8 Best Microsoft Office Suit Alternatives


Microsoft Office is a suite of office software based on the Windows operating system developed by Microsoft Corporation. Its common components are Word, Excel, PowerPoint and so on. It works on desktop computers, tablets and phones so many people use Microsoft Office to work.

Microsoft Office is still the best office suite for most users. However, it's more expensive than other Office suits. Many users find the price is too high, so what are the free Microsoft Office alternatives? Here, we will introduce 8 Microsoft Office Suit alternatives to you along with their advantages and disadvantages.

1.WPS Office

WPS Office is an office software suite that can implement the most commonly used functions of office software such as text, forms, presentations, and other functions. It supports reading and outputting PDF files, and is fully compatible with Microsoft format. It can be used on multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. WPS Office has desktop and mobile version. And WPS mobile version has covered more than 50 countries and regions through the Google Play platform.

WPS Office software can automatically synchronize documents at any location, any place, at any time. You can sign in to your WPS Office account to activate the sync service. Any changes you make on any device will apply to all devices.

WPS Office


  • Supports 126 language applications, including many rare and small languages
  • Supports PDF comment, PDF convert, PDF compress, PDF sign, etc
  • Multiple skins to show your personality
  • Supports cloud storage


  • The recommendations on spell check are not accurate sometimes in terms of syntax, grammar, and semantics
  • Less cloud storage space
  • Lacks ODF support

2. LibreOffice

LibreOffice is a powerful and free office suite that is used by millions of people around the world. LibreOffice includes several applications that make it the most versatile Free and Open Source office suite on the market: Writer (word processing), Calc (spreadsheets), Impress (presentations), Draw (vector graphics and flowcharts), Base (databases), and Math (formula editing).

The interface of LibreOffice is not as gorgeous as Microsoft Office, but it is very simple and practical. It just requires a lower system configuration and occupies less memory. So you can use this office suite anytime and anywhere.

LibreOffice Calc


  • Free to use
  • Works with all MS Office files
  • Creates CSVs for importing
  • One-click export to PDF


  • Some MS Office documents' special formatting in Word and Excel doesn't convert well when you are opening these documents using LibreOffice
  • Some Excel created spreadsheets have formatting issues
  • Some tools are not intuitive

3.Apache OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice is a cross-platform office software suite that runs on operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac, and Solaris. It is compatible with every major office software suite. It can not only complete the basic operations like WORD and EXCEL but also adds features such as writing web pages and mathematical equations.

Apache OpenOffice contains all the office software you need, in one single package. You don't have to worry about which version to install: one installation program provides everything. The installation also includes features that some expensive rivals do not have. For example, the ability to create PDF files when you want to guarantee what the recipient sees on their computer.

Apache OpenOffice


  • All components can be installed at once
  • Data can be easily transferred between all components
  • You can use it to open the Microsoft files directly and start editing immediately


  • Some tools are not intuitive
  • The interface of the software is outdated

4. iWork(Mac)

iWork is an office suite developed by Apple for OS X and iOS operating systems. If you are a Mac user, it is a good choice for you. Pages, Numbers, and Keynote are the best ways to create amazing work. With iWork, your team can work together, whether they're on Mac, iPad, or iPhone.

"Pages" is a powerful word processor that lets you create stunning documents. You can even use Apple Pencil on your iPad to add comments and illustrations by hand. "Keynote" is a slideshow application focused on presentations. It is lighter than Microsoft's Powerpoint software in many ways but offers many new features of the iWork package. "Numbers" is a new electronic form application in iWork. Its main features include smart forms, removable artboards, interactive printing, and more.



  • Multiple users can collaborate on the same document, spreadsheet or presentation for free
  • The kit and interface are simple
  • More suitable for novices


  • It can only be used on a Windows device via iCloud
  • Can result in incompatibility problems when opening documents from different versions of MS Office

5. FreeOffice

FreeOffice is an excellent office suite that is clear, comprehensive, professional, and reliable. It includes three components: TextMaker, PlanMaker, and Presentation. You can use modern ribbons or classic menus and toolbars. At the same time, FreeOffice supports sharing files directly with Microsoft Office users, without having to export them first.

Unlike some other free office suites, FreeOffice can automatically identify spelling mistakes in all three of its programs. The interface of the SoftMaker program is easy to use, and the product offers a wide range of tools and functions that make it a sound, usable office suite.

FreeOffice Presentation


  • Shares files directly with Microsoft Office users without exporting them
  • Ability to switch between modern ribbons and classic menus
  • Excellent compatibility with lots of Office formats


  • Doesn't support cloud storage
  • Spreadsheets lack modern graphic features
  • Limited presentations features

6. Polaris Office

Polaris Office is an easy-to-use and powerful mobile office suite developed by INFRAWARE for mobile terminals. It can view and edit common office documents such as Word documents, Excel tables, Microsoft Office PowerPoint slides.

With Polaris Office, you can not only open and read Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and TXT documents on your iPad or iPhone, but also easily edit them. The useful templates, editing tools, and intuitive user interface bring users a PC-like operating experience. If you are used to working with smartphones and tablets, then Polaris Office is your best choice.

Polaris Office


  • Compatible with the ODF standard
  • Works on any device, anytime and anywhere
  • Smart scroll support
  • You can view the list of files in a ZIP archive in the office suite without extracting them


  • No editing in the browser interface
  • No team management or project management feature in the cloud interface

7. OnlyOffice

OnlyOffice is a set of the online document editing suite, including some commonly used office applications like document editing, spreadsheets, and presentation. It provides you with the most secure way to create, edit and collaborate on business documents online.

OnlyOffice uses the AES-256 encryption algorithm to provide stronger security for working with documents online. All temporary local files are encrypted as well. It also offers different levels of access rights. You can grant access to review documents, or leave comments only, or fill out added fields, etc.

OnlyOffice Presentation


  • Reliable document encryption
  • Extended editing functions
  • Rich word processing functions
  • Can access, share, and co-edit slideshows in real time, leave comments on slides and chat online within the editor interface


  • The iOS mobile app cannot connect to NextCloud server directly
  • Slower opening and managing files

8. SSuite Office

SSuite Office is another alternative to Microsoft Office. This free office suite has the smallest system footprint possible and consumes almost no resources, making it the fastest running software available.

Every Microsoft Excel workbook created in any of their spreadsheet applications is fully compatible with any spreadsheet application that can open and read the Microsoft Excel file format. Their presentation document format "SSP" can also be opened by any current web browser. This makes their presentation document format the most compatible with all systems and computers.

SSuite Office


  • Supports common file formats
  • No Java or DotNet required
  • Simple interface


  • The presentation program has no editing tools
  • The web browser built into SSuite Office is too far outdated to be used with some websites
  • Spell check isn't automatic


We have listed 8 best Microsoft Office suite alternatives. Every suite has its advantages and disadvantages. Pay attention to the iWork office suite, it is just suitable for Mac users. If you are used to working with smartphones and tablets, you can choose Polaris Office. We hope you can find a suitable alternative to Microsoft Office after reading this post. If you have a new idea, please contact us.

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