How to Get An Online Teaching Job


Because of COVID-19, many things have been moved onto the Internet for getting done. From studying to working, only with a computer, many people can keep doing their routine jobs as they always need to do. When online learning has become the main way for students to absorb knowledge, this field is also looking forward to attracting more teachers to enter. For some university students, they can also apply for being a part-time online tutor to earn some pocket money. So, the problem comes here - how to get an online teaching job when there are so many competitive candidates try to apply for it? In this article, some small tips are offered to make yourself more outstanding than others!

1. Know Your Qualification for the Job

Although you are applying for an online teaching job instead of the traditional teaching position, you still have to make sure if you are qualifying for the requirements that the schools or organizations want from an online tutor.

Generally, to apply for different positions as a traditional teacher, you may need to meet different qualifications to show that you are suitable for getting the job. For example, if you want to find a teaching job at a high school level, you need to make sure you have a bachelor's degree and you have gained a teaching license already.

Online Teaching

If you want to be a teacher to teach community college students, then the minimum requirement of your academic background should reach a higher level in the academy, like getting a doctorate or other terminal degrees.

But if you are applying for an online teaching job, such standards may be slightly different, and some schools would also pay attention to your personal teaching experience even you don't meet the academic levels. Also, as teaching online may require the ability to use electronic devices, schools would prefer to look for candidates who are also familiar with some widely-used online teaching platforms, content management systems, etc. such as Blackboard. If you are used to working as an online teacher, you will be more competitive than those who have high academy degrees but without any online teaching experience.

2. Evaluate Your Skills

Even you don't have to communicate with the students face-to-face and you can complete your work anywhere, you still need to make sure that your skills can fully compatible with the position and teach students to make them better gain the knowledge they need. So before you are deciding to get an online teaching job, you'd better evaluate whether you are suitable for doing this career.

Online Education

Especially for those who have absolutely no teaching experience before, take a moment to consider whether you are qualified for being an online teacher and fully understand the e-learning environment most students use today. Generally, you should make sure you have the following skills for applying for an online teacher:

  • High-level academic study in one subject:
  • Being a teacher always requires you to be an expert in a certain subject. You should make sure that you understand most of the knowledge you need to teach students on a certain level.

  • Reliable teaching skills:
  • You should consider whether you can plan courses and the ways to impart knowledge to students. Also, you need the ability to search for reliable data to support your lessons.

  • Good oral and communication skills:
  • Communication is an important skill for all teachers. You should have the ability to communicate with students to make them understand you easily.

  • Strong time management ability:
  • Because you have to do this job at home, you are more flexible in having and preparing for the lessons. So having strong time management ability can enable you to better fit in this position.

  • Basic technical skills:
  • For the reasons that all the lessons are carried out online with online platforms, you need the basic skills in fully understanding how to operate them, and make full use of the provided skills to manage files, arrange lessons, and access students' homework for correcting.

    3. Find the Best Sites to Hunt for Positions

    If you have gone through the above two steps to make sure that you are compatible with applying for the online teaching job, now you can go to some websites for accessing the positions. There are some best sites where provide good online teaching positions. In this part, 3 of them are going to be introduced to you.

    HigherED Jobs

    HigherED Jobs provides positions that are mainly for education. Over 21 thousand jobs are listing on this platform, and you can easily search for teaching jobs across the country for finding the online job you are best appropriate for. Its "Advanced Search" function and quickly show you the suitable results according to your settings, or you can directly enter the name of the institution or location and search for the positions accurately.

    HigherED Jobs

    Careers Inside Higher ED

    You can easily find the teaching jobs of different levels such as college-level or in different institutions on the website of Careers Inside Higher ED. You can use the advanced search for selecting "Online/Remote" to quickly access those online teaching positions that you can apply for. You can also search for the positions according to which schools or institutions you want to work in very easily.

    Careers Inside Higher ED


    Indeed is one of the largest job-hunting websites for people to access different positions of different fields. You can directly search for online teaching into the search bar of Indeed and it will match the jobs that are suitable for you to choose from. This is a large platform and many organizations and companies would choose to list their hiring ads on Indeed, so you can easily find many positions here.


    4. Create A Competitive Resume

    Now you come to the last step, which is to create or edit your resume to make you more competitive for the positions. You can search for many resume templates or editing advice on the Internet to make the layout of your resume to be better. As you are applying for the positions online, it is recommended to convert your resume into a PDF document for sending because the visual effect would be much better. To convert Word to PDF, you just need an online tool called EasePDF. The tutorial is provided below.

    Step 1. Go to EasePDF in the browser and open the interface of "Word to PDF". You can find the tool on the homepage of EasePDF or in the "All PDF Tools" menu in the navigation bar.

    EasePDF All PDF Tools Word to PDF

    Step 2. Press the red button in the middle of the converter for adding your Word resume to it. After uploading, you only need to click the "Convert" button for saving the file in PDF format.

    EasePDF Word to PDF Convert Resume

    Step 3. When the document is converted, EasePDF will offer you a download button to save it. Directly tab the "Download" icon and the PDF resume can be downloaded to your computer.

    EasePDF Word to PDF Download PDF Resume

    In Conclusion

    If you consider that you can be compatible with being an online teacher during this period, apply for the job and enrich your career experience! It will be the best chance for you to step into this field. These tips can even make you be make you become more competitive among other candidates!

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