How to Make Happy Birthday Funny Meme GIF


Today, people dig out a way to express their feelings better while chatting online or social media platforms, which is to use some funny GIFs. These GIFs can be made by ourselves according to our thoughts. When it comes to some special days such as your friend's birthday, using a customized funny happy birthday can make your friend laugh and also express your blessing to him/her.

So in this article, there are some simple and free ways to help you make both still and animated funny happy birthday meme GIFs.

1. Top 3 Online GIF Maker to Make Funny Happy Birthday Meme

Today more and more helpful online tools today, and for making GIFs, there are also many free platforms you can find for helping to create. From lots of selections, we select the 3 most popular sites you can use for creating free happy birthday meme in GIF format. See who are they below.


When we search for an online GIF maker, Ezgif would always come out in the top place of all the searching results. This platform offers an easy way to help people create GIFs, which only needs several simple clicks. Just by importing the photos or videos to the platform, you can easily convert the content into GIF format. Except for the GIF maker tools, Ezgif also provides some GIF editors to allow people to edit the created or creating GIF files. Ezgif offers free services so you don't need to pay for it.



Giphy also offers free service to allow you to create a funny happy birthday meme GIF online without downloading any apps. You just need to take a photo/video or upload the existing content from your devices to the platform, then you can edit the content and create your personalized GIF for celebrating your friend's birthday. Because it is a web-based platform so you can use the tool on any device such as your mobile phones and desktops.


The third recommended online GIF maker is This website is also designed with a simple style, and the features are so simple for everyone to use. It allows people to create happy birthday meme GIFs easily instill, slideshows, or even video animations with an audio soundtrack. No registration set for using this tool, and it is free of cost.

2. Top 3 GIF Marker Apps to Make Happy Birthday GIFs on Mobile Phone

If you are using a mobile phone to create funny happy birthday GIFs for sharing with your friends, then using a helpful GIF maker app is also a good idea. Here are also 3 apps that are going to be introduced to you.

GIF Maker, GIF Editor, Video Maker, Video to GIF

This mobile application brings convenient and powerful functions to allow people to make and edit GIF using their mobile devices smoothly and fastly. It has a colorful and beautiful interface, making the app to be loved by many young people. Using it to create a happy birthday GIF is a simple and also fashionable thing. But notice that this app contains ads and also provides in-app purchases basing on users' needs.

GIF Maker Editor

GIF Maker - Video to GIF, GIF Editor

This GIF Maker app lets people easily create GIFs with the material they have on their mobile phones. You can choose to create from an image, or even from a video. It performs very well to convert video to GIF, with many effects you can add to the GIF. You are sure to get the best happy birthday GIF using this mobile application.

GIF Maker Video to GIF

ImgPlay - GIF Maker

ImgPlay, just like its name, offers an image to GIF converter to let people easily create GIF from image materials. It also offers a video to GIF and GIF editor to let people create and enhance a GIF file to have better effects. The functions of this tool are simple so you don't need to waste much time on creating some funny happy birthday GIFs in ImgPlay.


3. Convert YouTube Video to GIF to Create Funny Happy Birthday GIF

YouTube is always the best place today for people to find video resources. So if you discover a video material on YouTube and want to convert it to GIF for being the happy birthday meme to share with your friends. How to do it? GifRun offers free YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter video to GIF converters for people to create GIFs from the videos uploaded on these platforms. This is a simple tutorial part to teach you how to use it to create a happy birthday meme.

Step 1. At first, you need to go to YouTube and then also go to the video which you need to convert it to GIF format. Then directly copy the address of the YouTube video.

YouTube Copy URL

Step 2. Then in your browser, go to GifRun and directly paste the video link into the blank bar on the page. Then GifRun will automatically read the URL.

GifRun Paste URL

Step 3. Now edit the happy birthday GIF using the functions provided by GifRun. After finishing editing, hit the "CREATE GIF" button to get your birthday meme.

GifRun Edit GIF

Step 4. Finally, directly hit the "DOWNLOAD GIF" icon and you can get your customized happy birthday GIF to your device offline.

GifRun Download GIF

4. How to Make Happy Birthday GIF from Part of A PDF File

From the above methods, you can know how to convert images and videos into a funny happy birthday GIF with so many helpful and effective tools. But what if you find a part of a PDF file is interesting for making it a happy birthday meme? Don' worry! This is simple too if you can get how to use EasePDF to help. Its PDF to GIF converter can bring simple but powerful help to create a funny happy birthday meme from part of a PDF document.

Step 1. Open EasePDF in your platform and go to its provided converter "PDF to GIF" converter. You can find this tool under "All PDF Tools" on the navigation bar.


Step 2. Press the "Add File(s)" button for uploading the PDF to the converter. Then all the pages will be converted to GIF files automatically.

EasePDF PDF to GIF Add File

Step 3. Now you will get a zip file with all the pages converted into GIF format. Just press the "Download" button for saving the zip file to your device. When the download is completed, open the zip file for uncompressing it to a folder.

Step 4. Select the part of the PDF document which has been converted as your happy birthday meme, then delete all other files for saving the storage space.

5. 3 Platforms to Get Free Funny GIFs

If you don't want to make GIFs by yourself but want to get some for direct usage, here are also 3 platforms recommended to you. On these platforms, you can directly save the funny GIFs for offline use, and they are completely free of cost. Check them now!


Except for creating your GIFs, Giphy also provides a large database with countless GIF resources for direct usage freely. You can navigate to the "Explore" section and browse for the GIF you like. Then right-click the GIF and you can save it to your device easily.

Giphy Funny GIFs


The Tenor is another platform where you can discover lots of funny GIF resources for direct usage. By typing the keywords "funny" on its search bar and there will be lots of funny GIFs showed to you. Moreover, these GIFs are divided into more detailed categories so you can find those you need in the specific one.

Tenor Funny GIFs


Pinterest is a platform for sharing articles and images, but we also discover that there are lots of funny GIFs uploaded to the platform, and everyone can access them, then save for personal use! So when you have no time in creating funny GIFs by yourself, you can choose to go to Pinterest for getting an existing one directly.

Pintereset Funny GIFs


You now get all the ways to make a happy birthday funny meme GIF. No matter you want to make it from an image, video, or a PDF document, you can find the corresponding method and tool here to help. Now try to make your first happy birthday meme and share it with your friends.

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