Top Ten Slide Tips for Microsoft PowerPoint


Microsoft PowerPoint is the presentation software that is used for creating and viewing slide shows. Users can customize the content of a PowerPoint file freely because it can contain pictures, texts, animations and other media files. The purpose of this software is to build a bridge between speakers and audiences, helping them to achieve sound communication.

Microsoft PowerPoint is widely used in our daily life. For example, teachers make their PowerPoint files more attractive by using colors and animations so that students pay more attention to classes. And speakers make a slide presentation, driving audiences to get the points of the speech quickly. I think it is very important to learn this software. Now let us see the top ten tips about it below.

1. Create PowerPoint Templates

A PowerPoint template is a kind of pattern that is predefined for a presentation. It gives a frame for the content and the design of your slides. Now let us create our own custom PowerPoint template.

Step 1. Create a blank presentation, click View in the PowerPoint menu and then find Slide Master. When you click Slide Master, you can see a couple of slides that have not been designed on the left. The first slide that is slightly larger and connected to the other slides with dashed lines is your Slide Master. Everything you change there will directly affect all the other slides.

Microsoft PowerPoint View Slide Master

Step 2. Design your template according to your needs. You can choose Themes you like, or click Colors, Fonts, Effects, Background Styles and Slide Size to edit your template. You can also insert pictures on your template. For example, I insert a company logo on the top-right corner of the Slide Master, so you can see the logo appears on that position on all slides.

Microsoft PowerPoint View Slide Master Insert Pictures

Step 3. Once you finish settings, click Close Master View.

2. Set The Order of Animations

If you want to make your slides become funny and let your audiences more focus on your speaking, animate your images or texts on your slides and make them appear in order. Now let's see the tips below.

Step 1. Hit Animations, choose the text or image you want to animate and click Add Animations to select your favorite effects.

Microsoft PowerPoint Animations Add Animations

Step 2. For example, I choose Point 1, Point 2 and Point 3 on the slide separately and then add animations for them. After finishing doing this, I select Animation Pane. Now you can see a window on the right. Here you can edit the three animations you added according to your needs. You can edit their starting styles, effects and timing. You can also remove the wrong animations. After editing, you can change the order of their appearance by clicking the up or down arrow.

Microsoft PowerPoint Animations Add Animations Animation Pane

3. Embed A Video in PowerPoint

If you want to insert a video to your PowerPoint, see the following ways.

Step 1. Click the slide that you want to add a video to. Go to Insert tab, select Video. Here you can insert your video from online sources or on your computer. If you want to insert an online video, enter its URL into the box.

Microsoft PowerPoint Insert Video

Step 2. After adding your video in PowerPoint, access the hidden Video Tools menu. You can customize it by clicking Format or Playback according to your needs.

4. Print PowerPoint with Notes

If your handouts need to be distributed to other people, I strongly recommend you to print them with notes. This not only makes your handouts look more professional, it also allows people to know their details more easily.

Firstly, open your PowerPoint presentation. Select File and then select Print. Under the Settings area, open the Print Layout, select Notes Pages. You can see there is a live preview on the right and your notes are at the bottom of your PowerPoint presentation. Finally, click Print. Please note that if you have lots of speaker notes for a particular slide, those notes will run off on to a second or third page.

Microsoft PowerPoint File Print Settings Notes Pages

5. Use Format Painter

Using Format Painter can save your time, because you need not copy and paste one element's format to many other elements on the same slide or on other slides. Ways to use Format Painter are as followings:

1. Click the first element.

2. Hit Format Painter.

3. Click the second element.

Microsoft PowerPoint Home Format Painter


"If you want to copy the first element's format and paste it into more than one element, just double-click Format Painter and click each element you want to format one by one. When you have formatted all the elements, hit ESC on your keyboard. "

6. Work with Multiple Images on A Single Slide

Manually working with multiple images on one slide is not easy, but PowerPoint has a powerful trick. Let's see it.

Step 1. Hit CTRL+A on your keyboard to highlight all the images. Now you access the hidden Picture Tools menu. Click on Format > Picture Layout and select the layout you want to use.

Step 2. Once you have selected your layout, your images will be converted to a SmartArt graphic. Now you can re-arrange your images. However, it will still behave like a SmartArt graphic.

Microsoft PowerPoint Picture Tools Format Picture Layout

Step 3. To disable SmartArt properties, you need to reconvert the graphic back to Shapes. Simply click the graphic to access the SmartArt Tools menu, click on Design > Convert > Convert to Shapes.

7. Align Images Consistently

To make your slides look tidy, sometimes you want to line up the images you added. You needn't align them by your eyes. You just hit a few clicks in PowerPoint.

Firstly, click one image, hold Shift on the keyboard and then select the rest of the images you want. Now you can access the hidden Picture Tools menu. Click on Format > Align and choose whatever type of alignment you like. Finally, you will see your images are aligned appropriately.

Microsoft PowerPoint Picture Tools Format Align

8. Use Eyedropper

What is the function of Eyedropper? Eyedropper is a color picker. This tool can make you easily get the color you want in PowerPoint.

If you want to get a color of a picture, use Eyedropper. For example, I want to fill the text box in a color of the picture. Firstly, I hit the text box and then click Format >Shape Fill > Eyedropper. Then I choose a color in the picture and click it. Finally, you can see the text box is filled in that color.

Microsoft PowerPoint Drawing Tools Format Eyedropper

9. Arrange Slide Order

If there are many slides in your presentation, I think it is not convenient for you to arrange their order. Now a tip can make it easy for you.

Hit View and then click Slide Sorter. Now you can clearly see all your slides listed. You can arrange their order by dragging them. After finishing your arrangement, click Normal. Or there is also a quick way offered you to do so. On the bottom-right corner, find the View and Slide Sorter icons.

Microsoft PowerPoint View Slide Sorter

10. Mark Slides

When you are delivering a slide speech to audiences, you want to point out the content you are speaking or highlight some points for them, so what should you do?

You can find a pen-like icon on the bottom-left corner. Click it and then you can find there are 3 modes provided for you: Laser Pointer, Pen and Highlighter. Laser Pointer helps you to point out the content you are mentioning in the speech. If you want to line out some points, you can choose different colors to mark your slides with a Pen or Highlighter.

Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Show Settings


Microsoft PowerPoint is indispensable part in our office life, so it is very important to learn how to work well with this. I think the top 10 slide tips mentioned in this article will help you a lot. If you have more PowerPoint tips and tricks, please contact us!

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