An Easy Tutorial of How to Convert PDF to GIF Images


On our daily work, we might need to convert PDF to images for some reason. The most common image formats include JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, and TIFF. GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is not ideal for modern photography, nor image storage, but it's becoming more and more associated with the internet. Therefore there are still demands for PDF to GIF conversion.

So How to convert PDF to GIF images? Here we've listed some easy solutions for all PDF users, including some free methods like using EasePDF and Mac Preview. Other options including PDFelement and Photoshop. We've also summarized step-by-step tutorials for each of these solutions for you. Now let's begin the PDF to GIF conversion.

4 Suggested PDF to GIF Converters

EasePDF Online PDF to GIF Converter

One of the most effective ways to convert PDF to GIF images is to use a FREE online PDF to GIF Converter like EasePDF. This is a professional Online PDF service that allows you to solve multiple PDF-relative problems at one stop.

There are online PDF converters to help you convert PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, JPG, PNG, GIF, and more formats, and do the reverse conversion as well. Besides that, EasePDF also offers tools for you to edit PDF, merge PDF, compress PDF, split PDF, etc. All these tools are available online for free, so you can convert PDF to GIF and do other stuff anywhere at any time, just via an internet connection. Now let's go through a step-by-step quick tutorial.

Step 1. Open PDF to GIF Converter on EasePDF.

Step 2. Upload the PDF file.

You can upload PDF by dragging your target file to the "Add File" area, or clicking the "Add File(s)" button and select the PDF on your local device. Also, you can click on the cloud drives' icon below the upload button, and EasePDF will direct you to the PDF files on your Google Drive or Dropbox account. The PDF file(s) you choose will be automatically uploaded to the server and start converting to GIF images.

PDF to GIF EasePDF Add Files

Step 3. Download the converted GIF File.

When the converting process is done, a download link will appear on the result page. All you need to do is to download it to your local device or save it to your cloud drives. Of course, you can also copy the download link to share with others by clicking the "Link" icon. That's it. Without any download and registration, you've now had your PDF file changed into GIF images for free!

You can click the "Start Over" to start a new PDF to GIF converting task, or go to other tools like PDF to JPG and GIF to PDF.

Mac Preview

If you're on a Mac computer, you have another free option to convert PDF to GIF. There's a built-in app called Preview on Mac system, which is used to view most of the documents on Mac computer when you don't have other programs installed for the specific document formats. But the Preview app can do more than "preview". You can always use it to save a document as other formats like PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, etc.

Step 1. Open the PDF with Mac Preview. Go to the PDF file you want to convert, right-click on it and choose "Open With" from the menu, then select "Preview" as the app to open it.

PDF to GIF Open PDF Mac Preview

Step 2. Click the "File" menu on the top menu bar, and choose "Export".

PDF to GIF Mac Preview Export

Step 3. On the pop-up new window, choose "GIF" on the "Format" option. Then enter a file name for your converted GIF images file and select a location to save it. When you finish, click the "Save" button and you'll get a newly created GIF file immediately.

Mac Preview Export PDF to GIF


In some cases, "GIF" won't be on the format list by default. But don't worry, there's a secret about it. Just press the "Option" key on your keyboard while you're clicking on the format options, now you can see "GIF" along with many other formats appear on the format list.


PDFelement is an all-in-one PDF application for converting, editing, and creating PDFs on desktops, it enables you to convert PDF to Office, Image, HTML, EPUB, etc easily on Windows and Mac devices. The output image format on the converter of PDFelement including JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, and BMP. Now let's find out how to convert PDF to GIF with PDFelement.

Step 1. Free download PDFelement and install it on your computer. Then launch the program and open the PDF file you want to convert.

Step 2. Select the "Convert" function on the top toolbar, then choose "To Image" on the output options.

PDFelement Convert PDF to Image

Step 3. A new window will pop up for you to customize some output options. On the "Save as type" option, choose "Image Files(*.gif)" as the output format. Then name your converted GIF file on the "File Name" section, and choose a destination folder to save the file. When everything is set up, click the "Save" button.

PDFelement Convert PDF to GIF

Congratulations! You've successfully converted your PDF file to GIF images, go check them now!


Adobe Photoshop is the most famous image editing program on earth, it is used by most people to edit photos in different formats. However, I bet very few people realized it can be used as a PDF to image converter before you read this article! Yes, Photoshop can import a PDF file and save all pages as images in formats like JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, etc. Surprise? Let's see how it works.

Step 1. Import PDF in Photoshop

Run Adobe Photoshop on your computer, click the "File" tab on the top menu, then select "Open" to import your target PDF file. Now an"Import PDF" dialog will show up, you can choose to import pages or images from the PDF file. To convert pages from PDF to GIF, choose "Pages". To extract images from PDF files, select "Images". Then hit the "OK" button.

PDF to GIF Photoshop Import PDF

Step 2. Save a PDF page or image as GIF. Go to the "File" section again, choose "Save as" on the drop-down menu. On the "Save As" setting window, select "GIF" from the drop-down file type list. Then set the output resolution, file name, and storage location and click the "Save" button.

Photoshop Save PDF As GIF

Now you've saved one single page or image from PDF to GIF. But it'll cost us a lot of time to convert multiple PDF pages or images one by one. So we can use the amazing "Batch" tool on Photoshop to repeat a recorded "Step 2" action.

First of all, we need to record the whole "Step 2" action. So after step 1, go to the "Window" tab and select "Actions" on the drop-down menu. Then you'll see a small "Actions" window appearing at the right bottom. On the "Actions" window, hit the "Create new action" tab.

Photoshop Create New Action

On the newly opened prompt, name this action and click "Record". Photoshop will start recording your actions from the second you hit the "Record" button.

Photoshop Create New Action Record

Now operate Step 2. When you finish saving one PDF page or image as GIF, hit the "Stop" button on the "Actions" window to stop recording.

PDF to GIF Photoshop Record Stop

Then go to the "File" tab again and choose "Automate" → "Batch". Select the action name that you created earlier on the "Batch" window. Choose "Opened Files" on the "Source" section. Now click "OK" and Photoshop will automatically convert all PDF pages or images you imported at the beginning to GIF images.

PDF to GIF Photoshop Batch Option

Summarize - Pros and Cons

To help you pick a solution easier, we've summarized the pros and cons of all the methods we mentioned to give you a clear insight.



  • 100% free.
  • Works on any device including Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone & iPad.
  • Easy to use.
  • A lot more free PDF tools.


  • Can't work without the internet.

2. Mac Preview


  • Works without an internet connection.
  • 100% free.
  • Very easy steps.
  • Cons:

    • Only available on the Mac system.

    3. PDFelement


  • Easy to use.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Many more practical PDF-related tools.
  • Available on Windows and Mac systems.
  • Cons:

    • Not free.

    4. Photoshop


  • Available to choose output GIF quality at a wide range of resolutions.
  • Available to extract images from a PDF.
  • Works on both Windows and Mac systems.
  • Cons:

    • Not free.
    • Complicated steps, not easy to use.

    We sincerely hope this post will solve your problem with ease. And if you have any supplement or question to our post, please feel free to leave a comment below or contact us. If you feel interested, please go to our blog for more topics about PDF tools or PDF Tips.

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