How to Organize PDF Pages

Updated on 31/5/2021

Instead of converting and editing the PDF documents, people sometimes may need to organize the PDF pages such as deleting or splitting them for removing or arranging the layout of the PDF content. EasePDF brings such tools, including Merge PDF, Split PDF, Compress PDF, Crop PDF, and Delete PDF to help those in need. Now you can see how to use them.

Steps to Merge PDF

Step 1. Upload A PDF Document
At first, you need to open EasePDF in the browser and find the "Merge PDF" tool in "All PDF Tools" from the navigation bar.

EasePDF Merge PDF

Step 2. Upload A PDF Document
When you go to the tool, upload the PDF files you want to merge. You have several choices to add files:
Directly upload: Click the "Add File(s)" button and select from your device. GoogleDrive, Dropbox, OneDrive. If the files are saved on these cloud platforms, you can log in to your account and choose the PDF files from them.
URL: If the PDF files are online files, you can use a URL for adding them to the tool.

EasePDF Merge PDF Add File

Step 3. Before Merging the PDF Files
After the files are added, before merging the PDF files or pages, you can remove some unwanted pages from the documents if you need them. Here are two modes provided:
File mode: By using the "File mode", you can directly add or remove a whole PDF file if you need to.

EasePDF Merge PDF File Mode

Page mode: After navigating to the "Page mode", you can rotate or delete certain pages included in the files directly. Besides, you can merge the pages between different PDF documents and set a new order for them.

EasePDF Merge PDF Page Mode

Rotate: No matter you are using Page mode or the File mode, you can rotate the document or the pages before merging the PDF files.

EasePDF Merge PDF Rotate Document

Step 4. Start Merging PDF
Finally, when you finish managing the PDF files and the pages, you can start merging them by clicking the "Merge PDF" button. Then EasePDF will work and merge them for you. When the process finishes, you have several ways to save or transfer the merged PDF document:
Directly download: By clicking the "Download" button, you can directly save the PDF file to your device.
GoogleDrive, Dropbox, and OneDrive: By login to your account, you can choose to save the PDF to these cloud platforms for backing up them as a copy.
Email and URL: If you want to share the merged PDF file with others, you can use email to send it to them or generate a URL for letting other people download it.
QR code: If you are using a desktop to merge the PDF files but want to save the result to your phone, scanning the QR code and you can download it immediately.
Tip: The URL, email link, and QR code are only valid for 24 hours, so remember to download the PDF in time before it expires.

EasePDF Merge PDF Download File

Steps to Split PDF

Step 1. Upload A PDF Document
When you find the "Split PDF" tool from the menu of "All PDF Tools", open it and add the PDF file by pressing the "Add File(s)" button provided there.

EasePDF Split PDF Add File

Also, you have more options to upload the PDF document, for example, you can import the file from your GoogleDrive, Dropbox, or OneDrive platform; or you can use a URL for adding the PDF file in case it may be an online file.
Step 2. Select Mode to Split the PDF
After adding the PDF file, you have 3 options to split it differently:

All pages: EasePDF will help you split all the PDF pages of the file into a single PDF file.
Split every ... page:After entering a number, EasePDF will help you divide all the pages into several parts according to the number. And it will split the parts into a single document.
Page ... to ...:You can split a certain page range from this PDF file and save them in an extra PDF document.
Rotate:On the top-right of the page, you can press the rotate icon to rotate the page if you need to.
When you have set the mode to split the PDF document, click the "Split PDF" button.

EasePDF Split PDF Splitting Mode

Step 3. Download the PDF Files After Splitting
Just a moment and EasePDF will bring the result to you. Simply press the "Download" button and the files can be downloaded.

EasePDF Split PDF Download File

If you want to save a backup of them, you can log in to your cloud platform account for saving them. Also, for sharing with others or transferring the files to other devices, you can select the URL, email, or QR options to help you. But these three options only keep the PDF files for 24 hours. So remember to download them in time.

EasePDF Split PDF Save to Cloud

Steps to Compress PDF

Step 1. Add PDF Files to the Compressor
You can easily find the "Compress PDF" tool under "All PDF Tools" on the navigation bar of the EasePDF platform. After opening the compressor, press "Add File(s)" and you can add the files you want to compress to it.

EasePDF Compress PDF

Step 2. Select Compress Level
EasePDF provides levels 1 to 10 for you to compress PDF files according to your need. The higher the level is, the compression will be stronger and thus the size of the files would be smaller. When you have selected the compression level, press the "Compress PDF" button to continue compressing the files.

EasePDF Compress PDF Select Level

Step 3. Download the Compressed PDF
When EasePDF brings the download button to you, click it and you can save the compressed PDF files to a local folder. If you want to share the result with others, the email, URL, and QR options bring convenience to you.

EasePDF Compress PDF Download File

Tip: 1. EasePDF can connect with your cloud platforms accounts such as GoogleDrive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. So you can upload files from these platforms or save the compressed PDF files to them directly.

EasePDF Compress PDF Sign in Cloud Platform

Tip: 2. If you have compressed the PDF document before, EasePDF would compress it with quality loss to some extent.

Steps to Crop PDF

Step 1. Upload A PDF Document
Open the "Crop PDF" tool in EasePDF (the tool can be found under the "All PDF Tools" menu. Then directly press the "Add File(s)" button for adding one PDF file you need to crop it to the tool. Also, selecting from cloud platforms is available if you have saved the PDF file to them before.

EasePDF Crop PDF Add File

Step 2. Select Size to Crop
After adding the PDF file to the tool, drag the borders of the selection tool for fitting the size you want to crop the PDF pages. When the adjustment completes, click the "Crop PDF" button to finish the cropping process.

EasePDF Crop PDF Select Size to Crop

Step 3. Download the PDF
When you see the "Download" button, click it and the cropped PDF document will be saved to your device directly.

EasePDF Crop PDF Download File

Tip: 1. Each time you can only add one PDF file to the tool for cropping it.
Tip: 2. You can connect with your cloud platforms (GoogleDrive, Dropbox, or OneDrive) to save the cropped PDF to them.
Tip: 3. Sharing the result with others using URL, email, or QR code is available, but pay attention that they are only available for 24 hours. So remember to save the file before it expires.

Steps to Delete PDF

Step 1. Add PDF File to Delete PDF Tool
Find the "Delete PDF" tool on EasePDF's navigation bar under the "All PDF Tools" menu. Then you can select to add a PDF file from your device, cloud platforms, or a site using a URL.

EasePDF Delete PDF Add File

Step 2. Delete PDF Pages
When the PDF file is added to the tool, EasePDF will list all its pages, and you can scroll to select the pages you want to delete. Just by placing your cursor on the page, and a delete icon will appear. You can directly click it and the page will be deleted.

EasePDF Delete PDF Delete Page

Also, if you want to delete a batch of pages at once, you can directly enter the page numbers for removing them at once. Just use a comma to separate the numbers. You can also enter a page range by using a "-" to connect the page numbers.

 EasePDF Delete PDF Enter Pages to Delete

After deleting the pages, you can slightly edit the document using the provided rotating icons on the top-right of them.

EasePDF Delete PDF Rotate Page

Step 3. Download the PDF
Finally, when you have deleted the pages you don't need, click "Delete PDF" and EasePDF will prepare the final document for you. Just hit the "Download" button to save it locally.

EasePDF Delete PDF Download PDF

Besides, backing up the file to cloud platforms such as GoogleDrive, Dropbox, and OneDrive only requires you to log in to your account, so just do it if you need to.

EasePDF Delete PDF Save to Cloud

The URL, email, and QR options can be used to transfer the PDF document to other devices or users. But keep in mind that the download link or QR code is only available for 24 hours. Don't forget to save the file before the 24 hours end!
Tip: There have two situations when you may fail to edit the PDF documents on EasePDF: 1. The PDF is converted into read-only mode. So before starting to edit the document, EasePDF would ask you whether to unlock the PDF document mandatorily. Follow the instruction to unlock it and you can continue editing the document; 2. The PDF is added password for protecting the content. Under this situation, you need to remove the password from it at first. Using "Unlock PDF" can help you get through this trouble.

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