Best Cupcake Recipes 2020


Among so many delicious and delicate desserts, cupcakes are one of the people's most favorite ones because they can be easily baked even at home. So for many families, adults would make some delicious cupcakes for their families and children to enjoy when they have spare time. 

It is not difficult to make cupcakes at home, especially when you find helpful recipes. There are many different cupcakes of different tastes. So today, this article will mainly guide you through some popular cupcakes and the easy cupcake recipes guiding you to make them at home. If you also want to make a delicious cupcake for your family or friends by yourself, this guide can bring you help!

1. Vanilla Cupcake Recipe

Do you like a vanilla cupcake? This taste is so popular among people of all ages! Here is a simple recipe for you to know how to make moist vanilla cupcakes at home. 

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This type of vanilla cupcake is the one with moist. Because no cream is added, so you would find it won't be too sweet to eat. Therefore, this vanilla cupcake is suitable for people of all ages to eat, even for those who don't like desserts that are too sweet. 

This moist vanilla cupcake also needs an oven to make, so it would be a little bit troublesome for those who don't have an oven at home. But even you need to use an oven, it won't be difficult to complete if you can follow the recipe to do every step right.

Moist Vanilla Cupcakes

Because no cream is required to make this vanilla cupcake, so the only steps you should do for making a fabulous cupcake just by mixing the butter and sugar. You can also adjust the amount of the sugar slightly if you don't want the cupcakes to be too sweet.

There are only very simple steps to prepare all the ingredients well. The major step is to prepare both the dry and wet mixing ingredients in two separating bowls. Then please not that you should mix them by pouring the dry one into the wet one, and also, you need to make sure they are all mixed completely. This is so important to ensure making a smooth moist vanilla cupcake.

Because water will also be added during mixing the ingredients, so this has made sure that the cupcakes can be contained with so much moisture! This makes the taste of the vanilla cupcakes to be even more fantastic and it will be quite suitable for both the elders and kids to eat. This can be a family recipe for creating a dessert that everybody would love.

Vanilla Cupcakes

2. Chocolate Cupcake Recipe

Now we come to the chocolate cupcakes that are added with lots of chocolate flavor! This taste can be those chocolate lovers' pick. Chocolate cupcakes are not difficult to make because all its ingredients are those daily used ones.

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Making a chocolate cupcake should be a really basic thing. Why? Because nobody would hate it! Also, this simple recipe would be so easy to learn, just like the above vanilla cupcakes recipe. And after knowing this one, you can make it over and over again because the taste is just so nice.

Moise Chocolate Cupcakes

By adding heavy chocolate flavor during the procedure, you can bake the cupcakes to be so heavy with chocolate. This must be the chocolate lovers' pick. During the baking process, except for the basic ingredients for making cupcakes, you should notice that oil is important for making a super-moist chocolate cupcake here. Also, by adding a proper amount of buttermilk can make the cupcake taste softer. So you can prepare then in advance for making a wonderful chocolate cupcake.

Another important thing during making this chocolate cupcake should be the cocoa powder you use. Remember to use the natural unsweetened cocoa powder instead of using the dutched one because it would make the cupcake dense.

Chocolate Cupcakes

3. Mini Cupcake Recipe

Mini cupcakes are also a hit menu for both family and friends reunion. Making mini cupcakes can be so simple that everyone can quickly learn. 

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Mini cupcakes are very good desserts for offering during parties. So when you are planning to invite your family members or friends to house for having a party, why not thinking about making some mini cupcakes to serve your guests? The ingredients for making mini cupcakes can even be simpler than making vanilla cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes. But remember to change the cupcake liners and muffin tin to be smaller sizes. 

Mini Cupcakes

If you have prepared some ingredients for making larger cupcakes, never mind because you can use them for making mini cupcakes as well. An important skill you should learn is the number of mixed ingredients that you need to pour into the liners. When the recipe doesn't tell you how much you should fill the liners, you'd better test one instead of filling directly, because you may probably end up messing up the whole batch by overfilling the liners.

Small Size Mini Cupcakes

4. Christmas Cupcake Recipe

It is about Christmas this year as it has been October now! During the Christmas holiday, thinking of the possibility of staying at home because of COVID-19, baking some delicious desserts such as the Christmas cupcakes can decorate your year to be better. Now learn how to make Christmas cupcakes together!

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Making Christmas cupcakes can be a little bit difficult than making other daily cupcakes such as vanilla cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes. And the most important part of making Christmas cupcakes should be its steps to decorating the cakes. Because we want to reveal the Christmas atmosphere, so people would try to decorate the cupcakes with creams in colors for making some Christmas symbols such as Christmas trees, snowmen, etc. So there some skills you need to pay attention to during this procedure.

Christmas Cupcakes

For example, you need to use proper amount when using the flour to decorate the Christmas cupcakes, otherwise, you would make the cupcakes too heavy in flavor; you need to make use of the shape of the cupcakes and make the decorations to be easier to stick on the surface of them; when you choose the ingredients to make the decorations for avoiding to be too sweet, using Italian or Swiss meringue buttercream would be a better choice.

Chirstmas Trees Cupcakes

5. Healthy Cupcake Recipe

For people who enjoy eating desserts but still want to keep a healthy body for preventing heart disease, obesity, and other physical problems, making healthy cupcakes with some healthy ingredients is a good choice. 

To Get the Recipe for Healthy Cupcake >>

Most people want a healthy dessert that contains less sugar, which is suitable for everyone to eat, including the elders and young children. Making healthy cupcakes is a good choice for celebrating parties and going picnics on holidays. The healthy vanilla cupcakes can be simple to make as well, with almost all the basic ingredients you need to use for making common vanilla cupcakes.

Healthy Homemade Cupcakes

Because you are making a healthy cupcake now, so actually, only half as much sugar as conventional recipes will be added into the cupcakes. During the procedure, you can also try to taste a little bit and then adjust the sweetener according to your preference.

Also, during making these healthy cupcakes, you can get your kids involved and let them know what are the procedures to create such delicious but healthy dessert. For example, ask them to help mix the ingredients up and put the cupcake liners into the tin. All of you can gain fun from making healthy cupcakes together.

Healthy Cupcakes

6. Tip to Get A PDF Cupcake Recipe

Here is an extra tip for you to convert the HTML recipes into PDF document using EasePDF HTML to PDF so you can get them offline on any devices for more convenient reading. 

Step 1. By clicking into the address of the above-provided cupcake recipes, you can right-click the recipe you need and save it as an HTML file on your computer.

Save Cupcake Recipe in HTML File

Step 2. Go to EasePDF and select the "HTML to PDF" under "All PDF Tools". Then you can click the "Add File(s)" button to add the HTML recipe file to the converter.


Step 3. When you upload the recipe, EasePDF will directly convert it to a PDF file for you. You only need to click the "Download" button for saving the PDF cupcake recipe offline after its conversion finishes.


Let's make some delicious cupcakes at home for enjoying with families or friends! You will have much fun even during preparing the ingredients. Especially during the COVID-19 period, you can spend much time in your kitchen and make more delicious cupcakes for enjoying! Hope these recipes can help.

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