How to Add Link to Instagram Story


Instagram has updated many new features this year, and one of the most widely used features, especially for Instagram influencers and brands should be the ability to add a link to Instagram Story. By creating links in Instagram Story, celebrities and brands have more chances to attract new customers for promoting their businesses on the platform.

This is a popular feature that welcomed by many Instagram users since its release. In this article, I will show you how to add swipe up on Instagram and help solve the issue of link adding failure for users who have less than 10k followers. Please continue reading.

Part 1 - How to Add A Link to Instagram Story?

Adding a link to Instagram Story is not a difficult thing. Just by going through a few clicks, you can easily add a link to the content you are going to post on Instagram Story.

Step 1. When you are in the Instagram app, you should swipe left to start shooting or selecting content for posting in a story.

Step 2. On the editing page, you can find the "Insert Link" option in the top right of the screen, where there are several editing tools provided.

Step 3. After entering into the link adding page, you should click "URL" and put the link you want to add to Instagram Story there. After this process, press the "Done" button.

Step 4. Now the link has been added to your Instagram Story. Just share it as you do normally. 

Add Link to Instagram Story

When you have added the link to your Instagram Story, as others click into it, they will find a "See More" option at the bottom of your story. By swiping it up, they will be navigated to the link you have added.

Instagram Story See More Option

Part 2 - Why Do I Fail to Add Link to Instagram Story?

This is a great feature updated by Instagram, especially for Instagram celebrities and merchants who want to promote their businesses on Instagram. However, some people still find no way to add a link to Instagram Story. Why? That's because Instagram has implemented limitations to this feature, which means that not all users have the availability to add a link to Instagram Story.

To add a link to Instagram Story, you have to:

  • Own more than 10,000 followers.
  • Own a verified account as a public celebrity or on behalf of an established brand.

So for individuals or common users, Instagram still fails to provide the feature for everyone to add a link to their Instagram Story. But even so, users can still find other alternative ways to add a link to Instagram Story if they need it. I will continue teaching you in the following part.

Part 3 - How Do You Post Link on Instagram Without 10K Followers?

For Instagram accounts that have less than 10k followers, it seems that there is no way for them to post a link in the story. But actually, there are some small tricks in adding a link to Instagram Story even you don't have enough followers or being the verified Instagram account. Here is another method you can try to add a link to Instagram.

Step 1. Instead of adding a link to Instagram Story, you can try to create a video using IGTV at first. In IGTV, you can add a link to the video's description. When audiences stream your IGTV video, they can click the link for browsing the content you want to share.

Step 2. Now return to the main feed of your Instagram for creating an Instagram Story. You can take a photo or share a video. Then click the add link option on the editing tools bar.

Step 3. If you don't have 10k followers or are not a verified account, you won't have the add URL option. Instead, you can see the "IGTV Video" option. Click it and then you can add the IGTV video you just created with a link to Instagram Story.

Add IGTV Video to Story

Part 4 - How to Boost Online Businesses More Efficiently?

This update of Instagram has brought benefits to businesses that want to boost more profit through Instagram. Through posting links to Instagram Story content, brands and shops can generate more traffic from Instagram audiences to their e-commerce marketplaces, thus earning more money. It seems that Instagram is also trying to help improve online selling to support more businesses to work online.

Business on Instagram

Online businesses become more crucial than ever before, especially during this period when COVID-19 is still spreading and affecting people's health. In the future, working online is still the main trend for keeping people safe and healthy. Therefore, more technologies are being improved to create a more efficient working environment for people to work and study at home.

For example, all kinds of online meeting platforms like Google Hangouts, Zoom, etc.; free and helpful online document editing platforms such as Office 365 and Google Docs; web-based PDF editing and converting tools like EasePDF and iLovePDF, etc. All of these professional and reliable tools can help to boost online businesses and working to be more efficient.


Within this year, and even in the future, online businesses will still become a trend as more social media platforms like Instagram will continue improving new features to help prompt them on the Internet. So people are better to learn more ways to improve their working efficiency online, from learning the new updates of different social media platforms, to getting familiar with more helpful and efficient online working tools. This can greatly help you to adapt to the development of society.

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