How to Convert Heic to JPG for Free


Heic is a file extension that Apple uses for the image format. This format is great for live photos because it can contain an image sequence. Heic supports iOS11 and macOS High Sierra.

However, this format cannot be opened in Windows but it's a good idea to use the free online Heic converter to convert the HEIC to JPG, so you can open the Heic photos on your PC. Heic format is the image used in the later stage of the iPhone, so it must have its unique place. Compared with the JPG format, the Heic format not only reduces the file size by half but also retains the image quality.

Section 1 - What Is A Heic File?

Heic is an image file format used for storing both individual images and sequences of images. Since iOS 11 on the iPhone, the default file format for photos has been Heic. The best part about the Heic format is that you can store twice as many pictures in the Heic format as in JPEG in the same size and quality because it uses the next-generation file compression.

Section 2 - How to Open Heic File on Windows

1. Install the HEIC Extension (Windows 10)

Windows computers do not yet support the Heic file format, you cannot access files in this format using the built-in features on your computer. In this situation, we can install the HEIC Extension to open it.

Step 1. Double-click the Heic file to open the "Photos" app.

Step 2. Then click the "Download codecs at Microsoft Store" link to install the HEIC Extension.

Windows Download HEIC Extension

Step 3. After the download is complete, you can open Heic files like any other image. Just double-click them and they will open in the "Photos" application.

2. Convert the Heic File to JPG File

JPG files can be opened in any version of Windows, so converting the Heic file to JPG is a convenient method to open the Heic file on Windows. You can use the online Heic converters we recommended below to convert the file.


"In addition to converting to JPG format, you can also convert Heic to PDF, Heic to PNG to view the Heic file on your computer by the online converters we recommended below. "

Section 3 - How to Convert Heic to JPG

If you want to view Heic images on your Windows computer, it's a good idea to use the free online Heic converters to convert the Heic to JPG. In the next section, we will recommend 3 online Heic converters to you which can help you view the image on Windows easily.

1. Convertio

Convertio is a file converter that supports more than 25600 different conversions between more than 300 different file formats. This converter can work for all platforms. There is no need to download and install any software. The server will delete uploaded files instantly and converted ones after 24 hours. No one has access to your files and privacy is 100% guaranteed.

Step 1. Navigate to the "HEIC to JPG Converter" in Convertio.

Step 2. Upload your Heic file. Select files from the computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, URL, or by dragging it on the page.

Convertio Upload Heic File to JPG

Step 3. Choose JPG format as a result which shows under the "Image" list.

Convertio Heic to JPG Select JPG Format

Step 4. You can convert your files in batch by clicking the "Add more files" button. Finally, click the "Convert" button to start the conversion. Let the file convert and you can download your JPG file right afterward.

2. CloudConvert

CloudConvert is an online file converter. It supports audio, video, document, e-Book, archive, image, spreadsheet, or presentation format conversion. They do not collect any data from your uploaded files. The Files are deleted after 24h at the latest. You can delete your uploaded files at any time.

Step 1. Navigate to CloudConvert in your browser.

Step 2. Click the "Select File" to upload the file from your computer. Uploading the Heic file by pasting the URL or uploading it from your cloud accounts is also supported.

CloudConvert Select File

Step 3. Choose "JPG" as your output file format. You can also add more Heic files for batch conversion.

CloudConvert Upload Heic to JPG

Step 4. Hit the "Convert" button to convert the Heic file to JPG then click the "Download" button to download the file.

3. Aconvert

Aconvert can convert all kinds of documents, e-Book, images, video, audio, and archive files online for free. They are a professional software team that started to develop software since 2000. In addition, the converter also allows you to change the file size, bitrate, or frame rate as you convert, and comes with built-in video cutting, merging, rotating, and cropping features.

Step 1. Navigate to the Aconvert homepage.

Step 2. Choose "Image" to convert images online.

Aconvert Image Converter

Step 3. Choose your Heic file from your computer. You can also upload it from URL, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

Aconvert Image Converter Upload

Step 4. Choose the target image format. Choose "JPG" as your output format.

Aconvert Choose JPG Format

Step 5. Adjust the size. You can use the original image size or select the "Change width and height" option and enter your image size.

 Aconvert Change Width and Height

Step 6. Click the "Convert Now!" button to start batch conversion. The output files will be listed in the "Conversion Results" section. Click the "Download" icon to download the file. You can also save the file to online storage services such as Google Drive or Dropbox.


How to open Heic file on Mac?

First, you can use the "Photo" application that comes with your Mac. This application can view the Heic format directly. Second, you can open Heic files on Mac using the "Preview" application.


We believe that you already know how to convert Heic files after reading this article. If you are a Windows 10 user, you can directly open Heic files by installing Heic Extension. For other users, you can use the Heic converter we mentioned above to convert your files.

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