How to Reduce Image Size without Losing Quality


Image files have become one of the most common file types used and shared today. Images are often used in our daily life. When uploading images on some websites or apps, we need to consider the size of the images and pay attention to their quality. When we encounter a large image, we need to reduce the image size as much as possible.

However, some people have no confidence in reduce image size because they believe that reducing the image will affect image quality. Others tried to zoom in on the images found on the Internet, and then they found that the image decline in quality. Today, we would like to introduce some common methods to reduce the size of the images which can help you reduce them without losing quality.


IMG2GO is an online image editor that allows you to edit or reduce image files and photos in many ways. You can also convert different files to the most common and widely supported image formats. One of the best features of IMG2GO is that it can convert any type of file to JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, and even SVG images. You can easily make animated GIFs from videos, or add text, overlays or filters to photos.

The "Reduce Image" feature of IMG2GO is available for image files only. In addition, any rights to your files will not be distributed to any third parties or even the team. The images and all converted files are not checked manually either.

Step 1. Navigate to the website and hit into "Compress image" which shows under the "IMPROVE IMAGE" list.

IMG2GO Compress image

Step 2. Upload your file to the image compressor by clicking the "Choose File" button. You can also upload your file from cloud accounts like Dropbox and Google Drive. Enter URL is also supported.

Step 3. Select an image format from the drop-down list. For compression, the server just offers PNG and JPG format. Then you need to choose the quality you want your image to be saved in. There are four compression rates you can choose from, the better the quality, the larger the file size. As a result, lower quality also reduces the file size.

IMG2GO Compress image Setting

Step 4. When you finished, click the green "START" button to start the reduction process. Then click the "Download" button to save your image or upload your file to your cloud storage.

2. TinyJPG

TinyJPG is one of the best online tools to reduce the file size of your JPEG or PNG images. The result is a quality image without wasting storage or bandwidth. Many image reduction tools do not use optimal compression, wasting valuable bytes. TinyJPG will balance the quality and small file size which can help you reduce image size without losing quality.

Step 1. Go to the TinyJPG website.

Step 2. Drop your PNG or JPG files to the blank. It allows the batch upload of pictures but up to 20 and max 5MB each.

TinyJPG Reduce Image

Step 3. When you upload the images, the system will automatically reduce the images. Wait a few seconds, you can save the file by clicking the "Download all" button or save them to Dropbox.

TinyJPG Reduce Image Download

3. Reduce Images

Reduce Image is an online tool that allows you to apply both compression and size reduction online to any image, and save the resulting images in different image formats like JPG, PNG, GIF, or BMP. With Reduce Images you will get lighter images, easier to upload to websites, send by e-mail or share with your friends.

Step 1. Type into the Reduce Images website then clicks the "Select Image" button to upload the image that you need to reduce.

Step 2. After uploading the images, you need to choose a new size and format of the image. You can also set the quality of the image you need. When you finished, click the "Resize" button to start the reduction.

Reduce Image Setting

Step 3. Wait for a few seconds; you can download the image by clicking the green "Download" icon.

4. Bulk Resize Photos

Bulk Resize Photos is a free online image adjustment tool. Bulk Resize Photos is fast and private. Unlike many other image resizers, your photos are not uploaded to the cloud. Everything is processed on your computer. Under typical conditions, it can resize about 150 photos per minute. On your computer, it might be even faster. Besides, Bulk Resize Photos not only can reduce images but also can convert formats to JPEG, PNG, or WEBP.

Step 1. Visit Bulk Resize Photos through any browser you like on your computer. Drag and drop the images to the blank directly or click the "Choose Image" to upload your image.

Step 2. After uploading the image, you can set the scale, size, width, and so on by clicking the corresponding buttons. At last, hit the "Start Resizing" to reduce your image.

Bulk Resize Photos Image Setting

Step 3. Then you will get your new image in a few seconds.

5. Photoshop

Photoshop is one of the best imaging and graphic design software developed by Adobe in the United States. This professional photography tools make it easy to do everyday edits or total image transformations across desktop and iPad. With Photoshop, you can crop, remove objects, retouch, and combine the images.

Step 1. You need to download and install the Photoshop software on its official website first.

Step 2. Click the "File" > "Open" to open the image that you want to reduce the size.

Step 3. Then click the "File" > "Save for Web…" to start to reduce the image size.

Photoshop File Save for Web

Step 4. Use the settings bar on the right to set the quality. The higher the percentage, the better the quality of the photo.

Photoshop Set the Quality

Step 5. When you finished, click the "Save" button to save the image.


We have introduced 4 online and 1 offline tool for you to reduce the image size. If you just need to reduce the image size, you can use the online tools to reduce the image directly. If you need more advanced editing of images, we recommend you to use the Photoshop software. For more information, or you still have questions, please contact us. We will continue to recommend more useful software for you.

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