How to Convert PDF to Image

Updated on 31/5/2021

Combining several images into a PDF document would be simple, but what about converting a PDF file to image files? EasePDF provides different tools, including PDF to JPG, PDF to PNG, PDF to BMP, and PDF to GIF converters to meet your needs. In the following, you will see the way to convert a PDF file to JPG with the help of EasePDF PDF to JPG converter.

You can convert several PDF documents to JPG or other image formats at once. This tutorial will be suitable for being applied to PDF to GIF/BMP/PNG converters.

Steps to Convert PDF to Image

Step 1. Select PDF to Image Converter
Open the EasePDF platform via any browser and select PDF to Image under "All PDF Tools". You can access all PDF to Image converters here.


Step 2. Import PDF Files to the Converter
You have three types of options to add PDF files to the converter.
Add from your device: Click the red "Add File(s)" button and browse your device for importing the PDF document you need to convert to JPG files to the converter.

EasePDF PDF to JPG Add File

Add from cloud platforms: It will be available for you to add PDF documents from GoogleDrive, Dropbox, OneDrive if you have stored the files there before. Just login to your cloud platform account and EasePDF will read your library data. Then you can directly choose the PDF document for adding to the converter.

EasePDF PDF to JPG Add PDF from Cloud

Add from a URL: Instead of adding a file, you can also choose to add an online PDF by using its URL address. After entering the URL and press "OK", EasePDF will analyze the URL and directly add the PDF document contained in the URL to the converter for you.

EasePDF PDF to JPG Upload PDF By URL

Step 3. Convert PDF to Image
When the PDF file is added, you can directly click the "Convert" button to start converting it to the final JPG file.

EasePDF PDF to JPG Convert PDF

Step 4. Download Converted Files
After EasePDF finishes converting the PDF document into a JPG image, it will bring a "Download" button to let you save it to your device. Just press the button for getting it.

EasePDF PDF to JPG Download File

Also, if you need to save the converted JPG file as a copy for backing up into the cloud platform, EasePDF provides the options to let you store it to GoogleDrive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. Three options can also help you share the file with others or transferring it to another device, including sending through an email, using a URL, or scanning the QR code.

EasePDF PDF to JPG Save to Cloud

Tip: The link is only available for 24 hours. So you need to save the document before it expires.

EasePDF PDF to JPG Share Files

Tip: You should note that EasePDF would fail to convert the PDF document which has been added password before. You need to remove its password before the conversion using the "Unlock PDF" tool. If the PDF file is saved in read-only mode, the conversion would also fail to get started. But under this situation, EasePDF will help you to unlock the PDF mandatorily.

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