5 Different Ebook Formats, Which is The Best?


The digital market is expanding with new user habits and new tools. With the development and growth of the e-Books market, many people choose e-Books to replace physical books, and we have seen a variety of e-Books formats. Many of these formats are now disappearing, and some formats have become popular with development and support.

Nowadays, more and more people are reading e-Books because they cost less and are more portable. However, it's not all good news for readers. Unlike MP3, which can be put on any music player and then you can listen to the music directly, e-Books have a proprietary format and not all readers support all the formats. There are many formats for e-Books, but do you actually use most of them? It is absolutely impossible. Therefore, we have narrowed it down to the easiest and most widely used e-Books formats. In this article, we will introduce 5 of the most common formats, explain their advantages and disadvantages, and tell you which one is the best.


EPUB format became the official standard of the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) in September 2007 to replace the OEB format. The EPUB format can be read on many mobile devices and it supports the most reading software except the Kindle. In many cases, many of the e-Books we have collected online are in EPUB format. If you want to read e-Books in EPUB format on Kindle, you must convert EPUB format to PDF format. If you don't know how to convert it, you can get the solution from How to Convert EPUB to PDF.

PDF Candy EPUB to PDF Upload File

In addition, the EPUB format is compatible with many formats for complex typography, charts, formulas, and other elements. The predictable advantage in the future is that the EPUB format will support multimedia content such as audio and video. You can download free EPUB books from KOBO, Epub Books, MPH online, Smashwords and so on. Some of these sites may need you to register their websites first and then you can download their free e-Books.


  • Text reflows possible
  • Unified standard
  • Smaller volume
  • Free to scale
  • Versatility


  • Not applicable to Kindle


MOBI is the name given to the format developed for the MobiPocket Reader. So MOBI is another e-Books format. MOBI is a proprietary format for Amazon e-Books. I believe that many people are familiar with this format after they use the Kindle. The development of the MOBI format can be said to be completely dependent on Amazon, a powerful content provider, and the popularity of Kindle.

There are two sources of the most MOBI e-Books on the Internet. One is the MOBI converted from EPUB, PDF or TXT, and the other is purchased from the Amazon store. With the exception of Barnes and Noble Nook Reader, you can use the MOBI format on any reading device.

Read the e Books


  • It has a high market share
  • Suitable for multiple readers including Kindle
  • Better typography


  • MOBI 7 format does not support rich typesetting formats in Kindle
  • If you synchronize the MOBI 8 format e-Books to your Kindle via email, the e-Books will not be able to display the cover on the Kindle

3. IBA

IBA is another common e-Books format. It is used for the format of books created in Apple's iBooks Author application. This format is very similar to EPUB format. However, it can only rely on custom widget code in the Apple Books app to work, so it cannot be universally read on all e-readers.

If you want to use e-Books in IBA format, then you need to write through iBooks Author. The IBA format can support not only video but also sound, images and interactive elements. Meanwhile, IBA format is suitable for e-books, company product displays, company brochures and so on. The difference is that the content created by IBA will be published in the iBooks Store instead of the various categories of Apps.


  • Better typography
  • Support videos, images, and music


  • Can't be universally read on all e-readers
  • Fewer templates

4. AZW

Most of the books currently purchased from Amazon are already in the AZW format. In the past, the mainstream MOBI format is becoming less and less. AZW format is gradually replacing MOBI as the mainstream format for Kindle e-Books.

AZW format is the proprietary format in Amazon, so it is not as widely supported in e-readers as EPUB and MOBI format. All the Amazon Kindle products can read the AZW format, but you cannot read the AZW format in other popular devices, such as Nook and Kobo e-readers. AZW files can store complex content like bookmarks, annotations, and highlights.

e Books


  • Beautifully typeset
  • Can download directly from Amazon Store


  • The format is only supported on Kindle devices
  • Cannot be stored on Amazon Cloud or synced to other Kindle devices

5. PDF

PDF is one of the most common e-Book formats. It is dominated by Adobe. The software for PDF creation and typesetting is very professional and functional. The e-Books in PDF format are very easy to find on the Internet. Many academic materials are only in PDF format and almost all platforms support to read the PDF file.

PDF format can insert charts, pictures, embedded fonts, etc., and even have a variety of complex typesetting. It can also maintain the original appearance of paper books, which makes PDF a more mainstream e-Books format. You can download the PDF e-Books conveniently on the Internet. If you don't know where to download the PDF e-Books, you can get the solution from 12 Sites to Free Download PDF e-Books Like Library Genesis.

Free e Books Online Library


  • Ability to retain the original file format
  • Easy to spread
  • Completely save the layout of the book
  • Suitable for multiple devices and e-readers


  • Large memory
  • Sometimes it loads slowly


Through the above introduction and comparison, we will recommend you the PDF e-Books format. EPUB, MOBI, AZW, IBA format cannot support most devices. You need to convert these formats to another format. This is very time-consuming. PDF e-Books format can work with most devices and it also can make notes on the devices, this function will greatly help your learning and reading. Don't hesitate! Just download the e-Books in PDF format and read it!

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