How to Protect and Unlock PDF Files

Updated on 31/5/2021

When we pay high attention to the privacy of a PDF document, we may need to add a password to it or change its passwords regularly. To do this conveniently, EasePDF brings a set of online tools to users, including the Protect PDF and Unlock PDF tools. So in the following, the guide will be provided for you to see how to protect and unlock PDF files with very simple steps.

Steps to Protect PDF

Step 1. Upload A PDF Document
The "Protect PDF" tool can be found under "All PDF Tools" on EasePDF top navigation bar. When you have gone to its interface, select the way for adding the PDF file to the tool. You can:
Directly import from the device: Press the "Add File(s)" button for adding the PDF document to the tool.
Import from cloud platforms: By login into your GoogleDrive, Dropbox, or OneDrive account, EasePDF can access your cloud platform and allows you to add the PDF document from it.
Add through a URL: If the PDF is an online file, you can copy and paste the URL for adding the file to the tool easily.

EasePDF Protect PDF Add File

Step 2. Add a Password to PDF
When the PDF document is added, you can set a password for protecting it. Enter the password and confirm it twice. After this step, click the "Protect PDF" button to get a protected PDF file.

EasePDF Protect PDF Add Password

Step 3. Save the PDF File
Now, you just need to save the PDF document the way you like. You can:
Directly download: Click the "Download" button and the document will be saved to your device directly.
Save to cloud platforms: Like the above, you can log in to your GoogleDrive, Dropbox, or OneDrive account for saving the document to it.
Transfer through email, URL, QR code: If you want to save the document to other devices or share it, the email, URL, and QR options can be convenient for you. But the link and code will only be valid for 24 hours.

EasePDF Protect PDF Download File

Steps to Unlock PDF

Step 1. Upload A PDF Document
Go to "Unlock PDF" in EasePDF. When you open the tool in the platform, click the "Add File(s)" button in the middle for adding the PDF file you want to remove the password from. It is also available for you to add the document from GoogleDrive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, or using a URL to add an online PDF file.

EasePDF Unlock PDF Add File

Step 2. Unlock the PDF
To unlock the PDF, EasePDF needs to make sure that you have the right to remove the password. So you need to re-enter the password of the PDF file before unlocking it. Just enter the password and tick the option for showing you hold the right to edit this document or unlock it. Then press "Unlock PDF" and the password will be removed.

EasePDF Unlock PDF Enter Password

Step 3. Download the PDF
Now you can get the free PDF file offline. Just press the "Download" button after EasePDF bringing the result to you. The document will be saved to the local folder on your device directly.

EasePDF Unlock PDF Download File

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