How to Compress Word Document Online


Compressing Word documents is a need for people under some situations, for example, when your word file is too large to share through some social chatting platforms, or the file uploading speed is too slow when you want to enclose a Word document in an email. You may want to know whether there are tools that can help us to compress Word documents online so we don't need to install any other software on our computers.

In this article, there are both tools recommended to compress word Documents and also compress PDF online without downloading other applications. Now, you can learn these easy ways on your own.

Part 1 - 4 File Compressors to Compress Word Size Online

When you search online, there will be many available file compressors that allow you to compress Word size online easily. Here are 5 of them that can bring a good user experience for you to reduce the size of the Word document with very simple steps.


Wecompress focuses on providing the best compression service to let users compress the size of different documents. You can use Wecompress to reduce the size of Word, PPT, Excel, JPEG, and so on. When you open the home page of Wecompress, just click the big plus button for adding the Word document you want to compress its size to the compressor, then Wecompress will complete the compression for you. Don't forget to download the compressed document after it finishes functioning.



YOUCompress provides compressors for documents of different formats to get their sizes smaller. But a shortcoming of YOUCompress is that it has ads on its web pages, including the compressors, so users' usage experience may be affected and they can confuse the process. However, YOUCompress is still a good compressor for Word because it can work quickly to help users get the compressed documents as they need. And this tool is also free to use.


This is another expert in file compression, which offers many different tools to compress documents with different formats easily. allows users to preset the compression settings such as the image quality and PPI to the data that people need, so the compression can be more accurate in fitting people's requirements. But doesn't allow the document to be larger than 40MB. So if your Word document is larger than 40MB, you can't use to make its size smaller.

Docu Compress

You can use Docu Compress to compress documents online easily, including Word, Excel, PPT, and PDF. The compression process would be very simple because Docu Compress has made its tool simple to use. You can use this compression tool on any devices because only with a browser and you can access it. So no matter what systems you are using, you can use this online tool to compress Word documents easily.

Docu Compress

Part 2 - How to Compress Word Documents At Once

In most cases, these online Word compressors allow users to compress more than one document at once. You only need to choose all the files for uploading when the pop-up file browsing window shows up after clicking the add file button in the compressor.

But some limitations would be added to different file compressors when people use them. For example, some compressors only allow you to compress 10 documents at once, or you need to upgrade to the subscription version to unlock the feature to batch compress documents. But in most cases, compressing Word documents at once is possible.

Part 3 - Why It Is Better to Compress PDF?

PDF now has become a universally used document format because it can present content with better quality. Normally, Word would compress the images that people add into the Word documents because it would try to maintain the size of the Word document to be as small as possible. So when your images inside the Word document has been compressed after saving, and you use a Word compressor to compress the document again, the image quality may be too worse to present.

By comparison, PDF would maintain the best condition of the image quality even you use a file compressor to compress PDF documents. So today, many people would use PDF format to save content instead of using Word. Or they would convert Word to PDF before compressing the document for making sure the quality would not lose badly. So, in the following part, you will be recommended a powerful PDF compressor to compress PDF online.

Part 4 - The Best File Compressor to Compress PDF Online

EasePDF is the online PDF tools provider that offers a powerful PDF compressor to reduce the size of the PDF documents without losing too much quality. The reason why EasePDF is recommended should be its powerful PDF compressor, which offers flexible PDF document compression method. People can choose to upload a single file or multiple PDF documents for compressing at once. Besides, they can also use the URL to compress PDF documents easily. The tutorial will show below.

Compress PDF Documents in EasePDF

Step 1. Open EasePDF and then go to the "Compress PDF" tool. You can easily find this tool on the menu bar of the main page.

EasePDF Compress PDF

Step 2. Then press the "Add File(s)" button to add the PDF documents you want to compress to the tool. After that, EasePDF will allow you to choose a compression level from 1 to 10 for compressing the document. And you should press the "Convert PDF" button.

EasePDF Compress PDF Select Rate

Step 3. When EasePDF prepares the compressed document for you, click the "Download" icon for saving it to the computer immediately.

Compress PDF Document By URL

Step 1. After going to EasePDF, open the "Compress PDF" tool.

Step 2. This time, you should click the "URL" icon under the "Add File(s)" button. Then enter the URL of the PDF document you need to compress its size.

EasePDF Compress PDF Add URL

Step 3. Now, also select a compressed level and click the "Compress PDF" to start compressing the PDF document's size.

Step 4. Finally, when the PDF document is compressed, you can click the "Download" button to get the compressed PDF file.

In Conclusion

No matter you are finding a Word compressor or a PDF compressor, you can easily find the tool you need from the Internet. And many of them are easy to use and also helpful. When you are in some conditions that you need to compress your Word or PDF documents, the introduced methods above can be helpful to you.

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