How to Create Signatures with Signature Generator


When we have to work from home today because of the unstable condition of COVID-19, we have moved many works to be completed online, including signing some documents. This means that you may need to e-sign instead of handwriting your name on the paper documents. To meet this need, you would need to create signature online. As a result, this article will bring you some tips and signature makers to meet your requirement.

1. How to Generate Digital Signature to PDF

Today, PDF is a universally used format to save and transfer documents. Many businessmen would need to e-sign on PDF documents online. So this is a guide of using a digital signature creator to add a digital signature to a PDF document. The only tool you need is EasePDF eSign PDF, which is a small but useful tool.

Step 1. When you open EasePDF in your browser, go to the "e-Sign PDF" tool under "All PDF Tools" on the navigation bar.

EasePDF Homepage All PDF Tools eSign PDF

Step 2. Now you need to press the "Add File(s)" button in the tool and then add the PDF document you need to insert a digital signature to into the "eSign PDF" tool.

EasePDF eSign PDF Add Files

Step 3. Click the "Add a signature" icon and choose "Create a signature" in the toolbar, and then add the content you want to sign on the document. You can change the font, size, and color of the signature as well. Finally, when you have edited the signature, click "Save" and finish creating the digital signature to the PDF document.

EasePDF eSign PDF Create Signature

Step 4. You can drag the digital signature to any place in the document now, and then hit "Save PDF".

EasePDF eSign PDF Save PDF

Step 5. When EasePDF brings the PDF document with your digital signature inside to you, just click the "Download" icon, then the signed PDF document can be saved to your device immediately.

EasePDF eSign PDF Download File

2. How to Create A Handwritten Signature on PDF Document

Instead of adding a digital signature to an important PDF document, some people may want to create a handwritten signature on it. So how can we do this when we can only finish the signing process online? Two ways are both workable and EasePDF can still bring both bits of help to you for creating a handwritten signature. Now you can follow the steps to do.

[Way 1] Add Handwritten Signature Through Image

Step 1. Firstly, write your handwritten signature on a paper or a painting app, then scan it and save it as an image.

Step 2. Go to "eSign PDF" in EasePDF under "All PDF Tools", and then add the PDF document you need to add a handwritten signature to into the tool.

Step 3. Now choose the "Add a signature" option and then click "Create a signature" as well. Now in the "Create Signature" window, navigate to "Image" and add your handwritten image to the document.

EasePDF eSign PDF Add Image Signature

Step 4. Drag the signature to anywhere in the PDF document for placing it. Once complete, hit the "Save PDF" icon and the signed document will be prepared by EasePDF.

Step 5. When the signed document is well prepared, press the "Download" icon and you can get it immediately.

[Way 2] Add Handwritten Signature Directly

Step 1. Directly go to EasePDF and also find the "eSign PDF" tool under "All PDF Tools".

Step 2. Click the "Add File(s)" button in "eSign PDF", and then add the document for which you want to create a handwritten signature to the tool. Then you should click the "Add a signature" option and select "Create a signature".

Step 3. Click to "Draw" this time, and then you can directly use your mouse for creating a handwritten signature on the blank board. When you have written the signature, click "Save" to add it to the document.

EasePDF eSign PDF Add Handwritten Signature

Step 4. Finally, wait for EasePDF to save the signed PDF document for you. Then you only need to hit "Download" for getting it to your device.

3. 3 Suggested Free Signature Generators Online

Instead of adding a signature to a PDF document online, you may just need to create a signature for other documents instead of PDF. So here you will get 3 signature creators recommended to let you easily know how to make a signature online.


The first free signature generator is DocuSign. DocuSign offers a very convenient service to let you easily create signatures online. After going to its main page, you can enter the basic information for creating a signature, then hit the "GET STARTED" icon and you can directly create a signature. It would be easy for everyone to use.



Now we come to another free signature generator, Smallpdf. Smallpdf offers an esign tool like EasePDF so you can also directly use this function to add a signature to any PDF documents as you need. Also, you can use a blank PDF and then create a handwritten signature for anytime usage in the future. It would be simple to use as well because Smallpdf has tried to keep its function as simple to use as possible.

Smallpdf eSign


PandaDoc also provides a place where you can create signatures online. This service is free to use so you don't need to waste any expense on it. PandaDoc allows users to easily and conveniently create a signature for adding to documents so that they can sign the important documents anytime online without printing out the paper. It brings convenience to businessmen.

PandaDoc eSign

4. 3 Free Email Signature Generators

Except for signing on documents online, when we are communicating use email, businessmen may want to add an email signature so that they can let the others know their identity. If you also need to create an email signature, here are 3 free email signature generators you can use.


Mailsignatures offers a very easy and intuitive function, letting people easily create email signatures online. You only need to choose a mail platform you use frequently, enter the signature details and it will do the rest of things for you. You only need to wait for the signature to be created automatically and then paste it to your email platform for applying directly.



HubSpot is also a free email signature generator that provides an online platform for people to create email signatures for applying to email. It offers different templates so you can edit your email signature to be more professional as well as personalized. The way to create an email signature using HubSpot is simple. You only need to follow its instruction to easily create one for yourself.



MySignature has very convenient but powerful service which lets people create email signature easily. You can choose the device you always need to send an email to and then create customized templates for that devices. MySignature is not a complicated tool so you can use it very easily even you are a new user.


In Conclusion

These online signature generators can all help your online working at home to be more efficient even though you can't access your partners, cooperators, or colleagues face to face. You only need to find the tool that meets your need to use!

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