How to Download Instagram Photos


Instagram is a fashionable social media platform that allows users to share images and videos. Many youngsters enjoy using Instagram to share the moments of their daily lives and have interaction with their friends. We can also discover lots of beautiful, awesome photos on Instagram.

But if you want to save the photos, you will feel frustrated because Instagram doesn't let users do so. So what if we want to download photos from Instagram?

1. Screenshot Instagram Photos for Saving

Although Instagram doesn't offer the service which can let users download photos from Instagram, people can still have a way to save the beautiful images they like. The simplest and cost-free way is to screenshot the images and save them to image files (screenshot pictures are mostly stored in PNG format). Today, no matter you are using computers or mobile phones, there has a screen capture function equipped with the devices.

For example, on PC, directly press the "Print Screen" button on the keyboard, then you can screenshot the whole computer screen at once. Also, by pressing "Ctrl + Alt + A", you can customize the screenshot size according to your need.

Screenshot on PC

On iPhone (iPhone X or later), press the volume and home buttons at the same time then you can capture the screen. On Android (Galaxy for example), place the side of your hand on the screen and swipe right and you will save the screenshot to Gallery.

After the screenshot of the Instagram photo is taken, cut the size into the one you need and you can successfully save it to your devices forever.

2. How to Download Instagram Photos on PC

Although screenshot Instagram photos is a good idea to save them offline, for some people who fail to customize the size of the photos, this is not an ideal solution for them. Except for screenshot of the Instagram photos, downloading them directly is still possible. On PC, you can use the free Instagram photo downloader to help.

Step 1. Use a website called Insta Downloader in your browser. First, you should open it for preparing to download a photo from Instagram.

Step 2. Open Instagram, and you need to copy the link of the photo from the platform. Then go to Insta Downloader, where you can paste the link of the photo into the blank there. Then press "Download Photo".

Insta Downloader PC

Step 3. Wait for a second to let Insta Downloader show the result for you. When the tool provides a download button to save the photo, just hit it and you can get the photos downloaded on your PC.

3. How to Download Instagram Photos on Android/iPhone

Because Insta Downloader is an online platform, so you can also use it on your Android/iPhone device to download Instagram photos. This tool is free of cost, so no money has to be paid before using it.

Step 1. Wake up your Android/iPhone and go to the Instagram platform or its app. Like on the PC, you should copy the link of the photo, which is the content you want to download on Android/iPhone.

Mobile Copy Instagram Photo Link

Step 2. Now open a web browser on your Android/iPhone device. Then directly go to Insta Downloader and also paste the link of the Instagram photo to its blank space. When the link is pasted, press "Download Photo" immediately.

Insta Downloader Mobile

Step 3. Just wait for Insta Downloader to provide the downloading option to you. When it shows up, hit the button and you can save the Instagram photo to your Android/iPhone device.

Except for Insta Downloader, actually, you have more choices to download Instagram photos because there are several helpful online Instagram Downloaders that can bring you free help. Here are other two you can try.


Just like Insta Downloader, Ingramer is also an online downloader which can help to download content from Instagram, including photos, videos, profile, stories, and even IGTV videos. Because users can access it online, so on Android, iPhone, or computers, you can use this tool to save the content from Instagram as you want. More importantly, this is also a free tool needs no cost!



With a very simple interface, DownloadGram also makes its service as simple as possible for every user to save their favorite photos from Instagram. Just by pasting the URL of the Instagram post to DownloadGram's bar, the content can be detected and users can save the photos, videos of the post offline. It is a simple tool that can be used on both Android and iPhone.

4. Convert Instagram Image to PDF for Saving

When you have downloaded or screenshot Instagram images to your devices, you may easily get them to mess up because you have saved lots of photos. Here is a small tip for you to keep them in order so that you can reach back to them for reviewing more easily. The way is to convert Instagram images to PDF in one document, then the images can be saved in order and you can just get back to one document for reviewing them.

The only tool you need is EasePDF, which is also a free tool that needs no cost at all. Besides, because EasePDF is also a web-based tool, so you can use the tool on any device, for example, computers, iPhone, Android, and more, only if you have installed a web browser on your devices.

Step 1. Go to EasePDF. You need to check what format your saved Instagram photos are. If they are in PNG format, just find the PNG to PDF converter under the "All PDF Tools" menu. If they are stored in JPG format, then use JPG to PDF converter provided by EasePDF.

EasePDF PNG to PDF Converter

Step 2. When you go to the converter, press the "Add File(s)" button in the middle to select the Instagram images from your devices. You can select more than one documents at once.

EasePDF PNG to PDF Add File

Step 3. After adding the images, you can rotate each of them or put them in the order you like. Then just hit "Create PDF" and you can convert these images into a single PDF document with the help of EasePDF.

EasePDF PNG to PDF Create PDF

Step 4. Just a moment, EasePDF will prepare the converted PDF document for you. Now the final step you need to do is to click the "Download" button for saving the file offline. Also, you can choose to save the document to online platforms such as GoogleDrive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, so that you won't waste the storage of your devices but can still reach it at any time you want. After that, you can get back to the saved Instagram photos inside this PDF document conveniently!


Instagram is a great platform to discover photos, and saving Instagram photos can be so simple with the help of devices' screenshot features and also the helpful Instagram photo downloader. The tool, EasePDF, which helps to manage Instagram photos is also an important platform you can make full use of. Take all of them for not letting your favorite photos on Instagram disappear easily!

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