6 Simple Ways to Add Text to PDF Online, on Windows & Mac


How to add text to a PDF? How can I insert text to fill a non-interactive form or CV in PDF format? Traditionally, you might consider the only way to do that is to convert the PDF to Word, add text to it, then convert it back to a PDF.

Actually, you don't have to go through all that trouble. Today we'll introduce to you 6 easy ways to add text to a PDF file without changing the format. The solutions include using EasePDF Online Editor, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, IceCream PDF Editor, Mac Preview, and PDF Expert.

Part 1. How to Add Text to a PDF Online

1. EasePDF

EasePDF is an online PDF editing, converting, and creating service that allows everyone to access and use. Even if you're zero experience of online PDF editing, you can successfully add text to your PDF with this practical tool. Now let me show you how.

Step 1. Choose the "Edit PDF" tool on EasePDF.

Step 2. Upload your PDF.

Hit the "Add File(s)" button to add the PDF file from your local device, or simply drag and drop the file to the "Drop file here" area. If the PDF file you want to add text to is on your Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox, you can click on the icons below the "Add File(s)" button to import your PDF.

EasePDF Edit PDF

Step 3. Add text to PDF.

Choose the "Add Text" option, then a "Add your text" box will be added on your PDF page. You can drag it anywhere you want, then type the text you need to add. EasePDF offers many options for you to customize your added text. You can make the text bold, italics, and underlined, and readjust the size and color.

EasePDF Add Text to PDF

Step 4. Save and download the PDF.

When you finish adding text, just click the "Save" button. EasePDF will process your PDF and offer you a download link on the result page. Click the "Download" button to save the edited PDF to your device, or export it to your Cloud drives.

EasePDF Edit PDF Download


"If the PDF you want to add text to is password-protected, you'll have to remove the password to unlock PDF before you can add text to it with EasePDF or other PDF editing tools we mention in this post."

2. Google Docs

Google Docs is an online document processing program that enables people to edit PDF, Word, Excel, PPT, etc online effortlessly. You can add text to a PDF with the help of Google Docs.

Step 1. Open Google Docs and log in with your Google account.

Step 2. Click the little file icon to upload your PDF file.

Google Docs Open File

Step 3. When your PDF is uploaded, it will be automatically opened on the web browser. Click the little triangle tab and choose "Google Docs" from the drop-down list.

PDF Open With Google Docs

Step 4. The PDF will be redirected to the online editing page of Google Docs. You can now add text to the PDF as you like. Remember to use the editing toolbar to polish your texts.

Google Docs Editing Toolbar


"Adding text to PDF with Google Docs only works for plain-text PDFs. If you open an images-contained or tables-contained PDF, the images and tables can't be well displayed or preserved."

Part 2. How to Add Text to PDF on Windows

1. Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word could be used to open a PDF file if there are no other PDF reader programs installed on your Windows computer. Likewise, we can also use it to add text to PDF on Windows.

Step 1. Open the PDF with Microsoft Word.

You can right-click the PDF file and choose "Word" as the opening program from the drop-down menu, or click on the main menu on Microsoft Word, then choose "Open" to select your PDF file.

Step 2. A warning message will pop up explaining that the file's appearance may change. Select "OK" to go on.

Microsoft Word Converting PDF Warning

Step 3. Add text to your PDF.

The PDF now becomes an editable document, you can edit or add text to anywhere you want. Just edit it as a Word document with all the editing tools.

Microsoft Word Edit PDF

Step 4. Save your new PDF.

Select "File" > "Save As". In the Save As dialog box, navigate to the location where you want to save the PDF. Choose "PDF" as the output format from the "Save as type" drop-down box. Finally, hit the "Save" button.

Microsoft Word Save As PDF

2. IceCream PDF Editor

IceCream PDF Editor is a powerful PDF editing software for Windows. With this easy-to-use PDF editor, you can edit text, add text, notes, redact, protect PDF files, manage pages and much more. To add text to PDF on Windows, just follow these simple steps.

Step 1. Free download IceCream PDF Editor and install it on your computer. Then run the program.

Step 2. Click the “Open” button in the center of the editor's interface, or go to the “File” menu to find the file you wish to open.

IceCream PDF Editor Open File

Step 3. Select the "Edit" menu on top to enter the editing mode.

IceCream PDF Editor Edit Mode

Step 4. Choose the “Add/edit text” tool in the left-hand panel. Then click at the exact point where you want to add text to and type your text. You can change the font size, alignment, font, color, and opacity. You can also apply bold and italic properties if needed. If you need to start a new line, just hit "Enter" on your keyboard.

IceCream PDF Editor Add Edit Text

Step 5. When you've entered all the text you want to add to your PDF, go to the "File" menu and choose "Save as". The program will navigate you to specify a new saving path and a new file name for the file.

Part 3. How to Add Text to PDF on Mac

1. Mac Preview

You can always rely on the built-in Preview app on Mac to edit or add text to PDF. This is the easiest and free way on Mac. Now let's get started.

Step 1. Right-click on the PDF you need to add text to, and choose "Open with" > "Preview".

PDF Open With Mac Preview

Step 2. Click on the "pen point" icon to open the markup toolbar.

Mac Preview Editing Toolbar

Step 3. Choose the "T" icon and a text box will appear on your PDF page. Type any text you want to add. You can change the font, color, size, etc on the "A" menu.

Mac Preview Add Text to PDF

Step 4. Save the PDF. You can close the PDF directly and Preview wil save your PDF with the changes you've made.

Bonus Tips

To protect your personal information or confidential content on the PDF, you can encrypt the PDF with Preview by "File" > "Export as PDF" > "Show Details" > "Encrypt". Or you can go to EasePDF and open the "Protect PDF" tool, upload your PDF and enter a password.

2. PDF Expert

For Mac users, you can choose PDF Expert to add text to your PDF file. PDF Expert is a fast, robust and beautiful PDF editor that is specially designed for Mac computer. Apart from the advanced reading experience, PDF Expert also provides powerful editing functions for users to add text, images, comments, notes, etc to a PDF.

Step 1. Download and install PDF Expert on your Mac computer.

Step 2. Open the PDF file you want to add text to with PDF Expert.

Step 3. Switched to the "Annotate" mode in the upper toolbar. Then click on the "text" button and start adding text wherever you click on the PDF page. When you have done, save the edited PDF.

PDF Expert Annotate Text

Isn't that easy? All the methods we recommend here are very simple, anyone can do it. In conclusion, if you want to add text to PDF free online, just choose EasePDF or Google Docs. To add text to PDF on Windows, go for Microsoft Word or IceCream PDF Editor. As for Mac user, you can choose from Mac Preview and PDF Expert.

What's your preferred method? Have you got a better solution? Please feel free to let us know if you have anything to say on this topic.

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