How to Manage Hyperlink in Word - Create, Remove & Edit


There are many useful functions in Microsoft Word. Learning these functions can greatly improve our work efficiency. The hyperlink is one of the most popular functions in Word. Hyperlinks are used daily everywhere on the Internet. They are found in blogs, websites, advertisements, etc.

In our daily work, we use Microsoft Word to edit documents. Sometimes we need some content to be linked to other content, such as to link to other paragraphs, audio, pictures, videos, or even web pages. Next, we will teach you how to hyperlink in Word with some useful methods.

1. What Is A Hyperlink

A hyperlink is a word, phrase, or image containing a link that you can click on to jump to a new document or a new section within the current document. Hyperlinks are found in nearly all Web pages, allowing users to click their way from page to page.

Text hyperlinks in Microsoft Word are often blue and underlined. Hyperlinks are a clickable word or section of text that directs your visitors to another web page or Internet resources such as video or image content.

2. How to Create Hyperlink in Word

Hyperlinks are sometimes used in Word documents to help you jump quickly to a specific location or website. In addition to webpages, you can also create hyperlinks to existing or new files on your computer, email addresses, and specific locations in a document. You can also edit the address, display text, and font style or color of a hyperlink.

Create A Hyperlink to A Location on The Web

Step 1. We need to find the icon of Microsoft Word in the computer first, and then click to enter the Microsoft Word.

Step 2. In your Word document, highlight the text you would like to link.

Microsoft Word Highlight The Text

Step 3. Right-click the selected text, point to the "Hyperlink…" option.

Microsoft Word Hyperlink

Step 4. Then you will see a pop-up window. Make sure that you have selected the "Existing File or Webpage" option. If you want to insert web page URL, type or paste URL in the "Address" field at the bottom of the window.

Microsoft Word Insert Hyperlink Enter Web Address

If you want to create a hyperlink to a file on your computer, click "Existing File or Web Page" under "Link to", and then find the file in the "Look" list or the "Current Folder" list.

If you want to create a new file and link to it, click "Create New Document" under "Link to". Type a name for the new file, and then save the file. You can also choose whether to Edit the new document later or open and Edit the new document now.

Microsoft Word Insert Hyperlink Create New Document

If you want to create a hyperlink to a location in the current document, click "Place in This Document". Then select the heading, bookmark, slide, custom show, or cell reference in the list that you want to link to.

Microsoft Word Insert Hyperlink Place In This Document

If you want to create a hyperlink to a new email message, click the "E-mail Address" under the "Link to". Type the email address in the "E-mail address" box, or select an address in the "Recently used e-mail addresses".

Microsoft Word Insert Hyperlink Email Address

Step 5. Click the "OK" button to create a hyperlink.

3. How to Remove Hyperlink in Word

When we paste the text from a web page or another document into Word, we find that a hyperlink is attached. At this time we need to remove the hyperlink and leave only the text. Now, we will teach you how to remove a hyperlink from a single address or remove all the hyperlinks at once.

Remove A Hyperlink from A Single Address

Step 1. Right-click on the hyperlink.

Step 2. Select "Remove Hyperlink" on the pop-up menu.

Microsoft Word Remove Hyperlink

Remove All The Hyperlinks at Once

Step 1. Press "Ctrl+A" to select all text.

Step 2. Press "Ctrl+Shift+F9" to remove all the hyperlinks at once.

4. How to Find Hyperlink in Word

Hyperlinks can link to relevant and useful content. However, when the text is too long, it is difficult to locate the corresponding hyperlinks. In this situation, we can use the "Find and Replace" tool to quickly find the hyperlink.

Step 1. Launch the Microsoft Word document, click "Home" >"Editing" > "Replace" button.

Microsoft Word Editing Replace

Step 2. Then you will see a "Find and Replace" dialog box. Click the "More" button at the bottom of the box. This expands the box to reveal more options.

Step 3. Click the "Format" > "Style." Then find the "Hyperlink" in the list of "Find Style" box. When you finished, click the "OK" button.

Microsoft Word Find and Replace Hyperlink

Step 4. Type the hyperlink that you need to find in the "Find what" box. Select the "Find next" button. The program will highlight the hyperlink.

5. How to Edit Hyperlink in Word

After creating a hyperlink, you can edit it again, such as change the hyperlink, changing the font, etc.

Step 1. If you want to change the hyperlink address, you can right-click the link that you want to edit and click the "Edit Hyperlink".

Microsoft Word Edit Hyperlink Change Address

Step 2. If you want to change the appearance of a hyperlink, such as a font style, size, or color, right-click the link and click "Font" to change it.

Microsoft Word Edit Hyperlink Change Font


1. When I click a hyperlink in Word, I receive a message that indicates that no program is registered to open the file. What do I do to open the file?

You receive this message when Windows is unable to find the program that is associated with the type of document that is specified in the hyperlink path. In this situation, you need to install the program that is associated with the document type that is specified in the hyperlink.

2. How can I easily add hyperlinks to PDF?

Method 1: You can use some PDF editor like DeftPDF to add the hyperlink. For more information, you can read "How to Easily Add Hyperlink to PDF".

Method 2: You can convert the PDF to Word, then add hyperlinks to the converted Word document, and save the Word file back to PDF.


This article lists the methods about managing and using hyperlinks in Microsoft Word. After reading this article, we hope you can create, remove, find, and edit the hyperlink in Word at ease.

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