4 Methods of How to Convert/Change PDF to JPG Images


Searching for a solution to convert PDF to JPG for further editing? Found an excellent image on a PDF file that you want to "steal" for your usage but have no idea how to do that?

For PDF users, there are two different requirements for converting PDF to JPG. One is changing each PDF page to a JPG image, another is saving images from PDF document as JPG format. In this post, we gather 4 different methods to solve this problem on Windows, Mac, Smartphone or other devices. The solutions include using online converters, Adobe Photoshop, Mac Preview, and Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Part 1. Change PDF to JPG Online for Free with EasePDF

Online PDF to JPG converter is the best choice for both Windows and Mac systems because it's a cross-platform solution. You can conveniently do the conversion via the Internet without downloading any software or plug-in. To pick the best online converting tool, you can refer to 4 Best Online PDF Converters. Here we recommend to use EasePDF.

Step 1. Go to EasePDF homepage, and choose "PDF to JPG"

Convert PDF to JPG

Step 2. Upload your PDF document

Three uploading methods:

  • Click the "Add File(s)" button to access your PDF document on the local device.
  • Drag and drop the file to the "Drop PDF here" area.
  • You can also access your PDF document from Google Drive, Dropbox or other places on the Internet.
  • Upload Files

    Step 3. Start converting PDF to JPG

    When the file is successfully uploaded, a new window will show your the conversion options. You can choose either to convert all pages to JPG images or to extract all images in the PDF file as JPG format. There are three different output image quality from low, medium to high for you to decide. If you choose "Low", you'll get a small size yet low pixel image. If you choose "High", the converted JPG photos will be with high pixel yet much bigger size. Our suggestion is to choose "Medium" to get a balance.

    Convert PDF to JPG

    After you decided the conversion type and image quality, click the "Create Images" button to start converting PDF to JPG. The converting speed depends on 3 factors: the size of the PDF file, your network connection, and the server performance. EasePDF supports file size up to 50 MB. However, the bigger size, the lower speed. We suggest you to Compress and reduce the PDF size before converting.

    Step 4. Download the converted JPG images

    Download Converted JPG

    When the conversion process is completed, you can download the converted JPG images by clicking the "Download" button. If you want to store the converted photos to your online cloud drive or share with others, just click on the "Google Drive", "Dropbox", or "URL" tab.

    If you find the quality fits your expectations and would like to do more conversion, click on "Start Over" to start a new task. You can also try other online tools like JPG to PDF Converter, PDF to PPT Converter, PDF Editor, etc.

    Part 2. How to Convert PDF to JPG on Windows 10/7/XP

    For windows users, there’s a simple solution to convert PDF to JPG by using Adobe Photoshop, if you already have it installed on your computer. For those who haven't, you can use Adobe's free trial for seven days.

    Step 1. Open your PDF file in Photoshop

    Run Adobe Photoshop on your Windows computer, click the "File" tab on top of the interface, then select "Open" to import the PDF file that needed to convert.

    Import PDF on Photoshop

    On the "Import PDF" dialog, you can select to import pages or images. To convert pages from PDF to JPG, choose "Pages". To extract photos from PDF file, select "Images".

    Photoshop Import PDF Options


    1.Press the "Ctrl" key on the the keyboard, and click on the pages/images on the preview window to select multiple pages or images.

    2.Click on the first page/image, press the "Shift" key on keyboard, then click on the last page/image to select all pages or images.

    3.For importing pages, you can change the page options and image size on the setting area.

    When finishing all these settings, click "OK", and your selects pages/images will be imported to Photoshop immediately.

    Step 2. Create a "Save as JPG" action record

    This step is for multiple PDF page conversion only, if you only need to convert a single page, just skip this page. Since we have multiple pages to save as JPG format, we need to create an action to record the "save as JPG" action for batch conversion later.

    Firstly, click on the "Window" tab, select "Actions" on the drop-down menu. Then you'll see an "Actions" window appearing at the right bottom.

    Photoshop Open Actions Window

    Photoshop Actions Window

    On the "Actions" window, click the "Create new action" tab.

    Photoshop Create New Action

    On the newly opened window, name this action and click "Record".

    Photoshop New Action Record

    Step 3. Save a PDF page as JPG

    On the "File" section, choose "Save as" on the drop-down menu.

    Photoshop Save As

    On the "Save As" window, choose "JPEP" from the drop-down file type list.

    Photoshop Save As Option

    Then set the JPEG options and click "OK". Now you've got one PDF page converted to JPG image. Next, go to the "Actions" window to stop the recording by clicking on the "Stop" button. And this "Save As JPG" action is already be recorded.

    Photoshop Stop Action Record

    Step 4. Batch conversion for multiple PDF pages

    Go to "File" tab, choose "Automate", and select "Batch".

    Photoshop Automate Batch

    On the "Batch" window, select the action that you create earlier. Choose "Opened Files" on the "Source" section. Now click "OK".

    Photoshop Batch Option

    You'll see every PDF page you imported to Photoshop being turned into JPG image one by one automatically. When the auto-conversion stop, your PDF file is completely converted.

    As you can see, converting PDF to JPG with Photoshop is way more complicated than just using an online converter. We highly recommend Windows users to use EasePDF Online Converter as your first choice, which enables you to directly change all PDF pages to JPG images in seconds, since EasePDF has no platform or device limitation at all.

    Part 3. How to Convert PDF to JPG on Mac

    Mac users can open and read a PDF document via a build-in app - Preview. This app also provides an easy and direct option to save a PDF page as a JPG image.

    Step 1. Open PDF file with Preview

    Put the mouse on the PDF file, right-click to open a menu. Click "Open with" and choose "Preview". Once you open it, scroll to the page you want to convert to JPG.

    Step 2. Pull down the "File" menu on the top bar and select "Export"

    Mac Preview Export

    Step 3. Export PDF to JPG

    On the new window, pull the "Format" drop-down box and select "JPEG" as output format. Fill in a file name for the converted JPG image in the "Export As" box. You can choose any location to save the JPG on the "Where" box. After setting the "Quality" and the "Resolution" options, click "Save" to export your PDF page as a JPG photo.

    Mac Preview Export PDF to JPEG

    Step 4. Repeat step 3 to convert PDF pages

    You can only convert one PDF page to JPG using the Preview app on Mac, so if you have more pages to convert, you'll need to repeat this "export as" step until the last page. If you don't want to go through the trouble, just use an online free converter like EasePDF. It allows you to change the whole PDF file to JPG in one conversion.

    Part 4. How to Convert A PDF to JPG with Adobe Acrobat Pro

    Step 1. Open PDF in Adobe

    First of all, install Adobe Acrobat Pro on your computer. Run the program and click on "File" on the top of the interface, click "Open" to access your PDF file.

    Note: Adobe Acrobat Pro is a paid program, but you can use it's 7-day free trial version for a one-time conversion.

    Step 2. Once the PDF file was opened, click "Export PDF" on the right panel

    Adobe Export PDF

    Step 3. Choose JPEG as export format

    On the pop-up export window, choose "Image" as an export format, and click on "JPEG". If you want to export all photos from the PDF files instead of converting all PDF pages to JPG images, tick the "Export all images" option.

    Adobe Export to JPEG Image

    Step 4. Save PDF as JPG

    When everything is set up, click the "Export" button. Choose a location to save your converted JPG images on the "Save As" dialog. Now click "Save" and the conversion will start processing.

    Note: You can click the gear icon to do the conversion settings for the JPG format.

    1. "Export All Images As JPG Settings": specify the File Settings, Extraction settings, Conversion, and Color Management for the converted JPG.

    2. For "Exclude Images Smaller Than", choose "No Limit" to extract all images, or choose the smallest size of the image to be extracted.


    To help you compare more clearly, we've summarized the pros and cons of these 4 PDF to JPG converting solutions.

    1. Using online PDF converter EasePDF

    Pros: Free, simple, 3 output quality options, 2 conversion mode, multiple PDFto JPG conversion, available for Windows/Mac/Smartphone.

    Cons: Rely on Internet connection.

    2. Using Adobe Photoshop

    Pros: Manage output quality for each converted image, available for Windows & Mac.

    Cons: Complicated steps, NOT free!

    3. Using the Preview app on Mac compute

    Pros: Free, optional output quality and resolution, optional PDF page(s) conversion.

    Cons: Only convert one page per time.

    4. Using Adobe Acrobat Pro

    Pros: Convenient, 2 conversion mode, available for Windows/Mac OS.

    Cons: NOT free!

    If you have any questions or have better ideas on how to convert PDF to JPG, please write a comment. Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter for the latest topics.

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