5 Form Template You Must Have (Free Download Resource)


In our daily life, there are many occasions that we need to submit a form, whether digitally or in the paper. For instance, we have to fill in a Form 1040 before we can file our taxes. And if you're a landlord who's ready to lease your house, you'll have to prepare a lease agreement form by yourself. So how do we find these kinds of form templates and how should we edit it?

In this post, we'll provide free download resources of the 5 most common form templates. Also, we'll show you how to fill in these forms and what should you pay attention to.

Power of Attorney Form

A Power of Attorney (POA) form is a legal document to grant authority to another individual to act or represent on your behalf. In other words, this form enables another person to make decisions (short-term or long-term) for you legally. The person who authorizes to another is called the "Principal" on a Power of Attorney form, and the person who gets authorized is called the "agent", "attorney", or "attorney-in-fact". you can grant certain powers to the attorney-in-fact you choose. The powers you can grant include finance, business, real estate, family, and general authority.

Durable Power of Attorney for Finances

Different Types of Power of Attorney Forms

There are four types of Power of Attorney forms including general, specific, ordinary, and durable forms. Let's have a go through the difference between them quickly.

  • General: This type of forms grant your attorney-in-fact the authority to make any decision on all of your property-based and financial affairs.
  • Specific: Specific Power of Attorney forms only grant certain powers to your agent, which will restrict their responsibilities to certain types of decisions.
  • Ordinary: Ordinary Power of Attorney (OPA) forms can only be used when the principal has mental capacity. Once the principal becomes mentally incapacitated or dies, the document will end automatically.
  • Durable: A Durable Power of Attorney means there's a language within the document that states an agent's authority remains in force if the principal becomes mentally incapacitated. It will also end automatically when the principal dies.

Here are some templates of different kinds of Power of Attorney forms, please select and download the one you need.

  • Durable ($) Power of Attorney: PDF, Word
  • General ($) Power of Attorney: PDF, Word
  • IRS Power of Attorney (Form 2848): PDF
  • Limited Power of Attorney: PDF, Word
  • Medical Power of Attorney: PDF
  • Real Estate Power of Attorney: PDF, Word


"Some of the templates don't have Microsoft Word version, but you can download the PDF templates and then convert PDF to Word if you still wish to have the Word templates."

Bill of Sale Template

A Bill of Sale is also called a “purchase and sale”, which is a document that transfers ownership of goods between two persons or two parties. This form is used when a person wants to sell their goods to others, when people want to exchange possessions of their goods, or when people want to mortgage their goods to get a loan. The content of the Bill of Sale is usually very simple. It consists of a description of the goods being sold, buyer and seller's names and signatures, the date of transaction, and the amount and method of payment.

Bill of Sale Template

Here we offer you some typical Bill of Sale Templates, maybe one of them is what you're looking for.

  • Bill of Sale Template: PDF
  • Personal Property Bill of Sale Template: PDF, Excel
  • Business Bill of Sale Template: PDF, Word
  • Furniture Bill of Sale Template: PDF, Word
  • Equipment Bill of Sale Template: PDF, Excel

If the templates we offer can't satisfy your requirements, just Google "Bill of Sale Template" and choose "Images" on the top menu bar. Once you find the images of templates you like, you can combine images into PDF so that you'll have a Bill of Sale Template in PDF format.


"To get more advice on writing a Bill of Sale, please visit this wikiHow tutorial 3 Ways to Write a Bill of Sale."

Residential Lease Agreement

A Residential Lease Agreement is a lease agreement signed by a landlord and a tenant for renting commercial or residential properties. This contract is used to stipulate the terms and conditions of a tenancy, such as the property details, rent payment details, and the rental rights and obligations of the landlord and tenant.

The legal force of a Residential Lease Agreement is usually only last for a period of time. For example, one year, two years, or even a few months. The lasting time depends on the contract rental time of an agreement stipulates.

Residential Lease Agreement Template

We've listed some good templates of Residential Lease Agreement, hope you can find something useful.

  • Standard Lease Agreement Template (1): PDF, Word, ODT
  • Standard Lease Agreement Template (2): PDF, Word
  • Month to Month Lease Agreement Template: PDF, Word
  • SubLease Lease Agreement Template: PDF, Word


"Some of the PDF templates may be encrypted with passwords. In this case, you can quickly remove the password from PDF online for free on EasePDF."

Application for Employment

An application for employment is a form asking specific information of candidates that are seeking a job. Many companies use this form to filter their job seekers, as it helps to find the right person that fits a specific position the most.

The questions of an application for employment usually include personal information like legal name, phone number, email, address, etc, education information like degrees, school of graduation, major, graduation dates, etc, and work experience like previous positions held, previous companies employed at, previous dates of employment, etc.

Application for Employment Template

Application for Employment Template Free Resources:

  • Employment Application Template: Word
  • Employment/Job Application Template: PDF, Word, ODT
  • Application for Employment Template: PDF

Last Will and Testament Template

A Last Will and Testament is a legal document that is used to express how a person's real and personal property will be distributed after his/her death. It enables a person to control what happens to his/her estate when he/she dies. The person who creates this will is called the "Grantor" or "Testator".

Last Will and Testament Template

Looking for a Last Will and Testament template that you can use right away? See if the following resources fit your requirements.

  • Last Will and Testament Template (1): PDF, Word, ODT
  • Last Will and Testament Template (2): Word
  • Last Will and Testament Template (3): Word

We hope this post will help you find the perfect template of these forms. Need more form templates? Please feel free to let us know by leaving a comment. We'll try our best to find the free resources for you.

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