How to Start Your Own Online Magazine


Online magazines are traditional magazines that are spread and read through the Internet so that more readers can read them for free and without being restricted by time or place. On the Internet, becoming an online magazine publisher can earn respect and make money quickly and easily.

Have you ever thought about starting your own magazine and gain many online magazine subscriptions? The best way to realize your dream is to create your own online magazine. You can create a website for a magazine or go into some websites to start your online magazine, and then alert your subscribers when a new issue is published on the Internet. Next, we will teach you how to start an online magazine.

Part 1 - What Is An Online Magazine

An online magazine is a magazine published on the Internet, through bulletin board systems and other forms of public computer networks. It can spread and read traditional magazines through the Internet so that more audiences can read magazines without restriction.

Most people don't want to rely on print media such as newspapers and magazines to get the information they need. Instead, they prefer to read newspapers and magazines online or electronically. In this way, they can save a lot of time, energy, and money. Meanwhile, the online magazine can be an important medium for marketing and promotion. Considering how easy it is to make, you can be an online magazine maker for free or for a small fee. When people read them, your company will get a lot of exposure.

Online Magazines

Part 2 - How to Start an Online Magazine

There are many ways to publish online magazines. Some are published online as web pages in a format similar to traditional magazines. Some magazines are published as PDF pages, similar to traditional paper magazines, or as large high-quality graphics using an image viewer to be downloaded to a reader's computer rather than read over the web.

1. Planning the content and the subject of your magazine

Before you do anything else, first determine what topics you want to write about. You need to determine what you want to include in your magazine. This includes your magazine positioning, magazine philosophy, and values. The magazine positioning determines what your readership is, and your philosophy and values determine the quality of the content.

2. Choose a name for the magazine

Try to choose a name that will attract readers to the magazine and also describe the content. Think of a magazine title that contains search engine optimized keywords. You can test your ideas by typing them into Google keywords to see the ideas that get the most clicks. You can also use the keyword tool to recommend titles.

Online Magazine Choose A Name

3. Get an Internet domain name

Choosing the right domain name is very important to the success of your online magazine. Dot com is the most popular and easiest to remember, Dot info is the cheapest domain name and the second most popular domain suffix. However, you can choose from other suffixes (such as .net, .org, .us, and .biz) (there are also other domain suffixes), whatever suffixes you think are most appropriate for those looking for your online magazine. Make sure the name that you choose if descriptive of your online magazine's focus.

Choose Internet Domain Name

4. Design your magazine's website

The design page needs to be concise, generous, and clear. This will catch the eye of your readers. It is best to use pictures and texts for each column. Each section of the magazine needs to highlight key points and be reasonably designed to facilitate users' reading. Different fields can design different page templates.

Design the Magazine Website


"You can decide if you want to hire someone to design your site, or if you're going to do it by yourself. You can always design a simple, free magazine website and then spend more on the professional site when your magazine gets off the ground."

5. Creating your first issue

Come up with stories you want to cover. Research your article idea using sources like books and published texts. Read through research materials such as articles, books, videos, and social media posts to create the article in your magazine. You should look for new perspectives on your magazine's topics to make them feel fresh, relevant, and original. This will make your magazine articles stand out from other magazines and appeal to your target readers.

6. Make an editorial plan

As you plan the contents of the first issue, make a rough plan for the next six publications. You can choose to publish weekly or monthly. Build an editorial calendar for at least one year, ideally for two years. Editorial calendars need to be consistent and help you build exciting, premium content for your digital magazine. Once the plan is ready, you can then consult with a professional on your topic so that they can help you attract readers more quickly.

Make An Editorial Plan

7. Publish your online magazine

After testing all of the links, you can start your own online magazine. Good luck, and best wishes with your new business!

Part 3 - How to Promote or Market an Online Magazine

Online magazines need to generate revenue, but this can be a huge challenge when you start. Like print magazines, advertising also accounts for a large part of online magazine revenue. You should research various avenues to learn to promote and market your online magazine which can help you earn a lot of money.

1. Magazine marketing with social media

Promote your magazine website regularly and improve its ranking. Post regular updates about your magazine on social media and interact with users to increase word of mouth.

Promote Your Magazine

2. Create diverse websites

Enrich your online magazine website that can include pay-per-click ads and affiliate links that generate revenue for you. You can also add online magazine stories and more content to drive traffic to your site. Diversifying not only brings additional income but also increases awareness of your magazine and can enhance your brand.

3. Send an email advertisement

Send email advertisement with magazine link, just like offering digital subscriptions along with print subscriptions on your website, you should always include an offer in your emails. Let every user who receives the email know your online magazine subscription. Of course, the layout of the email should also be exquisite.

Send Email Advertisement


1. How much will it cost to start my magazine online?

You can start your magazine for free on websites like Wix and WordPress. If you want to make more exquisite magazines, you can use some paid websites such as ShortRunPrinting and FlippingBook.

2. How to convert the PDF magazine to the image?

You can use the "PDF to Image" tool in EasePDF to easily convert it.


We believe that many of you have learned how to create a successful online magazine through this article. Hope you can create your own online magazine and earn money successfully. Try to start your online magazine now!

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