12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos - Jordan B. Peterson


Are you seeking advice for a better life? In recent modern life, people are getting more stress and hope to find some useful suggestions to live a better life. There are more and more books published for guiding people to face their lives more bravely. And 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos is also one popular book with such target. In this article, you can get to know something about this book and some resources to enjoy it.

1. 12 Rules for Life Summary

12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos is written by a Canadian clinical psychologist and psychology professor named Jordan Peterson. Through the book, Jordan Peterson answers some questions that many people want to know about - what we exactly need to know when we live in such a modern world? Through combining the questions with some truths of ancient traditions and also the cutting-edge scientific researches, Jordan Peterson provides certain advice from different aspects, including rules and principles, responsibility, psychology, mythology, religion, and personal anecdotes, for helping people to figure out the questions and problems they may meet in their lives.

12 Rules for Life

12 Rules for Life has concluded the wisdom gained from the world into 12 practical rules for people, mixed with advanced science, modern faith, and also human nature. By reading 12 Rules for Life, readers can enrich their minds and spirit through these 12 rules, then gain inspiration from them.

Since the release, 12 Rules for Life quickly occupied many top-selling lists and became a popular book chosen by many readers. It gained NO.1 in not only Canada but also the United States and the United Kingdom. Also, its copies sold for more than 3 million all over the world. Although 12 Rules for Life is also criticized by some readers, it still gained praise from lots of celebrities and critics. Therefore, it is recommended to read 12 Rules for Life if you also want some suggestions for your life.

2. 12 Rules for Life PDF Book Resources

Where to read12 Rules for Life if you don't want to purchase a physical book for carrying everywhere? The first option for many people today is to find its PDF book resources and download it so that you can save the book on your electronic devices for reading at any time as you want. So in this part, some platforms offer 12 Rules for Life PDF book resources recommended to you.

PDF Drive

PDF Drive has been a very popular platform because it offers a large amount of PDF book resources of many physical books. So for sure, you can find the PDF document of 12 Rules for Life on PDF Drive and download it for offline reading easily. You can also preview the book online if you are not sure if this book is the one you are looking for.

PDF Drive 12 Rules for Life


ACADEMIA also provides a large number of book resources for people to download in PDF format and then enjoy without any limitations. Except for the book content, if you signup and become their users, you can unlock some limitations and get better resources such as the summary of the book and 7 full PDF related to the book. So if you are a student and need to read 12 Rules for Life for academic purposes, this website is a good place for you to download the resource.

ACADEMIA 12 Rules for Life


Yumpu is also a platform where it provides many PDF books for people to read online or download to electronic devices for offline reading. You only need to type the name of "12 Rules for Life" in the search blank bar of Yumpu and it will bring you to the result. Then if you need to download it in PDF format, just hit the "Download" icon and the book will be saved in PDF format immediately.

Yumpu 12 Rules for Life

Tip: Compress the PDF Book to Save Storage

A problem for people to save lots of PDF books on electronic devices should be the problem of the storage space. Some books may occupy a large part of the storage, so after you downloading the 12 Rules for Life PDF book, it is recommended to compress the PDF book before saving it on your device. To compress PDF, you can try EasePDF's PDF compressor. In the following, the tutorial is presented to you.

Step 1. Open EasePDF platform in the browser window, then move to "All PDF Tools" in the navigation bar and you can easily find the "Compress PDF" tool.

EasePDF Compress PDF

Step 2. After opening the tool, hit the "Add File(s)" button in the middle to add the PDF book of 12 Rules for Life to EasePDF.

EasePDF Compress PDF Add Book

Step 3. When the book is added, you can select a conversion rate to compress the book, including "Extreme", "Recommended", and "High". After you make your choice, click "Compress PDF".

EasePDF Compress PDF Select Rate

Step 4. After the PDF book of 12 Rules for Life is compressed, you can download it by clicking the "Download" button. Then just enjoy reading it on your device freely!

3. 12 Rules for Life Audiobook Resources

Some people may want to relax their eyes and enjoy 12 Rules for Life through audiobook format. Therefore, this part will also recommend some platforms for getting the 12 Rules for Life audiobook for enjoying more conveniently.


As one of the world's largest audiobook providers, you can easily find 12 Rules for Life audiobook resources on the Audible website. If you are new to this platform, by signing up and get the free trial and you can enjoy the book for free! The free membership for new users lasts for 30 days so, during this period, you can finish listening to 12 Rules for Life freely.

Audible 12 Rules for Life


Audiobooks are also a large platform that offers comprehensive resources of audiobook resources. After finding 12 Rules for Life on Audiobooks, you can choose to purchase the book for lifetime listening for USD 25.95. Also, you can choose to sign up for its membership for enjoying all the audiobook resources freely. It also offers a 30-days free trial before paying to be a member of the platform.

Audiobooks 12 Rules for Life

Google Play

Many people may think Google Play is a platform for purchasing and installing software, but actually, it offers more things than you can imagine. Audiobook resources can also be found on Google Play Store, so you can easily access 12 Rules for Life and purchase the audiobook for enjoying offline. It costs only USD 19.95 and you can even enjoy its sample before purchasing.

Google Play 12 Rules for Life

4. Reader Reviews on 12 Rules for Life

So how do readers say about 12 Rules for Life? Many people said that they have gained useful guidance by reading this book, and they just felt agree with Peterson's opinions. But there are also some critics of this book, saying that the author's opinions on women make some people feel disappointing. Also, the book doesn't help people to get rid of their life difficulties and make people feel alienated. These can be a reference for you to consider whether you would choose to read 12 Rules for Life or not.

In Conclusion

Although 12 Rules for Life receives both good and negative comments from readers all over the world, there is no denying that this book was a hit for once. So it still deserves you to read and explore. From the above article, get the resources you like to enjoy the book conveniently!

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