the program and select "Open File" on the main interface to choose a PDF to open.

PDFelement Pro Open File

Step 3. Once the PDF is opened, click "Edit" on the top menu bar. Then choose "Bates Numbering" > "Add Bates Numbering" on the secondary menu bar.

PDFelement Pro Add Bates Numbering

Step 4. On the newly pop-up "Bates Numbering" setting windows, set the bates numbering content, size, style, page range, position, and other options, then click "Save Settings" and hit the "OK" button.

PDFelement Pro Bates Numbering Settings

Part 5. How to Add Page Numbers to a PDF on Mac

PDF Expert is a professional program for Mac users to edit PDF documents, we can also use it to add page numbers to a PDF. Before we starting, please free download PDF Expert and install it on your Mac computer.

Step 1. Open your PDF document in PDF Expert.

Step 2. Select "Edit PDF" on the top menu.

Step 3. Go to "Header and Footer" and choose "Add Page Numbers".

Step 4. Next, a page numbering dialogue will show up. You can set the page range, number format, position, font, etc on this dialogue. Hit "Apply" when you finishing the settings. That's it, you've now had the page numbers added to your PDF file. And remember to save the edited file before you exit the program.

PDF Expert Add Page Numbers Setting

These five easy solutions to add page numbers to a PDF are worth trying. I've picked up my favorite one, have you? Or do you have better ideas? Please leave a comment to share with us if you have anything to say on this topic.

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