How to Make A Flipbook with Ease


Nowadays, the format of books is changing. E-Books or flipbooks are more portable than paper books. Through the flipbook, our photos can be displayed more dynamic and colorful. By using the flipbook maker software, the photos can be more conveniently sent to family and friends in a whole flipbook. In addition, you can save it on a CD or play it on a DVD player.

Good flipbook animation must be presented in a good way to attract people. In the Internet, flipbook has become mainstream. It also becomes an important and effective way to display. The following article will introduce the experience of how to make a flipbook with ease.

Part 1 - What Is A Flipbook?

A flipbook is a booklet with a series of images that very gradually change from one page to the next so that when the pages are viewed in quick succession, the images appear to animate by simulating motion or some other change. Flipbook is recognized as one of the primitive forms of interactive multimedia. The flipbooks are not always separate books but may appear as an added feature in ordinary books or magazines, frequently, using the page corners. Software packages and websites are also available that convert digital video files into custom-made flipbooks.

Part 2 - How to Make A Flipbook

Have you ever heard about the flipbook maker that will turn your dull-looking PDF files into an attractive flipbook? This kind of software is actually called flipbook marker or flipbook software. Many people had already discovered the many wonders of what this flipbook maker can do in their online and offline businesses. If you are not yet familiar with the flipbook software, then we will introduce some useful flipbook makers below and teach you how to make a flipbook with these flipbook makers.


PUB HTML5 is an all-in-one digital publishing solution for all publishers, businesses, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and even individuals. PUB HTML5 allows users to create beautiful, professional online magazines. Its free version is enough for you to make a beautiful e-magazine, but there are many paid options at reasonable prices.


Step 1. Go to the PUB HTML5 online website. Sign up your account in PUB HTML5 or log in with your Facebook or Google account.

Step 2. Click the "CREATE YOUR PUBLICATION" in the middle of the website page. Then upload PDF and convert it into an online flipping book.

PUB HTML5 Upload PDF Online


"Your PDF must be less than 150 MB. If you want to add the link, audio, video, flipbook animation, and more multimedia to your flipbook, you need to download the PUB HTML5 Desktop Version."

Step 3. Type the title, description, keywords of your flipbook. Then select a category to help your readers find this flipbook easily. When you finished, click the "Next" button.

PUB HTML5 Type Information

Step 4. Choose a template for your flipbook. If you choose the template with the "PRO" logo, you need to upgrade to Pro to use this template. This kind of templates is only available to Pro or above users.

PUB HTML5 Choose A Template

Step 5. Choose the theme of your flipbook.

PUB HTML5 Choose A Theme

Step 6. You may also need to choose the toolbar mode, background, caption color, and so on. When you finished, click the "Create" button.

PUB HTML5 Advanced Settings

Step 7. On this page, you can continue to work on the flipbook.

PUB HTML5 Edit Flipbook

2. FlippingBook

FlippingBook is an online flipbook maker; you can easily transform static PDFs into stunning HTML5 flipbooks with a realistic page flip effect, custom branding, powerful videos, and more.


Step 1. To create a FlippingBook Online publication you need to have a PDF. You can upload your own PDF or start with the demo PDF.

FlippingBook Upload PDF

Step 2. Then it will automatically convert into a flipbook. You can preview it and customize it.

FlippingBook Customize Flipbook

Step 3. There are various settings in the Customize menu. You need to start with a descriptive name with your flipbook. Then choose the skin of your flipbook. You can also control how your flipbook is distributed.

FlippingBook Adjust Flipbook

Step 4. When you finished, click the "Save" button, then your first flipbook Online publication has just been created. You can click the "Share" button to share the flipbook.

FlippingBook Share Flipbook


FLIPHTML5 is an Interactive html5 digital publishing platform that makes it easy to create interactive digital publications, including magazines, catalogs, and so on. With FLIPHTML5 online editor, you can customize your HTML5 flipbooks with over 10 book templates and themes and get a professional flipbook with minimal configuration necessary.


Step 1. Import your PDF file. You can upload the PDF file from your local device or from the network.


Step 2. Edit your flipbook. First, you need to enter your flipbook information like name, keyword, category, and so on. Then click the "Template" "Styling" "Advanced" menu in the left frame and select the proper one to make the look and feel of your own flipbook more special.

FLIPHTML5 Edit the Flipbook

Step 3. Download your flipbook by clicking the "Download Settings" in the upper right corner of the page. Then you will get your own flipbook.

FLIPHTML5 Download the Flipbook


"It requires packaging the book file when you first download the book, each package will consume one bounce/credit. If you want to share the link with others, you need to upgrade to Platinum or Enterprise users."

Part 3 - Helpful Flipbook Tips That You May Need

The flipbook can help you expand your ability to connect with people on the Internet. Compared with the monotonous Word documents, you can benefit from a stylish and easy-to-read digital flipbook. This part will tell you how to make your flipbook more popular and help you to earn more money.

1. The Content of Flipbook

The content of the flipbook needs to be targeted at your audience. Meanwhile, you can add some impressive flipbook animation media effects to the flipbook. Converting bulk PDF files with batch page-turning effects, background music, video, audio, Flash, home URL, and watermark into flipbook which will affect more viewers.

Flipbook Animation

2. Marketing Your Flipbook

When you finished your flipbook, you'll need to think about how you're going to get your publication in front of readers. You can post the flipbook on your business Facebook or Twitter account. You could also think about social marketing, email promotion, or embedding it on your business website.

3. Make Your Flipbook Viewable on Various Devices

You can convert your book into HTML, ZIP, EXE, APP, etc., making it a mobile publication for readers. Meanwhile, your flipbook needs to run on the iPad, iPhone, and Android mobile devices so that more people can get information in more than one way.


After reading this post, do you think it is easy to make a flipbook? With the flipbook makers we provided above, your flipbook will become more memorable. If you have more ideas on this topic, please contact us. We'd like to hear about your experiences with the flipbook maker recommendations.

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