How to Use Track Changes in Word?


With the development of information technology, it is very common for many people to work on a single document. In our work, we use Track Changes in Word when editing a document with your colleagues.

Part 1 - Why Use Track Changes?

Track Changes is a tool in Microsoft Word that allows users to see clearly what changes were made and who made them in a document. Besides, when you receive a document that was modified by others, you have the power to reject or accept any change made to the document. This tool is very helpful in our office life as it greatly improves our work efficiency.

Part 2 - Edit Functions of Track Changes

Before learning how to use Track Changes, I think it is necessary for you to know something about its edit functions. Now let's see below.

1. Change Tracking Options

Firstly, open Microsoft Word and choose the Review tab at the top of the document. Then find the small arrow icon in the Tracking column. Click it and you will see the window of Track Changes Options.

1) Show: Select what types of markup will be shown in your documents, such as Comments, Ink, Insertions, and Deletions.

2) Balloons in All Markup view show: Choose how to show revisions to the document. You can show revisions as balloons in the margins of the document or show them directly within the document itself.

3) Reviewing Pane: Choose how to show revisions to the document. You can show revisions as balloons in the margins of the document or show them directly within the document itself.

4) You can set the options according to your needs by clicking Advanced Track Changes Options. Or change your name by clicking Change User Name.

Microsoft Word Review Track Changes Options


"You have the second option to show markup and the reviewing pane.

1) Show Markup: Go to ReviewShow Markup. The drop-down list has options to turn markup on or off.

2) Reviewing Pane: Go to ReviewReviewing Pane. You can choose one kind of option to show the reviewing pane."

2. Display for Review

To review the changes in your document, go to Review > Display for Review.

1) Simple Markup: Show the modified text, but when you delete, insert, and format the content of a document you will find a red vertical bar on the left. If you click it, Simple Markup will change into All Markup. And when you add a comment, a comment mark will appear on the right.

2) All Markup: Show all markup.

3) No Markup: Show the modified text without any indications.

4) Original: Show the original text that has not been altered.

Microsoft Word Review Display for Review

Part 3 - How to Turn on/off Track Changes?

1) Turn on: Go to Review and click the Track Changes icon. Or select Track Changes from the drop-down list. Once Track Changes is turned on, you can start editing the document.

2) Turn off: After editing your document, go back to click Track Changes again. When it is turned off, Word stops marking changes.

Microsoft Word Review Track Changes

Part 4 - How to Use Track Changes?

Turning on Track Changes makes it easy for you to spot the changes you made. If you make any change in the document, such as deletions, insertions, and formatting, they will be recorded. Firstly, make sure that you change Simple Markup to All Markup so that all the changes you made can be seen.

1) Deletions: If you find some contents are useless, just delete them. First turn on Track Changes, select the contents and then delete them. You will see the deletions are marked with a strikethrough.

Microsoft Word Review Track Changes Deletions

2) Insertions: If you find some contents are missed, add them to the document after turning on Track Changes. You will see the insertions are marked with an underline.

Microsoft Word Review Track Changes Insertions

3) Formatting: When you format the text, the formatting type will be noted in the right margin of the document. And you can also see the author who formatted the text.

Microsoft Word Review Track Changes Formatting

4)Comments: Choose the place where you want to leave a comment. Go to Review and click New Comment. You can see the author who left a comment, date, and comment content in the right margin of the document.

Microsoft Word Review New Comment

Part 5 - How to Reject or Accept Track Changes When Reviewing?

When you have finished editing your document and you need to review the changes you made, or when you receive an edited document and you need to check the changes made by others, you can accept or reject every change. If you agree with the changes, accept them. If you want to keep the original content, reject them and the changes will be removed. Now let us see the below ways to accept or reject Track Changes.

1) To immediately accept or reject the change, you can go to Review, select the edited content, and click Accept or Reject in the Changes column. Or find the changed content, choose to accept or reject the change from a drop-down list after right-clicking.

Microsoft Word Review Accept or Reject

2) On the bottom of the Accept or Reject icon, you can see a small down arrow. Click it and you can do things like these: Accept/Reject and Move to Next, Accept/Reject This Change, Accept/Reject All Changes, and so on.

3) You can also use the Previous and Next buttons to move from one change to the next.

Part 6 - How to Lock Track Changes?

If you would like to prevent other authors from turning off Track Changes, lock it. Go to Review and click the small down arrow button under the Track Changes icon. Then click Lock Tracking and enter your password.

Microsoft Word Review Track Changes Lock Tracking


Track changes in a document like suggestions that you can review. After reading this article, I think you have a clear understanding of Track Change in Word 2016. Hopefully, this handy tool will help you in the process of editing or reviewing the changes. If you have learned more about Track Changes, please leave us a message.

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