Midnight Sun - Stephenie Meyer


As one of the most popular novels recently, Midnight Sun written by Stephenie Meyer has won many readers and gained a good reputation. Are you also curious about this book and is considering to read it when you have free time? Before reading, you can have a review of this book and find some resources for enjoying it according to your needs. This article will introduce Midnight Sun to you and share some platforms or resources for reading it. Don't miss it and enjoy it now!

1. What Is Midnight Sun About

Midnight Sun follows the story of Twilight, which has been released in 2005. And Midnight Sun is released this year (2020). Unlike the other books of the Twilight series, which follow the perspective of Bella Swan to narrate the story, Midnight Sun is written from Edward Cullen's point of view. Also, this story is the only one that the author, Stephenie Meyer, has the plan of telling the story from this character's aspects.

Midnight Sun

After the release of Midnight Sun on August 4, 2020, the book quickly ranked on the best selling lists and attracted so many fans of the Twilight series to purchase for enjoying. In Midnight Sun, you will be brought back to a familiar vampire world again with both happy and devastating outcomes of the immortal love between the characters. No one who has watched Twilight would want to miss this book, and that will be a great pity.

2. Information of Author - Stephenie Meyer

Like J.K. Rowling is famous for her Harry Potter series, the representative novel series is Twilight, which describes the stories of vampire romance. Since the release of Twilight, the series has been translated into 37 foreign languages. With a high reputation, the copies of Twilight are also sold for more than 100 million to readers from all over the world. Stephenie Meyer also became the best-selling author in 2008 and 2009.

Stephenie Meyer

Afterward, as we all known, the story of Twilight was also adapted into movies for attracting more audiences to enjoy. In 2008, Stephenie Meyer was also selected as one of the most influential people in the world, who have brought popular content for readers from different countries to enjoy.

3. 5 Online E-book Resources of Midnight Sun

Today, people are more likely to enjoy books using electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. So for reading Midnight Sun, people begin to find if there are any online resources that they can access and then save to devices for reading more conveniently. In this part, the 5 online e-book resources of Midnight Sun will be introduced to readers who want to enjoy the novel online.


You can directly find the Midnight Sun e-book on the EpubPub platform and just start reading the book online. For online reading, EpubPub offers two versions for readers to select, which is the swipe version and the continuous version. So just based on your reading habit and then select the version to start reading Midnight Sun online. Besides, EpubPub offers the service to let readers download the e-book for offline reading. So you do not need to connect your device to the Internet but can still read the book freely. It makes the reading to be more convenient.

EpubPub Midnight Sun


Booktopia also offers Midnight Sun e-book resource for Twilight fans to enjoy dive in and go back to the vampire world again. You can download the Booktopia Reader app on your devices such as iOS, Android, Windows, desktop, etc. for having an enjoyable reading experience. The e-book resource provided by Booktopia will be saved in ePub format so before downloading you need to make sure whether your device supports this format.

Booktopia Midnight Sun

Rakuten Kobo

This platform also provides the paid version of the Midnight Sun e-book resource for those who would like to enjoy the novel on electronic devices instead of purchasing the physical book. It only costs 14.99 USD to get the e-book resource, which is cheaper than purchasing the physical one. After purchase, you can directly access the book with your devices at any time you want to read and anywhere without bringing a heavy physical novel. It will be convenient for you to read the story.

Rakuten Kobo Midnight Sun


E-books.com also contains the e-book resource of Midnight Sun for people who want to read an e-book instead of getting the physical one. Like other platforms, E-books.com offers online reading, and also allows people to download the e-book for offline watching in ePub format. Like Booktopia, you can also choose to read the book inside the app provided by E-books.com, which is available on many systems such as iOS and Android. But you need to download the apps like E-book Reader, Bluefire Reader, or Aldiko Reader.

Ebooks Midnight Sun


OverDrive has a large e-book library where it offers the latest e-book resources of popular books. So you can easily find Midnight Sun on this platform and then purchase its e-book resource for reading using your electronic devices. You can read the sample provided by OverDrive to see if you want to continue reading this book before making sure to purchase it. OverDrive allows readers to double-check whether they need this book by providing this helpful sample reading service.

OverDrive Midnight Sun

How to Keep ePub E-book in PDF Format

As you can notice, most online e-book resources are saved in ePub format, but this format is not so widely used as PDF format. How can we keep the Midnight Sun e-book resource in PDF for saving on more devices and read more conveniently? The way is to capture the ePub book and then convert the image to PDF.

EasePDF offers the image to PDF converter such as "JPG to PDF" and "PNG to PDF" for saving the images in one PDF document for more convenient read back. So you can also use this way to keep the chapters of Midnight Sun in PDF format for reading later easily.

Step 1. When you read the e-book of Midnight Sun online or using the ePub format, you need to capture the screen for keeping the content in JPG or PNG format.

Step 2. Then you should go to EasePDF and choose the image to PDF converter you need. For example, if the screenshots are kept in JPG format, just go to "JPG to PDF" converter in the "All PDF Tools" menu on EasePDF's navigation bar.


Step 3. Add the images of the Midnight Sun ebook to the converter by clicking the "Add File(s)" button.

EasePDF JPG to PDF Add E-book Images

Step 4. When the images are uploaded, you can place the order of them in the right one. You can also edit them by using the "Layout", "PageSize", and "Margin" tools provided by EasePDF. After that, click "Create PDF" to convert them into PDF format.

EasePDF JPG to PDF Create PDF

Step 5. Finally, when EasePDF converts the images to PDF format, you only need to press the "Download" icon and then save the Midnight Sun e-book in PDF format to your device.

EasePDF JPG to PDF Download PDF Book

4. 3 Places to Enjoy Midnight Sun Audiobook

Instead of reading an e-book, some people may like to enjoy Midnight Sun by listening to audiobook resources on their portable listeners. And they don't need to stare at the screen for a long time. So here, there are 3 places people can enjoy Midnight Sun audiobook resources introduced to you.

Google Play

Google Play is not only a software installation platform but also a digital content provider. So you can find some audiobook resources here, such as the Midnight Sun audiobook. You need to pay for getting this audiobook resource by 19.95 USD. After getting this audiobook, you can play Midnight Sun using your device through Google Play and free both your fingers and eyes.

Google Play Midnight Sun


If you sign up in the Audiobooks platform as a new user, you can get a 30-days free trial and play its provided audiobooks resources for free during this period. So after becoming a member of Audiobooks, you can access Midnight Sun and other audiobooks for enjoying freely. When the free trial is expired and you still do not finish listening to the book, you can pay for getting it for 29.98 USD.

Audiobooks Midnight Sun


We have introduced Kobo above, but more than e-book resources, Kobo also provides audiobook resources for people who need them. So you can also find Midnight Sun audiobook resource in Kobo, which costs only 14.99 USD to purchase. After getting the Midnight Sun audiobook, you can play it back with your portable device and then enjoy the soundtracks no matter you are waiting for a bus or doing exercises in the gym. It is very convenient.

Kobo Midnight Sun


For Twilight fans, you should not and must not miss Midnight Sun, because the story is based on the same universe as Twilight, which can bring you back to that vampire world again. If you are interested in this novel, these resources are all available for you to have a pleasant Midnight Sun reading experience. Just choose the platform you like and the way you want to enjoy the content for getting started immediately.

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