slide:ology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations - Nancy Duarte


Today, no matter in which place, you may have the needs to present in front of your colleagues, peers, leaders, or the public with good presentation documents. So learning how to use the presentation editing software is an important skill for modern people daily. However, presentations not only involve the well-edited document content, but also natural body languages, communication skills, visual as well as facial expressions, and so on. All these elements should be mixed with a good presentation document for being a perfect presentation.

So in this book, slide:ology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations, you will follow Nancy Duarte to learn some practical presentation skills for making your slides to be more attractive and outstanding. No matter you are a student or a businessman, you must need these guides to enable a better presentation. This book can be a guide for you.

1. Brief Introduction of slide:ology

slide:ology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations describes the importance of presentation skills for modern people, from students to businessmen, who need to use presentations to fulfill daily studying or working tasks, or light up their future careers. So of course, knowing how to make a good presentation with an outstanding presentation document can be an essential skill to grasp. So Nancy Duarte, who is the president and CEO of the company called Duarte Design, written this book to guide those people in need with very practical methods.


The company of Nancy Duarte has the business to create and edit presentation documents for, which is an Oscar winner company with the popular technique, Al Gore. Therefore, with rich experience, Nancy Duarte concluded and wrote this book for collecting the practical methods that any of its readers can apply when they are creating their presentation documents for studying or working purposes.

So in the book slide:ology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations, you will follow Nancy Duarte's paths to learn more presentation making skills from different aspects. For example, you can learn:

  • How to find your target audiences and attract them through your presentation contents;
  • How to turn the ideas in your mind into informative graphics for better presenting to audiences;
  • How to use the sketching and diagramming techniques inside your presentation documents to have a more effective presentation;
  • How to use the graphics with good visual effects to let audiences to gain useful information from the presentation easily;
  • How to make sure the information contained in your PPT is influential and can be conveyed effectively;
  • How to use technologies inside the presentation document to make your presentation more attractive.

  • There are a large number of presentations made daily, however, not all of them create a positive effect for their creators. So what methods can be used during the presentation creating process to make the presentation to be more successful? You may find answers in Nancy Duarte's book, slide:ology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations

    2. Where Can I Download slide:ology in PDF Format

    TIf you also want to read slide:ology for getting some practical advice for creating much better PPT documents, then we recommend you get this book for reading. Here, for more convenient reading, you can get some recommendations to download slide:ology in PDF format.

    As its name saying, is a platform where you can search for and get the resources of many ebooks in different categories. By searching for the title, you can be easily navigated to the book you need such as slide:ology, and then purchase the book for online reading or downloading it offline in PDF format. Then you can enjoy reading the book on the devices you have more conveniently.

    eBooks slide:ology


    This platform mainly offers PDF book resources for those who need to get them for academic purposes. You can download the provided PDF book resources in PDF format. And it also offers a full PDF package for pro users with an extra summary and other 9 PDF pages related to this book. You can read the summary and its related information to learn about the book slide:ology better and more easily.

    ACADEMIA slide:ology

    PDF Drive

    Of course, as one of the most popular PDF resource providers, you can easily find the PDF book resource of slide:ology on the PDF Drive platform. You will get both options to preview the book content online or directly download it in PDF format for reading on any device even without opening the web browser. There are more ebook resources offered on PDF Drive, so you can search for the book you need at any time for getting the PDF content for reading conveniently.

    PDF Drive slide:ology

    Tip: How to Convert PDF to PPT When We Need

    Sometimes we have already created a PDF document and want to present the content in front of others using PPT. Then EasePDF online PDF to PPT converter can help to finish the process easily. Here is a tutorial on how to use it.

    Step 1. In your browser, you should turn the window to EasePDF. Then find the "PDF to PPT" tool under the "All PDF Tools" menu on EasePDF's navigation bar.

    EasePDF All PDF Tools PDF to PPT

    Step 2. Now you can press the "Add File(s)" button to add the PDF document you'd like to convert to PPT. Then click the "Convert" button and EasePDF will directly convert the file for you.

    EasePDF PDF to PPT Add File

    Step 3. Finally, when the download icon provides to you, directly press it for saving the PDF document in PPT format!

    3. Platforms to Find Good PPT Templates

    After learning the importance of creating a good presentation, you may wish to create PPT more efficiently but with good outcomes. So this part is going to bring you some platforms where provide very good PPT templates for you to directly use to edit for your PPT document. Now see them and save for getting the templates that are suitable for your needs.

    Slides Carnival

    On Slides Carnival, users can easily find out the PPT templates in the style they like because the platform has made them tidy up according to different types. Also, there are many free templates provided on Slides Carnival so people can download them for use completely for free. If you want to want a decent PPT without wasting too much time, find a suitable template on Slides Carnival can help a lot.

    Slides Carnival


    Slidesgo is also a platform on which offers many different types of PPT templates, including both free and paid templates, allowing people to select from as they need. You can directly search for the templates by typing the keywords on the platform and Slidesgo will bring you there. After downloading the template, you can use it to edit your content directly. It will bring you high efficiency to make a good presentation!



    Instead of downloading office software, Microsoft also offers many well-edited PPT templates so that people can also select their favorite styles and then download the templates they need for use. Microsoft contains many types of PPT templates and they are all designed in very good ways. But people need to pay for using them as a respect towards the designers.


    From these platforms, you can easily find the PPT templates you need and then download them freely or after making payment. Using a well-designed PPT template can save much time in deciding the presentation document by yourself and you just need to focus on creating the content.

    In Conclusion

    Making a good presentation is based on whether you can create a good PPT for presenting the information to your audiences. From slide:ology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations, you can learn a lot to make your presentations to be better. Read it now!

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