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Many people who love the vampire category would know about Twilight, a novel/movie series describing the world of vampire and the romance between an ordinary girl and a vampire. New Moon refers to the second novel of the Twilight series, whose author is Stephenie Meyer and was firstly released in 2006. Till now, the Twilight series is still read by many audiences from all over the world. So today, I'd like to introduce this novel and some resources for you to read.

1. Main Story Plot of New Moon

New Moon is the second novel of the Twilight series, and it follows the storyline developed in the first novel. In this new book, the story will continue telling the love story between the protagonists, human being Bella Swan, and a vampire, Edward Cullen. However, their romance facing trouble. At the start of the New Moon, Bella feels heartbroken because Edward chooses to leave her after Edward's brother attacks Bella. During this period, Jacob Black stays aside Bella, helping her to overcome the pain, which makes him become Bella's best friend. However, as Jacob reveals his nature, Bella's life once changes greatly again.

New Moon Stephenie Meyer

As you can see, New Moon is a story that is filled with changes, thus its story plots could always make audiences feel nervous and exciting. This is also why it can attract so many readers to read. According to the author, Stephenie Meyer, she decided to call this book "New Moon" because this will be the darkest time in Bella Swan's life. After all, this novel is focusing on her experience of losing true love. Many readers review that they would cry so sad when they read about Bella's pains. It also makes readers look forward to the future of this poor girl.

2. Download New Moon PDF Book for Reading Offline

For people who don't want to spend money in purchasing a heavy physical book for bringing to read everywhere, they are more likely to get a copy of the New Moon book in PDF format, so that people can save the book on any devices they like and bring it to everywhere for reading conveniently. Therefore, in this part, there are 5 resources of New Moon PDF would be introduced for you to download for reading offline.

Directly Download New Moon PDF Book

Here is a copy of the New Moon PDF book, which is shared by others on Google Drive. It has been converted into PDF format and uploaded to the platform for everyone to access. So after opening this New Moon PDF book in your web browser, you can directly click on the provided download icon, which is on the top right corner of the page, for saving New Moon in PDF format as an offline document. After that, you can get this book offline and read it even without connecting your devices to the Internet.

Download New Moon PDF Book

Except for this source, there are 4 more places where you can get a copy of the New Moon PDF book. You can save these sources as a backup when the above source is removed by the uploader.

PDF Drive

The New Moon book can be found on this platform where contains lots of PDF book resources for people to access and read both online and offline. This site is PDF Drive. You can directly enter the title of New Moon and then PDF Drive will bring this e-book to you within seconds. It also provides a download button for people to save the book in PDF format for offline reading. It charges no cost so you do not need to pay for getting a New Moon PDF book, which helps save your expense.

PDF Drive New Moon


Yumpu is an online platform where people can publish their content for audiences from all over the world to read, such as magazines, brochures, or catalogs. People can also discover many e-book resources here, including the Twilight series. You can directly download New Moon in PDF format from Yumpu for offline reading. You can also choose to read the novel online and Yumpu also provides such an option. By downloading the book, just click the provided download button to get it within seconds!

Yumpu New Moon

Good File Share

As its name speaking, this platform is mainly used for sharing some good files. So you can discover lots of e-book resources on the platform, including New Moon and other Twilight series novels. By scrolling down the page to the place below the summary of the novel, you will find a download button, which allows you to directly download New Moon in PDF format for offline reading. The resource is completely free of cost so you can get the New Moon PDF book for free here.

Good File Share New Moon


This is also a PDF e-book source of the New Moon novel. After opening this PDF, you will find a download button provided on the first page of the document. By clicking this icon, you will be navigated to the page for downloading New Moon in PDF format. When you get the offline document, you can save the file on any devices you like and then enjoy the content freely at any time you want.

Ebook New Moon


"Compress New Moon PDF Book: To keep more books stored on your devices, you can compress the large New Moon PDF book for saving space. You can use an easy-to-use online tool, EasePDF to help. Here is the tutorial for you."

Step 1. Go to EasePDF and then find the "Compress PDF" tool under the "All PDF Tools" menu.

EasePDF Compress PDF

Step 2. Add the New Moon PDF book to the compressor by clicking the "Add File(s)" button in the middle.

EasePDF Compress PDF Add New Moon PDF

Step 3. Select a compression rate, which can be "Extreme", "Recommended", and "High". Then click the "Compress PDF" button beside directly.

EasePDF Compress PDF Select Compression Rate

Step 4. When the New Moon PDF book is compressed, EasePDF will allow you to download the file. Just click the "Download" button and you can get the compressed New Moon PDF book offline.

EasePDF Compress PDF Download New Moon PDF

3. Where to Get New Moon Audiobook

Except for reading an e-book, which may bring harm to our eyesight because we need to focus on an electronic screen for a long time, some people would prefer to listen to New Moon audiobook instead of reading the novel by themselves. For these people who want to get New Moon audiobook resources, below are three platforms you can turn to for finding. You can have a look now.


As the world's largest platform, providing lots of audiobook resources, you can easily find New Moon audiobook resources on Audible book. You just need to subscribe to this platform for USD 14.95 a month, and you can enjoy all the audiobook resources freely. If you are a new account, you can also enjoy a 30-days free trial to freely stream New Moon and other audiobooks without costing any fee.

Audible New Moon

HD Audio Books

On HD Audio Books, you can stream the tracks of New Moon's chapters online directly without the need to registering an account or downloading the audiobook files for occupying the storage of your device. By opening the web page of New Moon audiobook in your browser, you can directly listen to the tracks of its chapters and then enjoy the wonderful content of the novel.

HD Audio Books New Moon

Audio Books Labs

Like HD Audio Books, Audio Books Labs also provides the tracks of New Moon novel on its web page for people to directly stream the content online. However, Audio Books Labs offers a choice for you to download the audiobook files for offline playback, only if you sign up for an account for this platform. So if you need to save the New Moon audiobook offline, you just need to get an account of Audio Books Labs, and then you can get the resource offline.

Audio Books Labs New Moon

In Conclusion

You can choose to enjoy reading New Moon e-book in PDF format offline or listen to the chapters' tracks by accessing its audiobook resources. With the sources above, you can find the best way to enjoy the novel!

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