How to Get Free Books for Amazon Kindle


Amazon Kindle is hardware mainly used for reading ebooks. This invention brought much convenience to people who would like to read books on portable devices instead of holding a physical book all the time.But as you can see from Amazon's provided books, each of them normally costs between $13 and $15, just for the ebook resources.

Some people consider it would be hard to afford ebooks in such prices, especially for those series books with over 1 season. So, how to get free ebooks for Kindle? Don't worry, we'd like to introduce you to some platforms that offer free ebooks for Kindle. Now let's see.

1. 5 Platforms to Get Free Kindle Books

There are many online platforms today which provide lots of free ebooks resources. Therefore, we collect 5 most widely-used ones and would like to share it with you. With them, you can freely get Amazon Kindle books and have a good reading experience with your Kindle.

Kindle Store

Some people may consider that all ebooks provided by the Kindle Store are required to make a payment. But actually, the Kindle Store has a free books section, in which you can access lots of free Kindle books resources. The process to reach these free books is simple. Just go to the "Best Sellers in Kindle Store" section, and tab the "Top 100 Free", then you can find these highly-ranking free books provided by Kindle Store.

Kindle Store Top 100 Free

Project Gutenberg

The other amazing platform on which you can access over 50 thousands of free ebooks for download to your Kindle should be Project Gutenberg. The ebooks provided here are completely legally for free usage because these books' copyrights are expired, or permissions have been gained from their original authors. Therefore, you can feel free to download and read these books personally. Project Gutenberg offers different formats to download ebooks such as TXT, Kindle supported format, and HTML. But if you want a PDF version, you can kindly turn to EasePDF and use the converters like TXT to PDF, and HTML to PDF for converting the ebooks freely.

Project Gutenberg

It is just simple to convert the ebooks with EasePDF. The general process is provided here to help.

Step 1. Launch EasePDF and go to the converter such as HTML to PDF converter in the "All PDF Tools" menu.


Step 2. Press the "URL" button to add the address of the ebook to EasePDF. When you click the "OK" icon, the ebook will be directly uploaded to the converter and EasePDF just starts the conversion.

Step 3. When the conversion is completed, directly hit the "Download" icon, and the ebook will be saved in PDF format on your desktop.

EasePDF HTML to PDF Download Ebook

Internet Archive

With its aim to be a non-profit and knowledge provided, Internet Archive targets at providing people with free resources so that everyone can learn without cost. It contains not only text content, but also other forms of content such as audio and video. The ebooks resources stored on Internet Archive achieve over 3.8 million, so you must be able to find the books you need here for reading on your Kindle. It contains libraries of different countries such as America and Canada, and also different categories that are suitable for both children and adults. Also, this is a place for sharing because it allows you to share the resources you have! Internet Archive is a perfect place to get free ebooks for Kindle.

Internet Archive


For OverDrive, it is a platform designed for people who hold a library card. These library cardholders can access free ebooks on OverDrive and download the resources for reading on Kindle from the public library, schools, or other organizations. Just use your library card number and password to login on OverDrive, then the content is free for you to select. Choose the ebooks you like, download them, and then you could enjoy a free ebooks playback on your Kindle device.



Although Goodreaders is a platform owned by Amazon, there are lots of free ebooks for Kindle you can access here. There are totally around 2,500 ebooks, and most of them are not so popular in public at all. So for people who are hunting for niche titles, Goodreaders is the right place you can go to. Once you discover an interesting book on Goodreaders and you want to save it to your Kindle for reading, just use the download link provided there and save it offline. The process is simple and requires no cost at all.


FAQs: How to Add Books to Kindle

After getting these 5 amazing platforms to save free ebooks for Kindle, your question of "how to get free Kindle books" may probably be solved. Now, as you have downloaded the ebooks to desktop, how should you move them to Kindle? Here we offer 3 ways to you.

Send Ebooks Through Email

The most direct way to move the ebooks to Kindle is to send them through email addresses. Because people have to sign in with the Amazon account on their Kindle, so this email address can be the one to receive these emails. Just by sending them to this Amazon account, and you can easily get the books on Kindle.

Send Ebooks to Kindle

Use Cloud Storage Service

If you have stored the ebooks on a cloud storage platform such as Dropbox, you can directly use the Dropbox application on mobile devices such as a smartphone or a tablet for accessing them. Then, download the Kindle app on your mobile devices, and move the ebooks from Dropbox to the Kindle app. After this, the ebooks can be added to Kindle.

Save Ebook to Dropbox

Use Kindle Ereader

For whose computers have the Kindle e-reader (which can connect the computer and Kindle through USB cable), after connecting the two devices, you can access the "Documents" folder of the Kindle device on your desktop. Then directly drag the ebooks to this folder, and then they can be added easily.

Connect Kindle and Computer

In Conclusion

With Kindle, reading ebooks can be more convenient because people no longer need to carry heavy books in person. These free ebooks providers are also helping people to access knowledge more easily. Now, get free ebooks for Kindle and enjoy your reading time!

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